Listeners Discuss Coffee In Class

Wednesday, June 13th


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So apparently now you can drink coffee in high school whatever you want it some morning magic was chris' do and Kendra. I was shocked when she told me that she would bring coffee not just for her daughter but for all of her car are all of her daughter's friends and bring it to the high school like you are some coffee delivery person to act foolishly and ask you a text me and I would somehow. Deliver. And we just let and in the three of us in this room you and candor and myself we rescind I can high school you couldn't have. Anything not even a stick of gum thing may be a top droplet you lightning in a note from your mother our doctor write off Julie do you believe that's. Count and got out art I train my daughter for our work. And apparently some school. Jerry LC all of training and a students are young right you start my toddler got the money off in the nick has become habit ire by him to be like you teach me. That we're really electric rates are you are and that in turn it around thanks for the call. Night. I know what's on your mind. Hey if you weren't and and I have a knee high at the these things. Yeah and that's ID act at a high school I hear. And we've got a laugh at it. This is odd years ago. They could carry any way that we don't lock in that order or it out back and yeah. I was like TSA Iraqi gas and liquid Louisiana. Did you go private school. Hey thanks for the call of take care yeah it might okay what do you what do you think. So I am I'm a sophomore in college and period the whole pot I'd love life and I'd be I think the key is being the viewed it Peter that mom. And you know how lucky you are young ladies. Now if excel lacking right. Me like you you don't like what did play that bad this you're all. I don't know and it makes no earthly sense but I mean when I was in high school you just you couldn't have anything in the classroom like. I when I started drinking coffee like my junior year of high school most my freshman your article. I used to like down at Dunkin' Donuts before I went inside tackles and let you down in the car and and go and can bring in hang up. Why did what what what may wait what why why would you went down on. Let you know it's been so lucky aren't you guys got out. Yeah we're all just say yeah yeah yeah no way we are just a little bit jealous jealous and we're probably also would be jealous of your of your flawless skin you know doubt have as a sophomore in college but you know what. And you'll learn some day what's your name. Hey Alison thanks for calling today coming up in mom's. Well this is an appropriate song and trying to get copies of such case in the water bowl and.