Kendras Husband DIYing Everything

Thursday, February 22nd


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I think immunity to guys to rally here. Calling on Paula and others of my gender she didn't come into the defense of candor is husband who's. Which is trying to do was to is traffic something at the house or everything mechanical. Everything in the house everything just any little thing re touch up paint and you know we fix electrical sockets and wants to rip up the tie alien because we sign our house organ and I'm anyhow so. Just you on everything is. Only a colleague and I can do it. You're not electrician you're not flock and synthetic contracts and he gets. The tool boxes. In the top arson and we've been that they hammer and then yeah thing and. And ads won't be clear you don't think he's up to the task I he's a very good painter he is he can paint a straight line like nobody else but everything else I'd rather. Just call somebody get a friends and and that can do it can do a quick. Cynic you know seeking help me with the children at a hole. And what's he doing any electrical do what you gotta break a boxing they'll appear back again leading the children you gotta get ahead of it have to do when he's not Thomas ID Colin the pros and then you act like it's like you gave him a Q if you like look honey I'm surprised you and I had a plumber come in and fixed the toilet can legislate what happens when you. Because that happens in my house to win react when that happens when I think he is no you're not giving me a surprise for president we're gonna pay. Somebody 700 dollars to do what I can do in the morning and I went on I do when and I do it instead. I know you like you guys slid this fantasy that you could do it in a morning the problem is did you interview you guys. Act rain. Our now it's true multi most guys now I know a few guys that are truly and really very very handy but most guys in their hand yet and they ardent and herein lies the problem. My husband will go to Home Depot for us I spent like three hours there to link that comes home. Spread everything out easily can't get this done in a couple hours. Like the whole weekend later ear and everything's a mass flight two balls are torn apart and it's still not done. And it's like just bring in a professional they'll do it. I think every guy thinks they're I think I think you're right every guy I'll disagree the last part of recently every area. Thinks they're handy I don't know that's a bad thing or something my father was his and maybe your dad was supposed you've followed with a hand I'm like dad I really can't even ask you now so. I think I got tools and tool bench and all that stuff that my default is when we have a crack at it before we call in the pros. Why is that just to prove that you can do it can easily turn a prudent and turns a 700 bucks I think it's a yes Stephen it's nice to save money you know I can I just do it. You know snap election should also like I I think like I got I got this model like my department there's a little bit of that like Eddie and I my husband. Yeah he wants to save about but it's also sort of like. But there's there's definitely I think what you learn is so there's definitely areas that I while I got to do plumbing and I mean traffic's a Foster home but that's not a Washington thing but I don't do real plumbing. A real serious electrical just a few seconds replace some light switches and did you know lamps and you know light fixtures and things like that. Do you aftermath let me ask you guys and we love my friends is on same as want. Just ask your question yeah you ever stating her Iowa. If she's that all you know. I think we should move delay on the kitchen around would you ever say well you know what I'm just take up the radiator will cut the plumbing I'll move the heating will go underneath then remove the wiring and I can just weld a couple pipes underneath. Well there now I don't glasses or the shoes that I. That's no. Now do you like a circular saw he needs like I'll ask staff yet. It's way beyond most people's how about this but I come over this weekend and held Steven I also found out and got a nightmare situation. And work with and my husband there working together moving the radiator. The rare red thirty seconds away from commercial free music let's go it's magic traffic when you needed another look at our drive this response about Bob's discount from two.