Kendra Brought In Girl Scout Cookies

Monday, February 26th


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Designers. Among the other side of the this is so behind the curtain yeah baseball kind of thing but I'm over on the other side of a working right fit like right next year ago yet. It's kind of weird is whenever you have a new workspace it's like suicide knowing your status for real room right next to each other sharing desk yeah I apologize and and Easton hospital where blindness and since she's here in the dungeon I'm where Yankee candle used to. That was are you make fun of me I think for asking the engineer to admittedly still in another light and you're like I. And now her now album. And oh yeah it yes you and I mean I'm we're feeling. Exceptional. This Monday morning and the best part of that hasn't happened yet but the best part of our day here Najibullah six point seven bizarre when reason. In the corner right over here in a couple of shopping bags cross. Now cookie in the I'm so excited and knowing that yup. I don't even remember. Hum hum much coming I ordered I think would why don't you order a mouse mattered he thinks Xbox six boxes and you ordered five COI I am. Oh my daughter is like. We get all of these are supposedly independent now. People paid leave so that they showed up at your house like late last week and we yes something. Yet it was four giant boxes and I my god my god rewarded with many. So we have eleven boxes of Girl Scout Cookies in this studio as we speak for. Do you know what's gonna happen in a couple of hours I'm going to be like a rabid animals. Since you into everything blocked I know and remember I bought some for myself that are at my house still so I have been there in the name of the two year. I think I have the sugar high like around 1:2 o'clock today in the big crash. Afternoons he had blood sugar goes over the top I don't know without. Thin mints and I'm the only one who got the thanks a lot right you're the only one just at all and on that I think when all in on tendencies here you got the most and anti. I think out of anybody can beat her you know a couple of boxes in the freezer. Discover next July.