Kendras House Getting Makeover

Monday, March 12th


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The last half an arbor gone on and on the kind of two to make sure you convey to your husband how proud I am of him I think this is awesome he's taken on he's doing it. He's got the home improvement project of all home improvement projects going house is a match. There's tiles everywhere we ripped up the kitchen floor he's doing it all by himself by the way NET did a good job but it's. It is such a massive what's he watching T like this. These DIY shows on TV and said I can do yeah all we do is watch HGTV the fixer upper is injecting gel and they just so they is rip up the floor no problem like in Japan today is. Beat each forgetting that it's bridging the kitchen so it's that the central point in the house that everybody has to walk through the kitchen. To get all the other brands are so I secure hander posted pictures on as chairman of the weekend before coming off in the new foregoing and he's using the space series. High oil saw going on this is mayor stuff. Really I'm very very impressed a lot of jealous he's good job and it's just time consuming and needs to be a little children under seven. So they don't really listening you say Ichiro walked on the floor shooting a really never have kids running around in a moment from now they don't have that's with the one of the things they don't tell me. And that's the other thing about those shows is they just make it seem the time lapse of like well we took the flora. And then instantly four hours later and here we're ready to put them into account. It's never quite that quick enough because you run into any Monaco and you know that was gonna happen the way he's a there's a couple tile pieces that were broken that he'd RD put down didn't realize the corner was checked into a tighter monetary and back out at. Yeah that's one thing you should not do if your re doing your house or renovating a room. Do not watch TV don't watch those fixer upper shows because it can appreciate it should. I am I more of them I think it's awesome that he's doing and I really good and we'll get lucky to be post to post like Apollo pictures and. The long and the best part of this whole thing is the floor is finally got to look the way I want to let him. And a shipment to sell in the place.