Kendra and her Hybrid Minivan

Friday, August 17th


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Two to me food assumed from looting and they cherish in this be done there are new to report that can go to pick the four. Plunging powerful blow them. That's been going on all all just don't offer a couple weeks cantor has an electric car that she has to give back. No I don't really want to now it says it's a hybrid minivan but every day. Hmmm could it and I'm not getting I think I'm exaggerating there's an extension cord that comes out of the building that goes through the parking yeah electric car yeah like our athletic potential weird concept of plug in a carpet almighty god you were telling me how much money your saving I have asked why haven't gotten gas yet it's that Chrysler Pacifica hybrid I and they are letting me use it for a couple weeks I don't wanna give it back yes. It is amazing and it's so funny is Kendra was I was like I'm for trying to minivan. Especially like Natalie also that I. I now like these mutants decrease in Africa. I'm not a really am not lying and my kids. There are so angry that I have to give it back next week I have to give it back anemic we now know we want then you can put the TV screens in your car that I yeah my. Yeah. LA yeah we. I mean we did a vacation one time when our kids were little where we rented minivan that had TV screens and it was the same deal was like. They got a taste of lake and this is an awesome car and then we were back to the car that we had. And I think. I definitely like a bullet a battery TV on a milk crates like taping enough yet thing in the back for a trip that we took after the that was sort of our. We have a Liz when you can hang there's like sort of portable TV thing you can hang around the back in the neck and your car should happen by. No I think that I appreciate it thank you Chrysler yeah community and and you know if they've come a long way the minivans polite now they're like lunch a lot of them are pretty luxurious the electric car I think I mean. I have a friend who's got an electric car and I said this to you I thought he was kidding I'd say Tim I haven't bought gas since March lows and highs just know I thought Iowa Elena. Yeah you know you bought any gas in the three should this not once while not once and I have to take now but so maybe he'll get there but no I just keep plugging in any charges away is that it's not see the greatest thing to Africa itself. Thanks Tony get it back I know I had a loaner car once that was a hybrid united I was the same waiter for only three days and I didn't wanna give it back maybe we'll just mysteriously gets to you next week and. The cape after the show fit is out. Yeah.