Listener Weird Lunches

Friday, May 25th


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We all came in and we posted on FaceBook. With no food I don't know if it was because of the end of the week in the food's all gone Haas and nobody shot at home with the three of us came in with scraps of like the last piece of cheese in the bag or one single. What do that and peanut butter crackers is something like that so what do you do. When you don't have food at home and you generally bring your lunch to work you're stuck about anything to eat Heidi cover that hey Ed magic 106 point seven hi who's just. Arab. Stolen. We're staying out. It crunchy peanut butter and a happy about it these gently. Yeah and they did yeah yeah. Yeah I gather like that Bradley backed up you know throughout today and just right out of the dialogue about it wouldn't. Two of course lunch I also heard an errand I did that get you through the day and he did you have to you know one. And. So that you can by the credit if you go and make you feel aren't built of that eating at it isn't broke. Right there's a lot team than they were you eating the peanut butter with a spoon or did you attribute to let mark that one. I thought he dipped the beef jerky in the paper I got Paramount sad looking to see somebody just even plastic spoon out of peanut butter jar but yet it's it's atrocious it. Are there. Were you calling from it and have a great great denigrate weekend the magic will assess. Eight I recorded Friday Shia block all of them 100 today and black all of the way to guard. No said you did do was just eat a lot of I can't. Absolutely monitor group's. I'm not acknowledge that the pitted one there was little hole you can put on your fingers everywhere I'd really great thing. Our audience tonight that. Well you brought them out so I don't talk you guys magical sense. That it's gone all Linda. I am loving note Friday expect. Little girl I know what job I can report that at outlets aren't exactly at looking at what was left of me. Blocker which he used. It. Remark. Almighty god that's so funny I. At they're bad hurt federal court if you'd fitted with us really well today because we have equally ridiculous items. I ever go to work. You kind of hope. That it's somebody's birthday so that there will be cake you know that if it can't somehow top off a hodgepodge of stuff that you grabbed on the way out the door. Exactly or something that big old old they are. Magic what you came with Good Charlotte from or is she playing. How. Does an Obama had with children. She is where she looks. Human and help them you know content people cook. So they whipped up a batch and brought him into Teixeira they just. Brought in for themselves. Broaden and they sell out these bad I don't even know what daddy is. Not creative potential crime people have been climbing out on the day this. It feels like it's just it's like crooked it's like pork fat it's almost like I play all that well yeah yeah. It's a good round stuck. That's connotation Steve really able to have an all the time it wasn't one out. Do you special surprise John matter dating back. Never used in the Tupperware against them guys you sent shock felt I had never.