Kendras House Hunt Disaster

Tuesday, February 20th


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You have to forgive me because. Life in general gives gives us all where they too few opportunities to say I told you so I now and a banging wheels has handled themselves. We both told her out of candor and Condoleezza me. Until until you so she's gonna shine on this for one out and she's looking for a house and she's like why I just can't believe it's so she why is this house in this nice neighborhood and it's nice town. Why is so cheap so you and I both said Kendra. Right we set in these chairs right in right right exactly yeah we are right now on Friday and Kendra was going into the weekend she's so excited unseen mystery mounts that you're gonna steal. Out for no money and a great neighborhood. And but you hadn't seen the house and we said it it seems too good to be true there's something wrong it's like I think so I saw the pictures on the Internet really kept the pitches on the Internet that they tell a lot. So they tell us to tell us what it was really like we've set the table what what what I. I'll just say this because people are probably eating breakfast at the at this very moment this now that came when we opened the door. First there was somebody still downstairs in the house like one of their kids wouldn't leave that's the weirdest starting weird and it's not it candles in every round on. That's one sign that what did you learn in Kendall I kind of comparison that I had to kind of masked smoking that had affairs at all tight lipped it. I go to my husband as you are going down to the based and he was like if we don't make it out of the size of this. Just tell my family Alabama tell my parents and then we'll it was. So groves a lake. Dating show you the bedrooms for reason they win and they didn't show me ads during the tore it out to online poll and anonymous pictures are Casilla got since we're saving efforts especially surprised when you get here we got those drugs up close and personal we get the smell of the bedroom rugs in the bathrooms where. It was so bad lately may fade TLC and the description it's not just. That's what we told you those are the realtor code words when it says needs a little TLC. Eight equals disaster and I honestly you guys told me about that movie the money pit Jack Tom Hanks movie if you. Cool all the trailer that's exactly what it was like for us walking and everything was just falling at our feet like every door you can. I was Phyllis and facts and happy now knowing that I'm not missing out. Hi I'm just curious that you were so excited about it on Friday it was you were bounding on here to go on this house tour. How how long did it take from when you've got there. With your unrivaled enthusiasm for the house how how many minutes did it take for you guys who else pentagon here this is not the one for us three minutes into the house and had the best third round. The writer program I was like. That you know Wyatt I'm happy and no on not missing out NC is that if we could you know get it fair this not the right to work we can do it together and I. Now I know now. Two so that's that's what you need to remember in my opinion that's what you need to hang onto because every house you need to be able they say you need to be able to walk away I knew if you find something about it who aren't at my house is Casey can run on run over. His play any other house Jan. There'll be one for years it's run I think I'll start.