The Living and The Dead...Episode 22: The Walking Dead, Season 8, Episode 100

Sunday, October 22nd

Welcome to MAGIC 106.7’s podcast…The Living and The Dead! Mark Laurence, Morgan Prue, Hish Fayed and Jamie Martel are psyched to have The Walking Dead back on Sunday nights!!! Morgan and Jamie continue to dress as zombies whenever they can, this pic is courtesy of Walker Stalker.


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Dead bodies will continue to be transformed. It into the flesh eating grew. A podcast from magic 106 point seven. Hi welcome to our podcast this is the living and the dead episode what what is of more than you keep track of these things well. Where in the sees anything. Here and it's episode 100 total the locking up I don't know what episode it is for eyes okay I don't care is still excite. We're all excited to mark Lawrence along with he should Jamie Morgan and we're all here to talk about the episode 100. The Walking Dead finally this season has begun. And it's a great episode started off least thoughts of all thank god I'm so happy it's back that off on the says fear is gone and you can just. Now get back to pick it sickens us get here and sucked and act exactly. I give up pocket god and that's. You know like this here a lot smarter than yeah an aside from the fact that we were just so thrilled to have the show back on. Did you like the episode itself. I give it an okay. Hold an OK as lukewarm it was to me that was clapping so I obviously if that's the accountants. I gave a big thumbs up myself and given antsy and a minus Faust agreed at bats and arms I was fairly good and that's definitely a game where you drinking gearing up so. I'm always drinking even an in their degrees probably right now. It was put up. As a direct voice their debt rulings you. His speech now it didn't really mean it nice and yeah I think Adam I feel like the whole time and watching the show now I'm just picking up on all the mistakes that their making. Shooting shall the end. In story line I'll tell you about the speech I'm hard to inspire by. Pep talks like that but that was the biggest and most rousing pep talk I think that we've seen in 100 episodes. Right gritty now. I was laughing at him because of his voice you leave me alone. Sent sneak in coming in here Tuesday for Halloween and you'll have that leadership pants on and climbing on and on god bless that's all good but. That speech between him and then what and then Ezekiel locked in and then he's like you know at my Brothers and sisters. You know and Michael come on my setup. Go to war like what is this speech doing and and Maggie comes in and she's got a reference the economic ethnic at one. Perhaps you're gonna die let's go. I did enjoy the first shot Carroll with their brass knuckles thought that was a cool way to start the show yeah. And and they get to the flowers and Mateen and the clock and Mort what is that all about. And I still don't know it after the episode is over I'm still not sure about the the significance of the flowers and the key. So I think he is standing over two graves wreck that's when his eyes are all play chime in theory and I think. He the name of the show the title of the show is mercy and then you know how they showed him I hit look at he says. My name or seed prevails over my Iran yes and I think two people are going to die in heat again is gonna have is. Big Rick mistakes that he's made in this battle and he's going to be her and when it's over. Is Jamie I had a great while I like what Andy's teary eyes because the other flashbacks we're more alike. They shot of them was brighter and a little bit more are it's fake but when he is McCain and Abraham hair cut. They look like they're kind of like dream mask read those other ones we Ares standing over the graves teary eyed flowers look more real. Blocking it footage I do have to say when it when I think of flowers I think Carol. Look at the dollars that can pick up until either. His don't even hinted that things can happen there. But it's funny that that's sequence I actually thought. But the crying eyes and degrades. Scene was totally different scenes. Because that's not ring yes look I do to them but in their Rick was in crying over the two greats now I think they have something I thought those were Abraham and Glenn and you just thinking of Abraham and land. And that tear yet seen is actually more of flight to mid season finale. Or at the end of this season where you know something's gonna happen but I don't know two new people and I think I thought those were old grace. There's Ross went Hilltop during Alexander. Yeah I just think of him saying you know making reference to mercy. I think we have that like for me as I watch or shall I last look at. Raked in his people as the good guys vs the seniors being the bad guys because I think Rick knows they're kind of bad guys too and so he's struggling with this school. You know good diverse Baghdad in his own hand in what's happening in easy making right decisions. I'm by the way just a quick observation. Went to Judith gets opaque. Where did that come from. I don't know and we had interview with the I've from the Wall Street Journal and he was saying. In the blocking that timeframe that it was a very quick time frame as we wondered why Nike listened shelling still not. She still shelling out but Judith is bigger. And then in the dream sequence or whatever it is like she's models they do disallowed with kids on TV they make them grow up like three years in the few months of the they can act. They can do stuff and she still doesn't look switching. Yes she does she looks my election she Deseret irony that the there I clutch Karl Cilic who watched the time passed. It's like they're real deal. He looks like a girl by the way and let us that's something if you order it looks could correlate. A half ago that here yes that's it's. I didn't like the scene with with Carl and Rick. And stranger tries to have 300 new character is he enemies somebody knew it sounds I think it's possible and I think I I think he was on the up and a. And tonight I mean I don't now I do love Rick just running in it is firing shots in the air like you know like a savage. Mike what you're doing just as they runs in another example of him being like and a good guy I didn't kill on the idea shadow over and I just yet to have a lot of them in Carl's kind of like old brick styling why did you do that starving let's tell them Zelaya a member of our community and. Carl says there's not going to be enough hope there's not enough hope that was that was and then he goes and the shows that he has hope. Later on in the show where he leaves it can't be yeah the guy with the words sorry. And that was something to there was another scene with them are shown as as they go off and he says he wants to be in the battle and he can't be there. And amber shown says you're. You're here to have to defend it this is your show. Adds he's he's like no I'm not that's not my show and she's dolce. So that was an interesting little foreshadowing of stuff that might happen back in Alexandria. During the war oh I think that if Rick's not dare carnal eventually you'll be groomed to take over. Things go well for Alexandria. He'll take over Alex and I think at three kingdoms will stay separate him. I think they'll Wear together. Leon need there space. And I mean eating sequence like in the dream Michelin did not need to know how well you know. And I let my trousers so I yeah break comes up things Gallic way bearden white enemy also died then because she is an Asian she's like not every now. Moon is you know. Iranian currency any direct Kirk but and you did the rays are now lightly walking and talking and writing up by a care Mike OK she's each another late you know ten years. But Michelle seek it. I will reveal something that I've read one of the recaps mad at your ears that it now that the show runner said we will find out. I'd meet season what these flashbacks mean. So there's at and look forward to we don't have to say oh we're gonna be on pins and needles for the next you know two seasons or so like if felt like with glee in under the dumpster. Tomorrow's program. Let's get some stuff done now yeah you know nobody died then of significance this episode right that is true and how does how did they not gaining. Now at right off the bat I was like texting you guys nobody was just picked it all I don't watch it. I like I've had a ruining our UI I was just like why. Why he had about twenty solid minutes issued M why you could say that for so many scenes in the past two when I had the bullet they get the bullet from Eugene. And Rosie dale lynch she had a point blank him. And missed or sold she hit the bat he gets away at these. Right there and I was like oh god here we go lacking that mean you think Hinkle if I. My husband always guarantee its TV channel it and Dario there were very involved huh. It's interesting that we jumped right to that point because I was looking at the clock and it was 28 minutes before they really had a confrontation the rest of it was just build up after the show. And on just build up to the confrontation. And it. I did like seeing the armored vehicles Alina that's all that was all on the scene all there that the RV all variety though Dale's RV that they blew an app I was kind of for a moment like. That's such huge cheers of yeah that they balloon the RV apple of my my that's the death that's the deficit that we the RV. It's just it's good memories. They had inquiries on the student's time Alan oven is on these compact almost the story zombies were part of the storyline that's part of what made this great who's another one Rick's plants that chest. This one actually and fall apart which is a miracle but usually every brick plan might collapses and it seemed. At one point I was like his plan is going to well and then begins like you don't final. And I was like oh my god what's gonna have now and everything's still seemed OK okay well the first thing that begins trump card is is said to run Gregory getting up they're gonna. It Hilltop. Is not widow it's without and then and now lethal type would help stands with an Aggie according to Jesus that was rates mean that was a great lineup like that. Can still like sign nineteen Simon kind Grand Prix has great Gregory gets thrown right over the edge there and that was terrific race there I think. That showed how. Much need in does not now that he pulled Gregory Alley key has no clue. That he holds zero power right and I feel like it also makes it look like. Neat and really doesn't have a plan. And grameen only you know how I feel about neat inch stick like him a little over its Ali's got is that he has this that he'll beat your head in he has by anyone minors but I don't really think he has a solid plan I don't think he super Smart and sell that hit they Gregory mine meet meego and do they have a plan if it does hitting in the trailer Brian Sell it appears it appears he has numbers. Habit I mean you have numbers through fear how long those people gonna stand accused you don't stand. As big is neat it has been in the past like if they see Eric is taking him down those people will run their island mansion wimps if there you know standing behind us and asked all along why these people reality so he loses some of that Alley control. I feel like he could lose people. They like at different Al policy were all attacking at the same time like that different cedar outposts. Thanks as it was pleasant to have OK because it was one of those was like that's not other sanctuary. Right now has has those big antennas on the top and it looks like the original outpost exact countdown seasoned sex right. Well I have one that's that the parts place or whatever that is the arm new that are written there and it is. P.s pays industrial industry and a. Via just one Demetric that was. There that was different from the of warehouse where they were in were they shut out all the windows yes what a waste of violent which was an interest income tax plant shut out windows that'll do it we'll say this to me knowing it's right to make noise about a lock at the walkers and if you didn't have that look like reminiscent of the governor I thought for a bit like they were gonna try and those walkers and guardians and it in there. You know I was I was class I mean at the end. Responding Gabriel and good heart and try to saint eve tries to saint Gregory the drunk and you know then him in the inner track captain. What's wrong zombies around what's wrong with Gabriel. Really I mean he's trying to do the right saying there wasn't it was the right thing but he trying. He was hoping to save a solar. I will tell you a few circled back for a minute. Sneak in did get some kind of anointed one of his lieutenants what's his name on the dealt with the kingdom when he said let's take Gavin. A guy Gavin and set at one point when Rick as you know saying a minute kill you guys. He said let's all take a step back let's all take a time now in needing just turns and looks atom is layers atom. Like you know port and then Rick's starts counting down ten to seven answered shoot yeah. So for a that's. There's a guy trying to get out again. I didn't even have aimed at IE eight and Gavin now was backing down needed him like so he's gonna tooting hiding two things I'd love that happened right around here. Darryl blowing up the zombie in front of ease the zombie walks in front of Somalia being there and they need blows up the thing in this zombie like them right that was great. And then richt pulls out op Polaroid camera. Picture time warp back to the sixties click from 5050. And was it out of I need and hiding. That would realize there I think it was when Nedney being crawled into that little shack or wherever you lose and protect himself and it worked. So. Up and now he's having fun when the father gave. Eagle puke lecture she didn't cancel a favorite island and was outlined a genius. Now did anybody think that Eugene rate here was gonna go back that you can now turn away all right so now Hillary Eugene nine Kia dopey guys this season. I'm not a fan Eugene such a wimp though it's now he could see any any chinks in the artery there for for new economic think he would just turned tail and run right pack. And remember. He helped Sasha with the hill with that whole plan. I don't feel you need to he different appealed poisons that she could die on the ride back to. Alexandria. He now I don't know Pete I'm not a fan she was going to do and thinks now I am. Wasn't wasn't she sings she was gonna kill herself that's what he gave the pill for them to help her kill herself as she dies you know is she cutting killer self be nail in the coffin. And Jean wanna be used to supplies of ploy against wreck so I did have some compassion for the old gang that he was a part government I think you actually could and I think they could accept him back again and actually I don't think that he's necessarily. Teams need and. And right now. I like the white and Johnson team delight at the moment. It hit it solid throw he's he never seemed happy about being party neat is seeing what you mean they tried to escape now let's be honest we hated him up until two episodes ago now he was like most native Americans is not a right soaking me you know we just felt there. We afterward and igniting Gregory now is the most heated up before Gregory Etsy Gerald not none out there like why it was right up there. You know the deacons are mostly now now actually dislike Gregory more than anybody. Mean I kind of I don't mean he I don't dislike amazed I think they understand it. So crazy and again and Gregory system. Act it just to Panama wimp he's awful he doesn't stand for anything. Succeeding him at his own self and you Gina sort of the same way you Justin for anything. Just survival. Did anybody see a preview from next week is like my Tivo cut it off it was like well it's gone on for next week mine to at least I haven't seen any of the heat easterners we were trying to find it on YouTube we couldn't find out where so there's nothing I only saw the one where in the lockers made the moat around the post you know. There was one nice issued through it. Those wanna solid that Carol and Ezekiel after day yen after the traffic guys any to the bomb and knock them all while. But they were fighting a bunch of walkers so they were in trouble but nothing significant was this is a season preview open nothing. Nothing. Getting anything. Was anybody surprised by nobody major dying and it's no link hang out of ten mistake. They got to rebuild it. The fact that they haven't really gone and full force in the battle and that you know that things haven't happened yet I think that's that's a reason to keep a pretty round because you know we. When you went went bad things start to happen that's when somebody's gonna die and apple make it seems that much worse but I don't know I don't they but he. I think them not killing me and obviously doing and killed him in the first episode. But you do now you know an ending it's gonna come back and he's gonna hit them very hard and nick all wreck. I don't know how well I don't I don't know how they came back I now that this is like I have a story line will get me if he comes out with a strong army in this plan and it's like you they were so ill prepared for it to come and doing anything and I can't imagine. They act I just I don't see them having a plan and they should have known after what happened at the season finale with the heat is yours and him you know there's. You're right they should have been baker plan doesn't doesn't islanders on glassy as one and it hasn't happened yet. Garbage patch kids having come back kids don't like those garbage patch it well we'll still law come out again I know they'll be back and we'll see what happens next week I can't wait until the season eight episode two. Number 101 that's coming up. And we'll see you next week to talk about it this is the living and the dead podcast from magical and a six point seven.