Lions Tigers Bears and Coyotes

Wednesday, May 16th


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We do you suppose we'll leave any lab animals. And we my animals that eat. At all some mud walls of the lions and tigers and dance my hands and tigers. And send it is nice yeah. My hands I. Yeah I had. My I didn't. I don't know I don't think anything more terrifying. Than being and I walk in the woods. And follow me here having to climb a tree and I know to escape. Coyote passive coyotes and you're inside it should not in the middle of you know I went. It was the middle of the day and has literally stuck inside it was a giant. Huge mom raccoon I think they were probably not well and there was a bunch of like a little babies are all my portrayed call animal control. That's to become that's two things. We think with the kids with the cubs when there with the of their room baby raccoon in there on their minds that are protected and also they're not supposed to be around people and if they are. All chancellor rabbit and I said okay like Alabama got a cute looking so sometimes people try to approach and they have to remember these these animals can be nasty because their animals and they you know it's it's just it's in their nature to protect their young and check their ravaging around for food and your I don't get it I mean there was a bear in. Newton center last night I was proud that the storms might escape the thing out of the woods but little wit you knew where the bears live. No kidding it was Newton fatter he climbed a treaty and it was in the middle of a treaty. In new and big. They are again I don't know weary eyes with that big was it like a baby bear was it an adult sized there I'm doing now to black tyra looked like it was an outside her which means is David is solid as a fan base. Right and they don't know what it's like apple had no idea that went back into the woods or exits go running around but they're like don't like. No worries. At this. And we'll read some artists who had the presence of mind think about this we get a movie she's walking her dog in and then there's trails. As our Framingham marlin and showed European new apple you know I mean you guys left. In not to far from humanity and life and shopping malls and all that all since she finds herself surrounded by four coyotes and she has the presence of mind. To run to a tree and climb up the tree meanwhile her dogs down and I. Round I knew it I would've taken my dog with me well I mean the truth you know kind of natural that I ring Dodd and jogs. Just don't generally climb trees minerals they got their nature so I don't know what. Did the dot get hurt because dog out of the dog ran off with a dog. I stayed at scare off the coyotes a little bit and then the doctor kind of dog is fine but she's in the treat their cellphone she calls 911. And may come and by the time 911 at least it courting the report I saw the time 91 Ron Paul arrived on the coyotes were gone. But she really had since the presence of mind and kept him I would go out there drop the phone and then he would do right. I don't even know whether I would've been able to get up in the tree noted and shaking probably would have been able to climb tree can answer my question it could be could you actually could I climb a tree I struggled with the wrote I think Jim clack. Make it up at your feet up the street picking my ankles. I'd gone there has been missing arm day for the last couple. The automotive client. And what are your interactions with. Wildlife she is what we're hearing more and more about like lions and tigers and wolves and I know her coyotes turkeys or another one and their their means they'll come matches yeah. We just don't get our garage or one point years ago I dined on that for a while told out story but what have you had interactions with wildlife. You have to be on the country just ask. It's 17931106. And would love to know about what kind of interactions you have with wild animals are not so wild animals and how you managed to escape.