Tuesday, June 19th


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It is as you noted early on the overnight like I go to bed. Wiped down the owners pull up the second on a command in the right in the morning get up commenced this Mick McCarthy. Super his dad kids were doing some baking or something. Yeah I had a baking sheet with some pizza rolls stuck to it I had buffalo chicken dinner I had spoons with cheese we had buffalo chicken Dick rotting and that she did not even dumped the extra out it was just in the same but the film already and it stunk. We excellent. You're down the rabbit hole of what. Your kids have left in the sink in effect let it innocent by the way that's a bonus because sometimes you gotta go collect and she tabled coffee table because you're under their pillow yeah. Don't hear this thinker in the thing is actually pretty good that we're on to this point imagine. I ate and so glad to listen to you about your children to that but I think your mother gosh. And her mom and oh you are not I can't join us pretty. From the men and they walk in the OR Qaeda wherever they go with it that backpack so fun age that he did that. Essentially it if I have a my keys they can't find out the times. How many children do you have how many kids. I have two I have one at the future of the continent when it's going in that's going to be fresh in September. And there was yeah I was away at college and this is when my kids go away it went away from school I was looking when they came back for some glimmer of hope. That they would like to kind of get it around now and. Now we have talked Wednesday night that on your own for a year but like he's taken kind of utility guy. In no Linda has tickets I had a Guinea pig head Todd. That got into it oh my god bless you wasn't there that they had probably right well guess he's feeling your pain. Misery loves company thank you so much for Colin great thank you mean every morning and thank you think we haven't quite haven't started hearing. Alone and sit too much. Okay magic on 0:6 point 7 good morning who's this place. Early and I really what's going on with those kids yours are they still under footer or what do you what do you think. Well meaning people on OK. One at mount blocked from MacWorld. I'll walk match lulled me into my I chat list. Danger. Or was it cuts. Out the bar and left. And I guidelines project gun runners something like that is there an explanation for what was that what was the story behind it. Yeah. And sometimes it's better not to know yet it's classic eating sort of surely we did that we look that you listen they projected in. Next we'll 6 point 7 good morning business. Is what's going on we got problems with those kids rather on the house national the house when you turn to keep that in order. Well I have often thought why aren't network I have my kid and on occasion. My daughter and now I'm here has multiple innate. And not look at me fine. Once I mean where is. It true. An amendment that they're shooting at what part of our lord is now let fly. You know I I I. Might yet and. All your top where all my good Tupperware has been used it's all on my sink counter it's like don't touch it it's all contained with all different colors of slime and there's a sticky residue do not get off never. He thought I had a lot happening. I. Think yeah Islam. Needs. I don't think the great I walked out of it ought to happen it would happen. Oh yeah I was like I think and it didn't find an like my aluminum. And now. Mind you didn't rain and bite. You're gonna you're gonna take its line for years to come yeah that's going to be in every dish you make they have a great day thanks for checking in we appreciate it. That's that's kind of stuck on food products that didn't occur to me that kids what to do its. Adds. This has definitely struck a chord the phones are lighting up we're gonna take more calls so if you can tell us what you finding your sinker in any strange place in your house. Call us. There has got photos from my. I've got its own 793 Obama and a sense of.