Kayla Interview

Friday, September 14th


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We've had our eyes to the north and the Merrimack Valley pretty much all morning long. We're fortunate to speak to kilos to tell us who is the owner and founder of just dance in large scale of good morning how are you doing. Hey it's didn't see it when he magic eye for small thank you so much. For us for taking time to talk with us are you okay Japan me OK everybody are right. Yes so my feeling okay my parents actually let immaculate heart are there currently if we had a high school. It dry and he think that my parents and I'm yesterday evening. And Caylee your dance studios in Lawrence it's right near where all of these explosions are taking place take us back to that time you had to join a class going on. At. We have class yeah afternoon. And or 38 at compliment parent who is kinda distracted her husband's. Department. Firefighter and she say you know I think my eyes and coming and yeah he might. And I it might but I mean he evacuating I could back at all day in your inane remarks you. That you know I can't carry it to Cuba and my daughter's. I mean that I. That they get to and that was my main concern hand and tell me contact the appropriate parent and that email. We get to evacuate it I'm within twenty minutes at all he takes an extra hour that parents say. I'm feeling any to be my my home actually in the middle well. I eat. I'm pat I have. Ticket was there any sense of bond trying to understand that sense and no I'm gonna stay here even though they want you to leave they tell you believe they're getting everybody out of there have been. Can you describe that sense of lately what would like to leave your house and not really know if it's gonna be there when you come back I'm not trying to be dramatic but it must have been. Now yes. When I got home people however that people are talking out there aren't other people Qaeda walking around. And keep it up even higher actually my name ID act for you could comment. So we're Akron was that he could sort at a turning he got what we're back and we really. They are trying to get a couple check back in or thought that our hardware. Clothes it urges you anything out we could think that we have tactically it happened. We get we have. We and we couldn't saying. Spec and had me believing more and more people look like he referred as well. Yes so it sounds like people. Remained relatively calm and a lot of people came together to help out a short amount of time. Absolutely. I live from where people. You want you to let it end that streak by. People are how quite healthy cat Ireland backpacking. Obviously not quiet day. Eating at eat these people are now. And currently panic trying to make an exact thing figured out. It pretty easy then but not that no matter what happened as well put together. That is well who for so we're glad you're safe we're glad that your family is safe and and we wish you well the next couple days going back both to your house. And to your business to make sure that it's intact and and then to come pick up the pieces put your life back together. Jack crazy yeah yeah yeah. Thank you Kayla yeah thanks so much yeah.