Kendra Thinks Her Kids Arent Getting Phones

Thursday, August 16th


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It's standing up there you're divorced from reality and act if you think you're gonna hold the ground and you know I can get your kid a phone till when she said seventeen yeah I'm well yeah. I okay may seventh grade is like that absolute. That's there's no way she's going to Arthur ray and I know I think you know while our I now I was like you can't win my kids a little I'm member being like I'm gonna be the parent and I am not gonna let my child get a cell phone till they're in high school sought to kids can have you know holds my kids can differently here in that space right now we can tell you being on the other side of that it's not even realistic I mean kids now have cellphones in fourth and fifth grade and the problem and see even if you don't want your kid to have on all the other you have a and that's their main source of communication they snapped chat with each other and they. They create groups' tax and now if your kid is the only all about a phone they feel isolated socially and so that becomes a lot of pressure on the parent. To cave in to back. Not saying that that's necessary and everything to do but it's just the way of the world that's part of pop culture. What to how we can we need yeah I got two girls I've got two girls. And their eighteen inch funny but my kids got them I think in seventh grade but that was back many years ago and it's gotten younger and younger and younger and I think I held out to seventh grade C that's what I am bike in my head because Mac originally its like when they have a car than they can have a fun. It energizing and I wanted to be Fayette and if anybody there. Ed is gonna have a phone rang and by the way. I've got a boy and two girls and that was a little bit older than you girls are girls are about the same age we that he was probably eighth grade when we got Shawna found he had the girls it was a little bit younger. And then RI youngest or maybe it was even younger than that it is you just that they have a phone. Then it's got to be what kind of fall yeah we got her I don't know some flip phone thing or something yeah and I'll send the other kids have the flip phone they want me now on iPhone or what or whatever it is we have to show you its. I'm telling you the pressure is unbelievable. Every other kid is gonna have one. I just I'll give her Blackberry with a rolling squirrel on the side like that would be my age that is there is no way of getting a brand new iPhone. In fifth corps that's easy is it easier conditions have them say it isn't saved me like I'd be afraid that like the group chat people would be mean needy bullies like I would just want her not even around and hit that like. Just stay away and then bullies and they find honestly unlike her two girls and to keep me honest honestly just find other ways to be that's sort with kids they're around you yeah other ways to to try to solve it can the if he had another thing I'd say is should itself here just a second ago. There's an upside your kid having a film and awaited tax because they'll text and communicate review in ways. That they wouldn't if they had to pick the phone and call you kind of you can check and can check in with them are you okay account or whatever. Hit it and they can do discreetly and quietly without pick up the phone on how. Mama that the party. I saw something that so. It's a hot topic I don't wanna turn out an insurance seventh grade all right if they're sitting in you tell us what age did you get your kid is cellphone right if I have or had kids and that will house in the school high school when did you get the phone what sort of you know precautions of safety measures did you take your conditions did you put when you. In the film and I delusional thinking they're doing enough to me Morgan magic Kendra. We love you but you are doom you know younger out of your mind if you think you're gonna wait to hear. Powell thinks that he's gonna wait until Emma her oldest is like to writing before he's gonna let her get an iPhone and we really know we were like that too but yeah it's happening happened. And infirm we're all our noble high ground thinking our kids we're gonna hold off as long as we can muscles of the -- -- can phones together yeah that's the thing you have to understand that all their peers in fourth and fifth grade now the kids have phones and so if you're kid is anyone who does and it's hard they feel kind of isolated so. You think that and it's good in theory and I was quick Q what I was had kids your age I was with Q2 it's good in theory but the reality is very different listened to listen think kind magic. I imagine it Mario Mario good is Kendrick delusional. Yeah. Hey you know it sounds logic it just doesn't really stand out for real life right. Hold your kids. I am sorry I have a fifteen year old that brought your own that are having girl who's just. I'm getting older Q&A younger one won declines. Of course. And I can't so what age did you let them get the first phone. So my oldest one didn't get didn't believe it and take great. I come and then my my middle child cat lying when he leaving port and it is only because that's. My boys separated cool. And they had to walk and across Hangartner rally there in the morning Martin safety concerns yeah. Bennett like anything else but now looking back on and on my. Yeah did probably didn't need on clay you leave how they got out. Good stuff thanks for children and I really appreciate it good look at those kids saying that taking your time magic would you think about the phones what age aren't pretty. Sadly I don't want CNET. I thought it wasn't that angry when he got hurt I thought that was it all thought that I happen that you interpret of the question was born yeah I have to quit. Put the practice what you live live look. Is selling that then great if it didn't. He didn't want that thing on what happened you think you know that was a local club. I cannot is got a phone that's funny what sports is a Buick you're absolutely right sports is crazy busy schedules and you know what time in his meeting all have they really need to be able to communicate quickly but done. Any trouble with kids with the phones have you ever had to take it away. Kept my daughter question getting older she wanted better college not she had nice columns you can actually is connected to it. Thanks for check in and have a wonderful day smoker and that. Good luck to you. I just want to point out that. All the from mines are ringing right now so. I and again and flipped a hot topic and I think a lot of people feel very passionately about when. And kids should get one but it you know it's easy to say when your kid is three or four years old I'm gonna wait until they're driving into their sixteen but the reality is much much different when they actually are in class with all their friends who have found sound young now and is now try to stand for seventh grade. Penetrated into back to good look I wish you well then yeah a lot of it will play as parents but. And my wife Kathy and I we talk consultants who went in we would have done differently for could've waited just a little longer. Two different phones because once they start there's no turning back time now. Look at like media horde this.