THIS is how much is costs for Pats tickets

Thursday, January 18th


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It's exciting for me to watch everything kind of turned the patriots between now and Sunday it's gonna be crazy around here that's exciting I like cat can act and what you gonna do for the game. As we know friends over yak and you know it's all about eating and drinking Kendra when your opponent. I will be about myself. Until 3 o'clock. Teresa I'll be eating. The seven layer dip. I myself in the beginning. Works until three yes or you'll be home right as it starts and he took the police car without the lights on and everything to get home value is clinically Jolie leg. Six that golf could be great that would be I'm sure he wants to do that analysts say here's the question is how much would you. How much would you pay to be I think it will all be watching the game and how much the theater tickets available if you wanna by the ultimately I don't. Possibly no I don't have anybody regarding established that I've nine backs but if you want it to be there how much how much would you pay because I'm on stub hub right now what would you pay to be to be there. It was a regular weekly adults. Just disposed consolation out of a hundred bucks if you mean it doesn't look like what I gonna get in their fullest of 400 bucks again. Wave in the corner yes see Obama going to the eyes well here ago. Fifty yard line. 2700 dollars for one ticket each with 2700 com. I had to learn about your look at that like lets the 5400. And then you've got partying and all the other like incidental should probably gonna got to eats he'll get up like a 6000 dollar note that afternoon there. We do we have a chance to talk with. This way feud yet again for whole Wallace a 6000 dollars with Steve before we call from the obvious. Was violent episode of yes on the on the web sites you can hear it talking about this incredible job than they do. Seems to be every year when there's a playoff game and there is every year with the patriots. They do this incredible package that allows you to get to the game and raise money for the Greater Boston food bank at the same time which is really really cool it's really cool and Steve is always so good that way he is he said every single part of this package and you're about to tell everybody what you get. Was donated to the nice thing is a 100% of the money that they make from this rapper goes to the Boston food bank a 100% of it right and the body and it's ten dollars. Surely Traficant for Iraq ticket and listen what you get down get tickets of the game at least two tickets great seats. Pregame dinner at the obvious right down that. Patriot place here with. A bunch of sort of the people who were insiders you know with the with the patriots including former player's on field how. Hacks you can be on the field tomorrow field access prior to the game. Overnight hotel accommodations so you don't have to rebut get home that night. Too soon. Two Swedish massage this so you be nice and relaxed. I'm not backing his surname is dinner and lunch there's a post game dinner at W does is an autographed Tom Brady football. And an autograph Christian Fauria football doesn't get better than. And it's a ten dollar buys so you know Becky can begin in exile yes he's got a Dhabi has dot com and it's so easy to do you and I did yesterday can drink blood donor day right now it takes about two minutes yet you know it's real it's rich it is really really short money snap and the money all goes to the Greater Boston food bank and who knows you could be at that game in style that's rather unforgettable. At W Stucco immigrant Mexicans who pays to find out just a little bit more. We will see almost impossible question and that's minutes away frames financial. This real time here on membership is threat in the country.