Ketchup On What

Thursday, July 19th


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Instead it was a hot dog various national talk is that right that's right now. And yet every once in awhile didn't a call from a buddy of mine who's from New York now who's winning season I put ketchup on hot dog he gives me all kinds of grief. Yes that's a crime against nature didn't. Humanity. I was just reading an article and I did not know how strongly. People feel about catch it mostly against catch up they say that it's a condiment for kids. It's sugary it masks the taste of things. There's a guy who wrote a book called that shall not put ketchup on hot dog it's a book it's a book. Any talks about how a month this part of the country we smother ketchup on absolutely everything. And I think it's definitely regional I don't think they do everywhere I yeah. It is a New England yeah in an axe I always catch up all over my that was written it's the number one thing I go to from I had done bastard was only like. Okay I'll put must on two I guess I. Well they say in Chicago it's such a no no because they're like known to be like the hot dog capital now like no you put. Salty things you put spicy mustard and relish and onions and our crowds our router did not. Catch up which is more sugary 'cause they say that mask the taste well. I don't know I don't mind makes committees and hype died frankly but I just never knew it was such a regional thing people. Really snubbed their nose at us they think that where animals that were savages the pin ups it was. What about you shouldn't have put you should never put ketchup on hot dogs if you're over the age of eighteen yeah they say it's immature I know I cut them up for my kids up cut back on input catch up on the side path they opinion specifically on the bond with kids it's a total weekly ketchup on and everything in the gap on them at all it's just a way to get me to eat stuff yeah it is like a home base it's a familiar you put Republican to next to vegetables right now. Potato products that they have. Acting in the kid's league they're dipping their green beans and it's there yeah we'll look at 33 chicken from market basket and they will be that cut out with ketchup and yes. I would need without Kenton a when he would they need to catch up on the site is right it doesn't with the red with the red death I feel like here we Arabs and ketchup and Saks where ketchup and SaaS society. I'll eat ketchup with Mac and cheese like if I make a box. And it's Mac and cheese. I'll put ketchup on the side it kind of tastes like pizza when you dictating and has like that cheese tomato we thought that I know I. You it is delicious what about eggs yes there omelets eggs are up against Clemens acknowledged that. Yeah Alec I don't mind a little bit of all of ketchup on the side of an omelet dipped the fourth in the catch up and then like take a bite of your Angela. I'll wait tonight that though like so much. Yeah I've seen people so we're using cutlery now. I know I think people dip potato chips in catch up everything potato products are pretty strategic chips and about them but did a press hash browns or all of that yeah about potato chips a lot of people eat so much passion it's kind of like a French fry I mean.