Listener Lauriana Drunk Making Eggs

Tuesday, May 22nd


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How long did it take you realize. I wasn't home when you came in and every light in the house TV on it took me awhile because I went to the entire house says accused no one in their right mind that would leave the house and every single light on the doors unlocked. Air conditioners air conditioners going that we have the window units but the door is wide open that television on the layering in our family around. Everything pots and pans out curling iron plugged in and look not like I'm. And are you there I know nothing and I got a guitar basically unfinished basement she died down there. Every move finally realized her car's not directly she says it beats the (%expletive) beat slept on it can't guarantee beached everything. We we were like that right on we were kids I don't find selective memory I certainly can't remember ever doing. I mean I've got girls about the same age is Israel's and I I don't think I've ever had anything quite that doubt aha definitely come home of the house just. The year I was literally I would not have been surprised if I'd gone upstairs in the bathroom like the faucets were still running or the shower was on that to how much it look like she had been. Kidnapped or something he hasn't well what. Here we did ask you to share your stories that's excellent 79311067. With a suit magic guy who's displays. Or are at. I'm Gloria did you have a child and tell us what you walk into. Well I have you live what might or runner at home yeah my Bob Bennett in Oman. That you are all or. So you're my child this. You're the cat in this story hobble I. Or on what aides. And that I can totally feel like I feel so bad for our office because I started hanging right now it clean up after it and we know we come home dropped get. It right yeah. She always opt in Cuba what do you look at night like I'm I went back with clean kicking right. Kurt kick and it let me. Yeah. On camera normal human. Being hand patently act. I'm hot Arthur stern doubles as a what are you should your mom when she when she lays out on you she says come on guys that clean the kitchen give me a break what do. What it would you did you feel bad huh. I do you feel bad but she believed that I CD. Falls higher she's an 80 are not back that's correct. Oh yeah this week thank you so much for sharing your story. And they didn't do laundry once and a while making it you're not done it without home court. Yeah my first love fresh due to expire. You love them a day when the shoot among McKinley. She own data have. Egg everywhere. To kill.