Kendra Thinks She Smells Bad

Thursday, February 15th


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Learning magic underwear for throughs and some people saved ketchup packets my mother used to say ketchup packets. It you know no intention go to restaurant she grabbed gob and napkins and catches packets from their personal car and hamstrings true soared packets and people say Ozal. It's the utensils from fast food restaurants straws here. Our love Kendra and save small little bottles of what would you call I has our body spray. She spray just in case she can cut the pinch yet if I call it it it's my my port time of the month. Have the money to buy actual perfume like always go to Lou. Little tiny bottle of spray and it. It Hendry had active. Like phobia all the time that she and that she always smelled delightful and I'm gonna just start by saying Madden but she always has this phobia that she smells she doesn't coming Ott. They got. And she has bottles of body spray everywhere I've been in her car with her and she pulls them out of the glove compartment and pockets and she has been in a person in her back. I'm equity notes touched she sprained her home by do you freshen up throughout the day I guess I have to near the bottles are right cheap for so long that they actually Catholic to sweat condensing like it. Because there's a goal I I keep them so much that. But they do it over spray them constantly worried that she had my eye and rhymes I'm unleashing learn about why it. She walks up to me have to do to show most mornings and says only god by mount I'm like you having never smelled that in all the years I've known you you smell nice he and Z. You can learn about you that she has been a crazy crazy folks. And what's what's crazy and I think we can all relate to this is when you Chris could you were carrying you don't want to overstate it but you kind of counting on a couple minutes ago but like oh my god and I sprayed an announcement was now. Some people youth you have your morning routine and you leave the house this happen anywhere I've been hampered work and I'm like oh my god a computer and on today Howard Josh my head that I forget to do that one of them this hour is something I've got this morning show. You have your routine and their can be likened meaning freak out if you realize that you left one little step out right. I am absolutely oh what I have to always touch my hand I'm specifically to you or not. Know that I'd pick it didn't happen now I have not seen out and but I must say that's a gift because you you very discreet about it I had no idea I was going finding his horse until yeah there and I just. Shall with a personal does this is Chad Smith there under around to see if they smell Texarkana round and I.