How David Sue and Kendra Remove Snow

Wednesday, March 21st


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Breakthrough it happens a little bit later on in the snow starts to fly at each of our three respective homes born and educated suit and Kendrick. Q this morning all perched stole a little bit differently here. And by different. Umi little boy hello understandably. Can congressional kids. Your husband working today to nine he is working ten night into the overnight sell all the way through until 7 in the morning when the heavy snowfall. Yeah. Yeah I can just dozens of police officer who can get that yes see your he'd defend yourself you're on your own food and articulate it at an age really can help in any way. Clearing where. Oh you're so funny. Now they want me to add to build a snowman and then throw snowball stack that thick and there's going to be out there with the Fisher Price breaks and yes it stumbles to a five dollar target shovel yeah yeah that's what I got my dollar store shelves that do any of your neighbors like take. They helps me to. One neighbor who comes in upon the end of our driver saw that heavy heavy stuff. He'll take care of our eyes possibly arm but. You know we we don't have any snowblower people around except for that he'll be firing up the snowblower to myself of course I know you are so good like you'll have it all gassed up ready to go right is RD Augusta. Already it's already in the garage is gassed up its pointed in the direction it needs to go should learn again how are you serious until you very. It is already in the direction see an opening now. Of course it is I'll show you pressure I. I so I can just start that thing out it's got like a cup holder and light on it in little key thing and I'm gonna started up a parent do my lines up to back up the back and they do a couple of good and it's it's therapeutic I find it. Very. Relaxing and enjoying applicant might little safety glasses on to my job just up and back out and only have this plastic shovel. A snowblower and then there's an issue. What do you you call you pick up the phone call to god you called upon guys I have people David Jackson I have I have people. No I. Hold on homeowners is that it refresh my memory to you did you get a kinda pissed off the snow plow guy with glasses you're. Yeah I get well. I don't know I'm just a little bit when navy ad in Canada thinks I'm a little demanding I mean I did it hit me well you talk about seven times in one day and bwic. It's a fictional as article and you tell me. You tell me if I have this wrong as I ever call yeah she did not estimates that he. Did not object to you so I'm actually moving her out in order for you to get out your morning radio shift. Misrepresenting a little bit I'm not that bad he just wasn't aware of how early I leave my house and so I gave him several reminders. You can and. All that you have to did your husband have to call me going into units and you should do I get to me get behind my back my husband and Collison does like to and. I'm sorry about her life has just analyst. He doesn't admit if I think he does that its time slot life yet he's out his life trying to GAAP bedecked to me that the balance or or mediator port. But. Yes so if you're listening Derek yeah. You can be too yeah harvest.