Listeners Call With Animal Encounters

Wednesday, May 16th


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And we wanna go to the phones talk but interactions with animals that you have the wildlife which what's been your interaction. I can't. Eat that apple and counter act on us. We are guys who apparently. On the road. I PV QB. But I get on the other side there aren't a that I look closer here to me. It's how I get a car I look at the day it hit me with that. I well because the BB had a broken leg under. A loan net and certainly. It would it would hurt it they are like number eight. Like pick that I think all right. But it can sit out I. Think that read my lap. And hot. The that. While I like every bit. Please geese can be. And keep the geese are lovely in the park when you got a little bit of bread in your feeding them they beat vicious I've been chased by geeks there. Our I'd they're Sosa. Yeah I. I like talking. And good thing I think I'll. What's been the news that you were trying to reason. You think. That's. I didn't feel so much that I met your name. And then the last the midnight. We are going to debate. And yeah. I think I'll. I'm not a item that everyone did you and cash and it was just great. Was it. Will the Clark with a we're going to the bank. If it's getting there should be ready to get any money. All I. What was it near water like Wii U near any water ponds. They. It's. Area with a lot. Things like that. And it's like why you moved away from Florida. And using it have any can show thanks so much. About that an outlet I I think that the days yeah. Thank thank you today. I think crocodiles in Florida you expect that. But there is in Newton center and coyotes since August that little bit of surprise a lot younger publisher new place with commodore. It's a restaurant we sometimes go to senator. Dare parking in front of it that I don't know if we figure my business in the center right off.