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Friday, January 12th


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And Kissinger and. I just look at it do its national kiss a ginger day and I didn't even know I wasn't ginger until you're in Kendra tell me that I am in fact direct had a it was about a I think that more assertive Auburn browns are so yeah it's regret it CN. You weren't my wife have the exact saying no we can't. And it's definitely read because Cappy has exquisite tape that god that she does especially here yeah. But you should go to the magic FaceBook pages plenty of pictures of 221 there is change your by the way of a pejorative for for a mean dude read it's like being called to you don't know because I never considered myself one and I didn't know if that was sort of looked at as Ike had. Slanderous term to say but it is national Casey ginger debt I've done some research and yes I've seen it both ways of some it's sort of a term of endearment for others it's sort of object defying its like yeah that the whole life. So please don't call me agent took kids I'm OK with an instrument is supposed to boos at the top of the list view us as though he's not he doesn't have any hair fat pig he's Baja. But he's beautiful but mine would be prince hairy and there I would totally kissed prince's palace on top of violence to it or what if it. I would doubt with Damian Lewis who's Brody on home for homeland. Yeah him alive. After about EM. I other than your life in your life is number one but we're gonna say number two would be a catalyst dot dot dot. As India and I think he needs. I don't on this listen and look at right now and I'm Nicole. Kidman has very changing hair rulings show. She'll be very red and then very blonde she changes it up a lot Amy adams' variants very attractive Emma Stone alone she I forgot to shut emerald ten. It's Jessica's chats Dane Kendra had mentioned parent I've encouraged him you just said. How did you think of that we've read had to sort of attracted by the in my. That's a jets and intensity.