Lego House of Your House!

Wednesday, January 31st


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Much do you love your house if the answers enough to forever capture its essence in Lego form you're in luck with that there is a woman. Who can build an exact miniature replica of your house out of Lego bricks she calls her company little brick lane. And she will clone your dwelling both the interior and exterior complete. With fried yards guardians of walkways tiled floors kitchen cabinet. Everything spray it right down to every last detail it takes eight to ten weeks to complete. Its not expensive it's not cheap. I let go home but only exterior detailing cost about 15100 dollars both exterior and interior detailing was set you back. Anywhere from 2500. To about four grand depending on the size now. At your house is supposed to get the money. Kitty act utility include record close on the floor and think yeah. The dirty dishes in the sink and asked if you have little kids will they include like little tiny Lego is on the floor you can step on in the middle of the night and that's our concept and.