Kendras House

Thursday, April 19th


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A wonderful time match when a six point 7538. Good morning we could do the one recent about. You know last chance to get ready for the snow which is coming a little bit later today in this besides let's leave that alone yeah like how block anything about it he has soared one I just a warm weather for the weekend yeah we can hole a a sort of start to get through tomorrow when we can going to be fantastic England patriots are going to be fantastic. But the one regional wanted to check and what are you have you sold your house. Him. Well we have we've had a couple shelling so we have two more today we had a couple this week in and school vacation mechanics or mind you I have three children under the age of seven. So keeping a house clean and just it's only a select select a month it's been on the market at this point in not just close almost yeah yes and now and. So yeah we have a couple more showings today so it's been a ton of action that it's just like the waiting in the waiting going back and forth so but do. Does it housecleaning at three little kids at whatever it was and today I don't know how you doing it because for showing it's almost take you have to have it look like no one lives there. I announced just a lonely that you we even talking about this makes the hair on the back an accident yeah that's the one thing I remember about moving yourself in the house. Yes take all pictures you a little toys away don't clutter anywhere it's like that video company is coming when they call. Hello yeah if you look at the bad. There can be no evidence that. Sears we'll ask it's constantly. And deep yeah. It'll keep our eye but they keep telling Steve and I'm like don't don't put issues of wages organized the neatly we've lived here like we can't just erase everything I mean they're gonna understand that we have kids. But there's like Lego pieces in place is the you have no like. I have no idea Howard and keep the house cling to a. Can I just I think that that I'm being serious here I think to having a little bit of signs of life like. Oh yeah straight toy here there even if it's like something that got left out under the couch or under the table Osama. I think that that's a little charm I think then yeah with humanity to them to write this. Actually the person looking at the house has kids like that get it and they wanna be able to pictured themselves there so it's a Qaeda. Hat looked make it look like he's family lives right that we didn't we don't have a lot of stuff up on the walls but. Dar front room has like I did it took me three years to do like this giant picture thing like with all these different weird shaped frame and an object. Taken us down though knows those staying election. Visual and demonstrate the possibilities the potential write for whatever you can do with your family and your kids wouldn't into the is awesome Jana and I did a big poster board like the reasons you'll love this house that Blake. Five little fun facts about the neighborhood in the house like what you could. Not colorful marbles via an aircraft. Out on you look at China and arts and crafts and the glitter in the glove and I. I don't like that idea I read on the table so that the first thing means you anyone's night so nice to your house look in the rain because twelve because that's what's on the way and snowflake it's painless for alleged if.