Listeners Weigh In On Bar Soap

Thursday, April 12th


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My world is rocked got in rethinking everything so I'm telling you. I win this battle it's not it's his personal style of what a pleasure to be a battle wiser I got to win superiority. It's a battle and I win everybody liked quest with me on the bar so it will slow. Rings we'll take some calls to society as physical go back to 1952. That we are now for free as soon as the ball is suddenly. Muttered something about ourselves this money came about the most innocent waved. And Kendrick who qualified. Watched you still use bars of soap yet I'm speechless I Philly QB's be dry you know like not cleanly the shower gels that. Pretty and it smells good it's like creamy on your skin and you don't end up with those little slivers of soap now. Well those are annoying so little when it gets down to that tiny little piece that you're it's like stuck to the finish our my granddaughter now because yeah. I'm not an all out. Listen I used both I start with bar soaps like that dialed fresh spring water whatever it is and it's nice it makes your skin exited deep clean it makes it's you smell like. Like screw robbed. Freshly scraps and then use them the perfume he stops 2018 cents I know enjoy similar deals where to go no it's not a magic want us exports and good morning shower gel or so what do you think. But but the president's. She had better. It clean and tell anybody. Because that probably got it all watered down what you might agree I think. You are you calling us on the flip phone yeah. I. Like our team. Is there some advances that you embrace the snow. Machine. Sarah boxer accusing Dietrich clean I don't know let's do one more high imagine what this explicitly bar soap or shower gel. Five were so. Are all the execute it get it in at dinner gala any. Walk state. Kilometer it's like it's 1956. It's not it. Everyday. Adobe daughter needed and just lifts the no if you use it just sucks pure so proud of motorists so. It's a yourself. This is a Twilight Zone that was so yeah not Twilight Zone now bar so it gives you a better clean and make your skin feel battered other stuff just perfumed water down. Absolutely absolutely about the present a great have a great day. Well well it's I think nowadays concluded trip to market basket however to pick up some. Life boy what are those other 310. About let me know we heard of that are not with him I am with him it's like it's another world to me like Irish spring is like my grandparents used that degree rainy felt like what are you talking about. I'm talking about his ouster and here it comes just. Argues that events in seconds of it found that not. I don't know I don't know that I gonna be able to embrace him myself. Everybody out it's just like he'd have to be between us into the wall between us for that time had.