Kendra The Pack Rat

Wednesday, June 20th


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It seems like each of us are are finding ways to. Northern neighbors and a large and small place Suze got a patio crew and I can't can't discuss trucks of her own will be backing up and her neighborhood very soon. The. LB my house tomorrow morning and on 9 o'clock. Out on annoy anyone. They didn't hit me last underneath I hope that coming earlier so what do they drop enough it's that big pack rat. Pods when had to pack and they cannot get up and you put all your stuff that you're moving in. He dropped off the pack it up they come back they pick it up. Drive it to their storage place and then leave it there for however long you want and then whenever you moving to your new place. They pick back up drive continued drop back off and pick it back. Oh my god but that's such an eyesore for the neighbors because that calls themselves huge is gigantic and it's gotten sick in the middle of your driveway for like a week I was gonna ask how long it does it's sixteen feet is that big. CP despair again is that a big one I don't know I haven't actually given tractor trailer thing parked in your yard gap I was down a little lime green yeah what color these rules it's going to be yeah this today. Let's just pick that up do you value your neighbor's pet pig potty now they're not gonna be in a very happy with me but it's convenient for me. That they drop an awesome pick about it. I've seen these and I never really know how or exit they drop off this big empty tractor trailer thing for you and yet you put all your stuff and could you moving week. Yeah and they I think they have so they say little straps inside you can hook everything up they've blankets if you have like predictable glass mirrors or things like that he can rapids year urge you to put all that and yet but the problem is I'm putting it and I am not I'm clumsy and classy and I'm. Responsible now also like things are gonna get broken. I need somebody else to do that Kenya and meet the pod in a person. Skit go very very good very good run not only do we have the unsightly for us this trailer storage continue down your front lawn when they illegally pick it up. And take it away it's gonna leave a trail of broken glass scenario out the last couple smashed and. I don't know I have no idea how such attack this thing like I'm left alone with this giant pot tomorrow Cologne. His has is working and. They must you must be some kind of struck I was gonna. OK how can depend so they don't he says here they don't have any. Do you need like I am pleased that they're doing you packed up pod by your Sam no I haven't I keep tables that come with the direction the little Allen wrench I'm not how exclusive his strategy to you know like we're a debris bottles and where to and a larger items verses the smaller items that somehow or even know how to do. A minute called the two of you and your gonna come to my house meetings about this and I.