Kendra Shoplifting

Wednesday, April 25th


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So my question contender this morning is when the police come to a restaurant at the here at the station later today when they take away in handcuffs without even if your husband being a police officer. And I'm sure other people did asked him your IP I am I didn't know it was an honest well I didn't know not knowing that's. The first thing they look I did yeah. I did not know I agents of the law is not an excuse Kendra was it just caiso water or windows was there more. It was two different places to get. Doris but one place I mean I had all the same day. Crying yeah. I cried every. Cut my idol didn't. Wave wit went food shopping that was the first one and I had a case of water but it was that the big bottles not the little half bottles. You don't have to put those up on the little you know rowly thing. And they are about thank you know a packet it didn't sell. British. And I I wasn't thinking. And I usually tell her I have a case of water but the Obama can't really in the dagger got he he had and he didn't say anything I just pushed my cart to the side and they rang up everything and I thought about a 150 dollars with the groceries. And I just walked out it never she never charged me for the water and I never in did you where it was when you go to the car was out and you tell. And you re enacting pay written. Click. They didn't get that little orange sticker I knew right away it was it. Oh no no and I'm like looking around if I feel like someone Sami like not put it up or not tell her arrest him. Yeah from watching me look good to see if you yeah it just probably could it happen again in the second storm Jack thought it would have been a little more tune I should. I so I bought this couple things and I had small little make up. Things in those can slide like in between the cracks of that carriages so Alec in the back underneath the seat of your shopping cart go on. So I was putting everything up on that little conveyor belt thing again. And I honest to god I did not I I just didn't see it it was wedged in between where the seat. Kind of folds. And again so he rang everything up and I got myself went to the car and I'm putting it I take everything out of the carriage in icy. The two little things that were sort of could that make up stuff is like flatten back so you know I didn't notice them when she was at the cash to serve notice them at a high. I know 'cause I mean you can read that I would do that on purpose. And I happened to happen everybody I think the differences you just discount those kids who want or whatever bonus. You go open yeah can you eat your car and you have Valderrama I do and we got an IN GQ okay. Okay so I highly. You finish I was at. And I got a bunch of little things that I got a couple they can get paper towels toilet paper the big tuna thing but in the bottom of the cars everything yet cat litter. And cat food and was under the cart and went to the it's that target to get the little self check out oh yeah around that area and this one guy is Exterran in his own words there's not paying attention anything. And so I checked everything out and I leave I'm on my way to the door and I realize follow the cat food and cat under the. You are home where he well did you go back should went now. You're if they don't know that you're not doing it on purpose they do you know under the carriage your breed in Seattle we're not alone. I'm not alone I want people to come out an outline is honestly. I don't know fits my Catholic school guilt or what it is because I went cattleman like I can't if I if I think that I even spike took the path you come I can't sleep at night. You I don't know what is in the phenomenon might die and everything else it gently I had that I have no problems you can.