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Good morning and welcome to exceptional women on magic with a six point 79 seats have been have a very special lady in studio we need today she is a marketing specialist public speaker. And most recently a first time children's book author she's Jody Titanic Charles. And she's here today to talk about her new book it's just a rod for debut story is all about diversity acceptance embracing differences and celebrating your heritage. Jody herself is a first generation American born to Haitian parents. She was raised here in the Boston area I was taught from a young age to honor her unique culture. And to appreciate that in others as well good morning Jody your mornings to the I wanna start first with the actual name of the book and it's just a rug why do you choose that. I you know I went to a speech and it was really. Very unique in regards of how this it was like a rug company and you're just like telling all these wonderful stories about how. Became from a different country and I go how they wanna educate as many people as it possibly can. About the whole entire concept of what the country's all about it so when I did my own homework. Everything about it was really interest in regards of how. One item kept on standing out in the different stories I would read about this culture and as a rug on news that Iranian culture and it was so amazing because. If you're looking down there right in it's now just so super. Focus on looking at different drugs in colors and shapes and they all are woven together and that's what our feelings are about it was a friends are woven together in such so. Proceed and in such a precise way. That if it it just made sense it just jumped at me in regards of is just a rug as couples can be so that was like literally it's funny because I had a title before I had a lot of different things and as the story was being developed it was great to actually see how it made sense see use that title. Right and I love to that you talk about the importance of not necessarily just trying to blend in the rug is woven together but if you look at it closely you can appreciate all the different patterns and differences he. In the week and I love back distinction. In today's sort of political environment do you think that it's there's more pressure for people to try to blend in verses to stand out. Or is it. Is just such that's Sosa a hot it is it's a hot topic on an IE. Being first generation born here and it was always just it's just part my DNA. I was always educates you learn about as many people as you possibly can because if you walk into a room and I was told us. If you walk into the room and you see all the same people walk out whether it be all women. Are all Haitians are black all white eagle because there's something missing in the conversation. And by default and not Biden Alice. I'm with someone is gonna say something that's derogatory and someone in the room is not going to be or defend themselves cracked so it's always amazing how everyone in the room so wait everywhere can chime in Everett at the table. The best company's around that way the best. I'm churches organizations is just and schools and when you have everyone at the table. And so when I'm when I'm thinking about what's happening in the world and I feel that. If you're in the right places this is not a situation. Diet is iffy if so for me I had I meant to put myself in the right places in it by an eight time I'm not in the right place it's time to. Because the diversity on and angers that that that lack of diversity and that's happening right now is individuals that are. Being fueled by fear and that fear is causing them not to engage with other people. And because of that. As a breakdown and my mind I'd find ways in a natural weight not being but not shutting it down your throat right natural way for you to actually really be engaged and think well why can just do that discipline can be. Right and I love that in your story it's just a rag. You used kids them to tell an important message about celebrating differences in your story. There are three young friends there's a Persian boy there's a red headed Italian there's a Haitian girl names eyes you. You of course have Haitian roots is that character inspired by your childhood. You like she's she's inspired by my grandmother oh really yeah ice in every book on that my goal is actually having not just. A multi generate morality culture of a multi generational mom so there's a grandmother that's in the book and it's. For me at it took care regimen for 21 years and well right when I start my career my parents moved to Florida and it went just keep an eye on grandma. And keep an eye on Graham on became I became her caretaker and her proxy and and just learning so much about her. And it is so important when you have a elder person and it doesn't have to be grandparent an elder person because they're educating you about so much about your own culture that I was nowhere like I'm Haitian. There's no big deal and he's right like angle where kids were playing it no big deal. Until someone asked you that simple question hey what's that thing in your house with the food you're eating with the music you're listening to and then you're curious about yourself right my grandmother got me so curious about. Myself by just the food that everything we can she'd make. Specific things. And I linking gays and what's the spice is where the things that you're having hear from her when she asked for certain music to be there and to be in house so I got curious because of her. And on zoo was created because of my grandmother. And I like to that you talk about not just knowing what you DNA is because a lot of these up. Like Ancestry.Com and all of that very popular right now but back just confirms the you have a certain. DNA you know but this what you're saying is. Ask questions giggled he learned yeah learn about what you know what is the significance like you said what is the significance of the statute that you have on your table you know what is the significance of eating this meal at this time. Whatever it is and I like that you ask those quite those are the questions that you are inviting people to ask. And like you said especially of older generation because they have so much wisdom. Don't glory experience closed Sony could think I know is I made the joke where I mean it and I love does the fact that. And on these these sites are Santa asking people are going to know who they are no bigger adopted that this is a great way to get a better understanding of on the your background share on bright eyed kid around about it like what sort of just eating a Bologna sandwich and a piece of it a piece of me just falls on your DNA while. They're testing and I think it'd be wanting to another. I mean he jokingly. Back in the day you just get on the plane and your just curious so one of my friends right now one reference for my MBA of course you know is like and their children are in Lisbon. And they're posting photos about. Under Weis is Portuguese and then they are going from town to town get going with it speaking to people. On they're going to libraries they're they're living learning so much about their culture and thinking this is amazing not only for the wife. And over the children are watching her mother had covering something that they didn't know so. Yes and at home with mom she speaks Portuguese Oguchi do a lot of great things. Your dad is American now they're on vacation. But every discovered a whole part of their life that they didn't know about so to watch a mother get excited about in that kids are like. Oh my god we wanna hear more we learn more because they actually went the location. And visit the perfect time where people are going on vacation or holidays visit somewhere that you think you're from answer ought to start talking and elderly because they remember every. AA certainly do and I wanna get back to the traveling in just a minute. If you're just tuning in waking up you're listening to exceptional women on magic when a six point 792 tab over chatting today with marketing specialist first time author. Jody Tatiana Charles about her children's book it's just around the the story invites readers to become more curious about their heritage and to learn and honor what makes them unique. Let's get back track conversation we talk about traveling you yourself for an avid traveler is spent to how many countries forties your country so far. 42 so far. And she says so far dot dot dot more to come. You and I liked it. You haven't just bend to 42 countries visiting as a terrorist you'd tend to go and experience it is you say sort of differently you try to immerse yourself into the culture. Talk about why that's so important. So I eat my goal is always travel offseason. If you travel offseason you're actually there for them number one reason is to learn about the people familiar traveling there during tours and he's in your signal lights arson here. And people that are. Are living and breathing and they're just they're working they're working very hard and don't have time to have those simple conversation in the park or at a restaurant or things like that so I enjoy. Always tropical season it doesn't matter if your degrees doesn't matter if it's a 102 degrees. I love that time where you can sit down and they can take a breather and how many moments for you number one. It's really nice to not read someone else's words. One of the things like that and I think it was hot where you never know what the mood of wives when the person who wrote the article the book the critique except. So you know what go you RE brilliant person doesn't matter where your from your blame person. Take that moment go by yourself formulate your own thoughts and then come back and read article on Taylor in it. I agree with that when I disagree with that when. I'm in the third when is the conversations where even if they can get in April in Colombia and it was amazing I don't know Spanish. It's embarrassing I really should note that I really relations. Just as. But I can really use a translator if you look at the type up. Really thought religions on the on the on our customers of communicating yes you never. And everyone was laughing and giggling and there's a lake she's figuring it out and then I was buying a travel a lot by myself. And people are just so welcoming and so engaging in so. It's great way to meet people learning about people. Going off the beaten track and finding things that you never seen a book and I'm whenever you have those on stories like oh it is dangerous for Americans to travel here you know it. And it's dangerous for me trouble inside the country to right and so I have to be Smart. Be kind I always knew how to say good morning hello and where is about Thurmond. Where is the accurate in my first and hit the where's the restaurant. Pyrite I wanna ask you to about you your parents are Haitian you were born here. You grew up in Brockton. How did day. Obviously you don't get this from nothing they must've instilled in you a love of recognizing and finding out about other cultures and honoring yours so how did they do that when you were growing up what was it like for you. So Barack and I look conceived in Haiti. Mom and me and my mother was really eight and another eight months pregnant she got to think of American adults I was that for July oh so you're like. Lightly she landed and here you are exactly how and so I can eat in need visa just like that I was that I was. My dad farmed there down. Born in Brooklyn New York. My my parents did not wanna live in the city they wish they wanted to be in the suburbs yeah I'm raising Brockton where it was literally is that the sweetest it was a town at the time. We moved there and everything about our neighborhood was first generations. And so you've heard all the different languages and every single parent had a fear of I don't know how this country Iran is all I know is I want the best for my child right but the second you came in your house it's like it but the US and Europe speaking the language you are eating the food you're listening to music you were not in America inside your house. Outside the house it's it's learn a lot of different things so the culture was never gone an eye candy and also traveling was your born with a passport. I meant that you your point with passport and so traveling was always the way that we Wheeling news and and also feeling. And the driver field in America lived in New York every other weekend and I don't know how many parents of this heavy a beacon we were in New York once a month we are in Montreal. And it just because I thought oh he said. I want you to be raised with your feeling on top your relatives meant so. We want you to be really like weddings for community everything we were part of but you're still at home you're still learning who you are and being strong about that culture and making sure that everyone that means you. Knows who you are on the inside and outside. And I know we've worked together for for many years we've known each other for many years have key your grammar otherwise in your life. And she was not just Sunday that you took care of that she was somebody that you know she was a mentor and you said you you have somebody inspired me in your book talk a little bit about the plot your buck what how do these three friends interacted and talked a little bit about the story of it's just around. Yes so we have is that Zou which is our little he should little girl and does it was maker of the game. Now we have in Bartow un named party and he's a time of red hair and I have look at Infiniti for a red heads. I think that's that's and it really great to discover that there's a whole entire group of ready kids in Italy which of course and the IA in my mind when I was working with Michael straighter Diana but just like can change it up a little bit. And brownie you're just wasn't working something was with the character wasn't working and a former colleagues on Google you ever had just you already had like you know. And and I know they don't exist you can look it up and short turns out an athlete with a huge population and very very well revered. I'm red carpet at the revered loud on and and it was a guns and used earlier which delete was very special because. I'm I I is the rug in Ithaca Persian and I was like really like investigating a multi story but then. I was not eve where I didn't know persians Iranians and conference that a person and did you Mike yes we knew we are hiring and it. I doubt it but it was really nice actually discovers that I was looking at all the different books out there and there are no representation. For children that are an Indian can go look main character being Iranian. And it was a really nice to have the three kids can get because. When you blow and watch kids in and you know what your kids kids kids they just play in the you know. John writes plays soccer ago Sally knows that speaks I'll speak on the different language giggle yeah all the difference is from he's a different locations. But it only see each other as kids break into discover who they aren't. I'm through their grandmother was. And really agree intersect of their culture and the generational. And when I go to different schools and I'm reading. It happens over time to time and again I read half the book and each time I asked the question did everywhere and Michael what do learn that was different. About your classmates about and this book and I know there was so many kids in our class are from other countries or eat different foods or did and so they are discovering this and in that the book is targeted towards kids. That are on ages I mean I'm tired from third and fourth grade movements and mind you were getting kids from a 1213 years old. I was gonna say and interest yeah that's gonna say even had talked to like in this book that's a price shock to me. Shocks me I mean the modern parents and grandparents that are buying the books and like they're buying multiple and I can go one for granted or went to donate to a library school X that are. Who want to keep for themselves because. It like it's reminding us of something so basic that we would have never thought about in your doing it in a way where you not shoving it down our throat. But it's enjoyable and then purely academic work pulling up album that we hadn't seen in years were pulling out boxes of the hot air looms. And it's just reminding everyone that you are so special in your own way. And as a whole entire background to you who is at and shared as much as you possibly can. If you're just joining us times two to having your listening to exceptional women on magic when a six point seven. This morning we are thrilled to have Jodi Tatiana Charles with us to talk about her first children's book it's just arrived. Jodie a first generation Haitian American grass from her own experience to tell the story a three very different friends. Who come to appreciate each others unique cultures that's a little bit more I wanna talk about you personally your career you've done. A lot over the past couple of decades in terms of your own personal career Jackie bad. Are ads. You've been a radio producer and you you know you worked for the a former governor you've got you've had quite a lot of of sort of career transformations. What brought you here to writing this book why was this important in and what did that collective experience sort of bring to this. The funding is. I I've had a lot of titles I've done the same thing immigrants of marketing and branding yet telling other people stories which comes full circle so. From being a teacher start makers of teacher and I forgot about the TJ Hart did it right in front at school system being a teacher out. Almond and from there great producer television producer. Press Secretary. And then launching on helping launching two. Organizations and pastors conference for women and just a hugely success you know 151000 attendees every year out and mass challenge which is they. Mean mind blowing regretted it these startups from all over the world coming to Boston. To work on their idea to big ideas and not have to nine different locations. I'm around the world. All helps us and it on to really really help them focus on making this world better. Everything that I do is to know who your target audiences and to tell your story. Everything I do everything I've done my entire life to name it literally like going wait wait back it stems from my cousin but I was having a tough time learning to speak English. And my cousin gave me camera it's because you're great at telling stories he was take the picture. Look around tell me an come back going tell me what you. What this sounds. What other stories this now be the views tell me everything and that was something that started right at the beginning of my life it's a slowly transformed. In different titles but the I'd be consistent throughout your kind of being able tells story and this. With the world that we're living in right now this was one of the ways that I want to get people excited nominee yet still continue to tell a story. What is spend most challenging. For you about. Your career trajectory what would you say. Your professional career. At the beginning and people don't believe. And like a she's a very very large personality. But he can she get the job done. And I think that's one of those moments where you always feel by some and not believing in you racquet early I deathly appeal by people not believing in me right on and I think that's why things that made me. It is it's always done. Re still I mean you don't even though he's exactly right you're like I some substance behind the shine here and it apparently does a travel there's degree yes jobs. And I and their top people I've worked for the most amazing people and yet it's always shocking to me when people don't believe. But is always a team that I work with them is like I mean again mind blowing I have the best time. I learn a lot for my team we really have angles and we get things done and snow and the entire content of Ali's not believe in and just. Riding the wave and and not proving someone wrong but more so. Work in Italy team for them understand we can accomplish anything if we put our minds to it. That's what makes you exceptional after prop so this Delhi's call exceptional women. What kinds of things were already running out of time believe or not what kinds of things in your opinion. Make a person exceptional. Putting yourself out there not being afraid to ask for help yourself out there challenging yourself to do so much better and leaving a phenomenal legacy. Would you say that that means taking risks along the way absolutely life is all about wrestling you can't be here and just. The status quo on sit on the couch on and just on bonds again. That sounds kind of hacked some and I can lie and he really do have to actually on find ways. To. Really make this world that are in your own personal way you'll be over you might. You maybe you may not be Bill Gates but you might be I find a way in your own community to make a change in leaves something behind it. People will not. Forget to talk about you when you're on. Back to book is beat to wrap up its just arrived and it's children's book it's a story of three friends from very different cultural background tailored to honor their heritage celebrate their unique. Uniqueness tell listeners how they can get it if their interest. You can go to WW diet lacking in this interview that I know you're not isn't it funny I think that is just a rug dot com and then when you say when you going to buy here give you listing all of the world where you can purchase the book which so. That's so exciting and so it's just it's just arrived dot com not just the name of the book that's awesome we're out of time thank you Jody for being with us an exceptional women today even if you luck with your book. And we will catch up with you again soon thank you think you. Marketing special. Most pundits here and first time author Julia Charles has been in the spotlight today on exceptional women don't remember that exceptional women are everywhere just you. You athletes CEO celebrities. Authors but we also like to talk to teens coworkers in your neighbors who are quietly from an impact out there communities email us you know someone thinks that Dell. Enough to hear from meantime thanks my producer candor crony. You listen to you again next Sunday at 730 for another edition exceptional women I imagine when a six point seven had a great day. Can.