Last Call for Christmas Shopping

Wednesday, December 20th

David and Sue are panicking over their Christmas shopping list - with only FIVE days left, time is running out! But if you have Amazon Prime, you may be in luck with their express shipping option.


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It's Wednesday right so Amazon prime will get things to me Friday if I order today this is that it's premature to get rid in my house our last chance I think today for the really punish got stuffed gas. I know you look you look like you're just a little bit paralyzed in that's a decision it's it's decision paralysis and exactly what it is ahead of the baht four and I to get them and should get something picture frame note cards something yeah I have been able to have. And they can move and so as a result I'm gonna have a miserable five days until Christmas I figured out. They always do and know you well I have the opposite problem I bought so much that now I am I pulled an all out yesterday and now I have stuff that I have to return parity of a pilot returns to return instead I'd it gives that I'm not gonna give people like things that have come. That a bunny Amazon that once they commonly get that she can like that went. You did that's. Or something that looks like it's the wrong it was I was so now I have four or five boxes stacked up my kitchen table I'm not kidding you are under the names that I have to return that I'm not. They're going to give to people in the first place and you do you want my team and I need you to work for me for a little while helping me get just as you've already puts you get gifts for everybody everybody and not only that but my two daughters I buy gifts that could go either way so at the end of the day like Christmas EU one and. Divvying up their presence. If one looks at they have more than the other I always have a couple of gifts on hand that can be thrown in to equal to me to get on to balance it out you would do well to make sure that they are to that too skinny or to the ounce exit you know the number of give us the size of the gives all of it microbe the same way. I was some as big yeah I think our guys that airway as much but there's very much within those as they're opening their gifts and look the other car going yeah but I have. And they don't say anything that you know that they're taking inventory write quietly. And that's yet they're just they're kind of looking over gone. Psyched to make sure literally that there is the exact number of gifts are the same even though like the dollar amount can't possibly be the same but it's got to be. Similar right. Our guests to bring back all ready I'm ready your electric championship shoppers know I totally amateur and all I need to overdo every year every year I mean this boat lengths to be like an Olympic event for you. Think I now and gold medal for shopping for Christmas goes to see you at gas storage they know me by name your shoe is on our guests from member of the family that guy or gal. Almost impossible questions just a couple of minutes away if your pet owner you got to an inside die inside track on this round of the almost impossible question coming right up Abbas Christmas stationed magic won six points well. This is Curtis.