Kendra Is House Hunting And Needs Help

Friday, February 16th


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Going to be a big weekend for Kendrick hurt us from really fear famine there house hunting and yeah house do you like an outfit picked out. To go to the tour and you seem really really invested enough and I suppose to have enough hypocrisy. And. Now I maker on my head there Dominique. But you gotta back off when your enthusiasm for the place against she already like can see herself and I think she's picked up the colors of the walls and everything. It should I want to pass and it keeps you locked up and be. That enthusiastic as the realtors gonna see got a mile away gimmick on the line and now he's got to put it did and right now the price in well we did. We just a little you know little drive by last night and it in a really nice neighborhood it's it's definitely. The smallest house in the neighborhood that's good that's what you want it's in it's a good price and it's really tracking Sloan but it's the kind of neighborhood I think that they probably relate. Who is that we don't recognize that Kotnik definitely in neighborhood neighborhood where they yeah tension. But sooner or your are your reality check out on on the enthusiasm check and also like the ad itself from what they put any added all the just the descriptions of how they dress it up to make it look like guys. Maybe something different than it is right I also remember that the pictures they always make the pictures look like yard and it it looks like it's beautiful. But then when you read the description like this house that you're gonna look at it says needs TLC lens Cold War Syria from falling down mask. And then it got Posey which is code word for tiny like after Britain remember that he's like they always dressed up like out just needs a little TLC. A little walk in they're gonna say what would you like to pay for this house will give it to you for any patient. And I threw. Injured Marines that some way it works but it doesn't it doesn't that wind and so the realtors and are they gonna. You're gonna try to Jack up the enthusiasm for a known that we just could they want you to be excited about that you got to be ready to walk away at it and think you should almost plan a little. A little play where you and your husband Blake can offer too good you know what now this is a deal breaker and you can't walk away and they go oh wait where we can negotiate with the work of the one that I want them to be on their heels a little bit so they don't think that you will take this house. At any price so I think that's what he has the same kind of things like what's wrong things what is wrong thing because everything looks perfect where it is to set up outside everything convenient location could mean that the house is located in busy area near a nightclub hub. A waterfront property elite ski and water damaged old house and its extensive renovations. My dream house with a view the house might have a particularly desirable view. Only when seen from a limited angle or vantage point so I upstairs bathroom in the fall and I knew full view otherwise you know that I act. Now I'm at this now I feel like something's wrong with that lies in the market and it looks great and I'm so excited I'm gonna and the hope and pray that it's. Kennedy my house. We're wishing you well that again where your resume within the backstop them for the enthusiasm here just a little bit what. You have she's too. So what are you guys come let you do is the acting and. Beat the benefit you sit in the car with the you know with the engine running through and I coComment takeover for a little while Kemp two B and a few minutes if we approve something like that. McCain your faith is your ears. I don't I don't wanna think there's something I cannot wait to circle back on this until I can't wait yes how many house is he gonna say this country. Barack. See this guy like you know. This is like the HDTV. I house hunters this is hoping leaving intact. Kendra and an episode of house hunters that sadly you know it really does then that gives you the real experience what it's like you kind of weird if you don't you can you're comfortable just going. It's just a house there's plenty of amount there before and treat pressures.