John Oates interview with Nancy Quill

Tuesday, March 6th


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I need to on Harry you Lou. Context before we get. To the upcoming tour I do wanna talk about this album that you just released called Arkansas something kind of a labor of love for you can you tell me how the album came to be. Yeah I. I went into the studio to record some of Mississippi John Hurt style that so that I've been playing for years and years and just thought to be just come on to do. And I I didn't really wanna do it in the traditional way and I want to play assembled a band of my friends and guys to write an amazing musicians or. Come to be you know. Play with here national and we went in the studio and magic start happening this sound this incredible. I record the whole problem and very in two weeks basically. And it was just one of those things it was meant to be in. In a way I kind of tapped back into my earliest. Influences make this record and I think it's the most pure honesty of virgin music there. When I was listening to the music the first word that came to mind was organic and then I saw you in an interview on lining you call that very organic. It's real it's all real we did it down and in a very old school way recorded on analog trade with all into each equipment. It's real playing there's no adults there's no additional fixes it's exactly what you hear is exactly what happened in the studio. And it really is a beautiful sound thank you but it's very different from what you've done whiz Carol hi all of these years. Well yeah because I mean we. Got together Darryl we who are part influences together and went off a new direction in that direction was very pop. That's what we did together. We took a ride and the right was pretty crazy and amazing. We're over two decades. And now all you know we're we're doing different things we're still working together obviously and still touring together. Well we have the ability and the wherewithal to kind of do different individual projects in this as well what I'm good. I have to tell you this before we start to talk about this tour that you have coming up. My husband went to CE LO like I think it was back in the late seventies he said there was this opening act absolutely blew him away. And it was Darrell Holland John and you are yeah and he said that he walked away from that concert. Just thinking about the opening act and that was you did you know even back then that you had something special going on. We always had a lot of self confidence we always felt we were good at what we did it was just a matter of finding our sound and finding ourselves and took a number of years to do that. Or the opening things that we did in the early days you know we opened for all sorts of amazing people we've learned a long way and we got better and better what we did in. Enola and eventually founder and so I'm enough. I don't that we are confident technically which is slack for direction when we found art direction I think it was all it was all on free to. And when was that when you found the direction you remember that. I think we we found it early in the mid seventies and then. We really pounded the eighties and the eighties is one obviously called the number one records. And that was you know that was something we checked into it. It was a little while with some pretty amazing and ash and the songs still sleeps that the test the tarnished oil from these really proud. So you are touring this summer with train and you may be X Kennedy Center here on June 7. Yeah kind of preparation goes into a cemetery does get easier because you've been together for so long or do you have to pick up where you left off its each tour uniquely what happens. Well each choice unique in terms of the fact we're playing with a new band train and we're gonna collaborate with them do something really cool with them at the end of the show about different. But in terms of what we do together we kind of know what we're doing. We got a great and it's been together for a long time so all locked down you know we have aspects of production lightning video screens. You personnel you know so there's all the nuts and bolts can't stop which is now operation to Yorker. And fun to talk about. But it all goes into making a great chill that's all part. And it's not a farewell tour everybody's doing the farewell tour is these days I'm hoping that's not the case that you. You know I quickly when he's farewell tours. I I would think back to the Eagles so deep freezes over to about over twenty years ago and they are still too so. You know and there's a lot of people won't name names who have retired and I just conveniently come out of retirement so I think it's kind of funny I never even think about stuff like that. No absolutely not naming because when you think about you had so many more years to go in and you love music he left to play music wiley to stop. I'm going to be playing until I can't play anymore so I don't know what that these these recent retirement it does is not a word. In my book yet. That should not be that's for sure can I ask you this do you have a favorite song that you like to perform even after all these years. I like mall you know and did their their songs that really have withstood the test of time. I look at GM and vote aspect in in the the group but I can't go for that. But I locally you know what she's gone. You know they're all good music we'll have the room quality to. You know throw in a few deep deeper album cuts along the way shows these days because we don't really have time because we have a lot of hits. So we you know we can't shoehorn a couple things in here. There are two that stick out in my mind one is out of touch which I loved. And yet there is some things are better left and said. Well yeah. I mean effective or strong sense touched people and resonate with them on a personal level this is really partly why would still out there doing and what people showing up that shows. Though you seem like here and a good place right now in your career yeah how does it feel for you would you have anything else that you wanna do that you have. Plans for. Can do anything. I just finished at fifteen almost finished at fifteen showed too much so and I'll be good root began doing Arkansas. And I'm still appreciate it left to do with that. And I haven't been lost in the Arkansas project yet I'm gonna do that it's probably in September so I'm looking forward to seeing our opponents to a so so. I've got my plea is really cool. Could I have seen as a whole notes two hours over I'm gonna go back and and play again with my so. Well we look forward to that timing you can bring your solo event up here. On Jun oh it's looking forward to seeing along with Daryl hall and train. June 7 antiques Kennedy Center all the best to you with your tour and your solo album Arkansas. You.