Kendra Tells David and Sue How To Win Lottery

Wednesday, July 18th


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I found myself doing the same thing in the days that lead up to these giant jackpot lottery jackpots ahead. And I tried to ingratiate myself to anybody around me who I think might possibly limit so that if they do. You'll get a cut and get a little piece that won't be buying a ticket but I'm hoping someone will go. You know here's a little piece for you just his recruit guys. You know what no one does that no I don't think we all do it but now of course everyone's talking about Mega Millions because there was no winner last rites and now the jackpot for Friday is over 420. Million dollars. I got my money's on camera for 31 of the three of us we're 22 what do you Buchanan what she's a regular player but you guys you should just pick numbers. Dye them treat it like by yearly numbers for the powerball match cash and Mega Millions and around a lottery let's say just by him. For the full here and remember you can you can buy you can advance. No cash to do it as a gift to great gift edition my parents. He just you pick numbers and then you never have to walking into the store and buy them every you know Wednesday or Friday or Tuesday and so you just have your numbers in May notify you if your number. When's the U Leno stirred they'd they'd they'd let you know if you can't win you get something I'll do when I mean you obviously know before you. They notified because you know you're numbers in this we have so much fun thing and that's why I didn't know any of that so when is the jarring first. Friday and I EOK so Saturday yeah buy your tickets on Saturday after the jar and you can buy tickets for Friday paper I'm not gonna win the odds are better. After. The big jackpot because nobody odds always be the same because you have to match to send an owner or not numbers deciding less people play. So if you again it's yeah I sued to sinks then if you win. It's less likely that they'll be other winners if this but the jackpot way. Oh yeah you get the whole thing rival yet and I think most people right now it's forty million I'm not gonna play I don't know. Right vice president is after the big jackpot no yeah. There's the big number was 40422. Yes it is what you went on Friday night yeah they do the value of all the numbers and then you said but the winner takes home 254 millions and I'm so. Leo we landed at what happened the other 170 million less getting I now Wear ridiculous and is though forty million wouldn't be enough. And even the cash payout would be what twenty million honey thirty million. That's its and a tiny but then you if you go ahead and sporting an eight were ridiculous yeah. I'm sticking it my strategy of trying to get somebody to just help me out thank you know like yeah honestly if you want 250 million dollars that's a lot of money now that's the take home yeah first thing you do is. What. I would give my family members some money. I give my daughter's money and I give my parent would do it in your do your girls are you know. Late teens early twenties and yet get huge do trust averaged just go hey I'll have a fun time. Oh. All I did that's such a tricky question our rights south. My daughter Emma who's with this today I could actually cut to give the money too because she's really careful of their money my other daughter who's 988 and I don't know even know she I never fear again. And we know occasional listening Jeanne did it to tell all. Books.