Leave Your Phone on Vibrate

Wednesday, July 11th


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My one reason for waking up this morning was to ask you guys to commit something. Thanks so much for waking up at us this morning magic with. Chris Su and ten draft and you guys the commitment I want you guys to join me in is to you forever just leave your phone on libraries. I agree with that right I do actually know what I actually keep it on vibrate. The most unless I need to know something from like has been a front and I think I'm and I on the radar because I went to get an oil change yesterday say unity let's you're sitting in the waiting room and everybody else. And twice. Two different people. Their phones rang. And then they got up and answered the phone and he'd like it's out of it wasn't like it giant inconvenience to me I just thought to myself. 'cause that's obnoxious tonight I agree why wouldn't just put on vibrate and I am amazed that people still have their ringer on all the time. I know well here's it's so funny that you brought that up this morning because yesterday I'm sitting in the doctor's office my parents were I brought them to a doctor's appointment and they were both in their. Doctor's office and I'm sitting in the waiting room yeah. Three. People right now I'm sitting there may be for twenty minutes three people's phone went off at the highest buying you can imagine. All different rings or whatever. And the people I mean it's pretty quiet you know we have you known how do that final. Can't get fatter and a full on conversation books in the next question today actually speak out loud and artist and call you that and not the woman next to me answers the phone hello. And then to all time at the doctor's office now practical pick got married about. Has a ten minute conversation in full volume. And I'm hearing all of her personal business and it's awkward you don't know what to do your district. Do to shoot. But at least you know that her rash cleared out I don't know if yeah I agree with you I might as usually on so I silence mind during the show and that I kind of keep it that way I mean I don't even on vibrate right out my phone has never so far away. That I can't either here at five feel it vibrate or hear sometimes violent Atlantic the I don't know if it's on the counter but died I don't even remember what ringtone I have to be honest and because I don't. Like he's a great idea and I'll look at the tax and if our I'll see who it is neck and send them a text back and say you know on here a clay gonna get in my car. I never answer my phone like in a store or out in public that was feel like. I can't I yeah on number one I can't focus on what I'm doing and talk to the person and I am like her dad what other people are nice friend give me a hard time Nike never answer your phone and in my. But I get back to you if if pricey that you called I'll get rid that she what I can but it I don't need to answer every call at the second study. Comes in I'll know I've cyanide and if you do that that's the rare time that I would put my. Bring Iran like if you're expecting a call like I will put the ring but that's a conscious decision might yeah I gonna be like. Do and laundry and I'm waiting for where whoever calls on yeah rare but my phone is generally. Always. On vibrate so can we all commit today to other gases are not so I think I just lets all of us just all vibrate together. Can't secure the well and are accurate to. Hey I'd coming up next in less than ten minutes sue has to cure if you're eight refuse slider that. That I was at Fannie and respiration by the way I not a chunky one.