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Thursday, January 11th


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Have some sort of intervention approach off the island because your aversion coconut. We got the the long awaited girl scout cookie order form I have it in my hot little. Can you I loved that surely going through it right now and I so far I'm ordering like five boxes from calendars kids. Can we have a thing just just like a month ago where they had the advance notice of the Girl Scout Cookies and actually had some girls got cookies candies daughters. She's girls got her brownie she's about me look at yes you rather just sell the Girl Scout Cookies yet. And they're they're due in like two weeks in little army of young women just selling cell selling and who's gonna say note here. Cute adorable little daughter well she was and that means you can't you can't sell the cookies I'd have to father Michael and I can help you can't go door to door I. I'll I'll help you sell. The cookies it's okay. She think you know knew bad move and all that's not fit you look at I think the fact that people like I'm not buying them. That's. Is the umpire is or new flavor this year we decided that I. I don't know the what does it mean rebrand it renamed herself not there's a new flavor I have a new favorite as thin mints used to be my favorite every day not that that events especially keep him in the freezer. But I like that thanks a lot which are like sugar cookie on the topic the chocolate on the bottom those are delicious. There on your mind. And yes. Whatever and one of the Coca that would commute like once I'm not a lot of environmental and land you don't because you know to kind of like coconuts and. So are those your fate written here. What are called the absolute best here's the thing you know it's January 11 it's like. It's two weeks after Christmas and the last thing I need in my house. Penalties if they can cut its any any any fan that I asked anybody that I actually would insinuate that I have two boxes this subject is about Mike. How everybody. Can't resist noting that right amazing because you were when they arrive if I ordered him today. They're not here for a couple of weeks are yeah that's I think about a month there. Anything I didn't have a month he asked Ol makes a nice Valentine's Day arrival and it's like. I forgot and you forget that you ordered d.s. Yeah half hopefully we'll over order and go wouldn't put him in the freezer and then take them on April. You know when you've been in the freezer and then like sometimes you forget and then it's the best surprise. I have wreckage like I really just need something sweet right now you don't do you have anything in the house. And have you ever opened Jefferies you know like oh my god there's a boxes thin mint the best day I think I'll have one or two said no one ever. Must leave. It's should be an Olympic event like I just hate to sleeve of Girl Scout Cookies at an event that I think.