Kendra is the Yard Sale Queen

Wednesday, June 13th


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None other T touched people in this world. It's pursue and Chandra were good morning magic in those two people are. The type of people that have a yard sale and say I just wanna get rid of it and none are in the other people. Who are just sort of light. I wanna make as much money as I possibly can yeah what are you and what tricks you have 6179311067. Or we get up on the FaceBook we love getting comments from you on FaceBook what about you. Well listen I don't like yard sales begin with but I'll tell you something when you one thing I don't like them they make me uncomfortable because I had in the passing a lot like all right this. Whatever blender is five dollars and habeas does I'll give me a quarter for an and I can't stand it I always feel bad saying no size I native yeah. And I just give away all my stuff for not wait is that you do Kendrick know I know teach you know you say you should know right now absolutely non addicts to some tricks to do if you have like a lot of stuff like big step in small stuff. Section them by tables and do like this is the ten dollar table everything on the stables ten dollars that's it non negotiable. That's it. Then if you are close hard out raft you public budget closed get a giant box yeah. The most in the box and have all your actual plastic bags from my market basket. Fill that ten bucks or feel bad for twenty dollars stuff as much as you can in the back. Twenty dollars Saudi she's got it down to a Celtics. Kendra I imagine she sets it up sort of like like you know like an old school department store read on the elevator and I cannot turn Florida. Ladies intimates and men's. Boot us. And it's true and I may and Munich 400 dollars and my way extent I do think they see if you could come to my house and do it with me I don't. I'm but what happens with me is my husband is mr. like package deal. So how do you feel like I'll give you a hundred dollars for that love seat and I'll go OK and then what he does mark. Opt instead we'll if you like Biloxi also giving these ten throw pillows and on the Barbie dream house and a box of books pretty and then go help them in your compound that out now Tom would be out in my now. He just wants to get rid of everything so he tells people they can have ten other things free. With the purchase I need to start I I need to start preparing because I know I mean I don't want to say. Where either of us live it's not fair to everybody else is having yards about as a year you're having a yard sale soon and I'm having the hard sell suits and light. Yeah I just brought it up because I feel like they're you know like my husband aren't too opposite ends of the spectrum right like. I'm all about just light let's let's let like move let's move it out let's ask you a quarter for that entire letter sent. I have not like oh yeah. You know I. Don't know now get a block out get a couple big box is to start stepping that you want to have the yards so whenever you have a debt slowly put things in that we have everything already there ready to go and put it out there set your price hike is they're gonna go low and stay how do you say note. That is I now want to make money I don't wanna get my stuff away but I key if they know when they say I'll give you a quarter fiscal Cain well. Do you just it for the first three hours you say now and then the last two hours that's when you do if no one by wall camera and you start to slowly lower your prices they aren't sure that you have to figure out what you're willing now you've just told everyone to wait to be and the third I. And it's been a long way you're stressed that they yard sales go up until six all right so let's go off at about 530 well by hearing. Higher house for a dollar 45.