Kendra Wants The Trees Over Power Lines Cut Down

Friday, March 9th


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It's gonna sound weird but we have the best possible outcome went our power going out like you went off and it came back on 45 minutes later. And he was calico the powers that it was chart like we left the house what got my wife and I went coffee yesterday she was and she now works it was like charming it was nice surely hat. It sounds lovingly and I'm saying now only because I know you had the exact. On opposite experience with the Lebanon 115160. Yeah. I think there's things yeah about a 170000 people across the state and still without power and the problem is they can't just go out and fix. Whatever is wrong with the lines they have to clear just so many downed trees and they have to clear the debris first so that's slowing down. And they do have a meaning in their defense they have crews from all's all surrounding states working on the ceramic comp lit it's going to be a couple more do any gender has it all figured out lots tender. Did you collect under the trees. Down. Not tree just the richest do this go around the entire state of Massachusetts as an out of all the branches that are hanging on power lines. It is a no brainer on the streets and saying no no I don't expect them to go on people's yards but. What what is the opposite him and environmentally I just gonna that day now when I got all entitled. Environmentalists I recycle I am very green IE view Internet he calls you a depleted student. She's like there's a few other words put. Whatever the opposite the person who loves to uses this and I'm sure you love tree right yeah I do just not on the street hanging over my product lines that Tom just the branches that are obviously on the ground. That could cause danger to your closer. You know the first thing we did we buy our house we shopped on the two giant pine trees hanging over there of those who are kinda got marching outside the building. My opinion and really he bogeyed environmentalists are on the. We'll have a and I can see the trees T shirts are out there and it keeps adding our building looked. You driver and we drove for and framing a sobering yesterday there's no law that speaks now. Well and you know I don't know how to gonna keep open its gonna take some time yeah but the new developments and don't put new places in a lot of times you put the stuff underground and pencils up that the Gary all the stuff but I would love that that's a tall order Jack that I have underground utilities and we're out of power. And what happened in your case because I think yours is in a different town the problem happened right other cash on hand on where you are in the grant in where the source of the problem is so. We have underground utilities in my neighborhood and still were all out think these are tree fell on another. You felt the might hurt. We found at the the where the website and starlets under the ever source web site he can we put that up or have we put that up on the men's FaceBook yeah we have a National Grid yep France however say they can you can click outage map that tells you exactly how long it's gonna take. To at least I have to go to a coffee shop for the free wise yeah.