Ice Cream Snobs

Tuesday, April 17th


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We started the show I was saying wanted to run a marathon so inspired by other runners yesterday. And where an hour too into it and now we're planning a trip to Sullivan's for a script I now I don't think so quickly changed. That's going us exports and go Maurice David O'Leary candor and sue and and morning magic sun is out here has finally spring and and we finally said age. In my mind it is now I'm done with winter coats I'm done with there was some done with ice scrapers that it. Don we went down the rabbit hole of like running off for a snack in the middle of the day to an ice cream stand and assault in South Boston it was officially opened the ice and it's that time a year when you can sort of kickoff. The change of seasons turned the corner from the cold of winter to the warmth of spring and summer that's ahead yep by having a big pocket and ask for a screen still. With a waffle cone dipped in chocolate kind of sound so good right now what started this Kendra went to that you went to that did you find an ice cream stand yet. I was just I know they've been opened for the nine a month now they've been open and I went yesterday in the cold rain I know it's weird. But I was jiving around my kids and as well suck again nice games I got in America. And when I was standing in line the woman in front of me actually when she was ordering the girl was working said it would. You want in a cop right thinking I think because it was bad out and she's gonna get back in the car in a B messy. And the woman in line is that no cone actually gave her attitude hasn't always does it I think that. Co owner cops and the thing and I and it really is too. Gore himself audio and cancer risk of eight guys carrying like. Who what is. Should mean more is that you know you can get two different flavors the scope of a scoop of one flavor to scoop of another flavor David and I like how do you not know that and that's I was against the rules. Getting to flee bodies. The dip like that I should go get another orphanage. Usually they didn't secure cheap labor I scream I think that's what's dip it and I and I. With a mixed flavor and hold on what what's your go to explain it to you subpoena particles that you go to peanut butter cups that one flavor and a cup or cone Eddie gotta mint chocolate chip and always in a karma hasn't come sugar or lawful or weren't used to the shorter combat now Ryan Garrett and then tolerant moderate and is so much better it's bigger which you go to. Chocolate chip Lar. That tonight Dallas I'm getting like the Ben and Jerry's all the complaints yeah single servings in each half pint is definitely single serving in my house. Yes I'm go to the ice cream stand and I'm talking about a stand on the side of the road stance. With his always had a 120 people in three windows open you know on a summer night kind of thing -- get the dipped waffle cone yet OK okay. Bath and I'm charge I don't care now there are in my eyes well and get two flavors. And try to order like a smaller medium and have a vote pilot Jack stands they always put like tour Dallas titles names Jack. Act on me too me too I'm totally into the dipped waffle cone and two flavors. Well let me say it could be that. It's babies small and medium and you think a small the small bit of small like seven skinless I think the babies actually like the the more you know this guy plays anywhere near where I live that people get you can get a quarter kiddie that's how big it is just that sort of cute as a journalist in you yet. Still few minutes still big it's still a full scope and a Katie is like gigantic. No we won't be having one of those I always get I don't get a large does that click the belly buster but I get a medium doubting but let's. I and you pray it's true and you'll muscle Dahlia. Every single byte and men the shame how could I ask regret and vision and who knows it doesn't matter just gonna be that candidate we're hoping that's. Future natural six points and others that commercial free hour in your future that's just had we've also got trip to Florida the Florida get away song of the day. 850 we'll tell you what it is to the chance to win trip for the UN the family off to Florida coming up.