The Living and The Dead...Episode 23: The Walking Dead, Season 8, Episode 101

Tuesday, October 31st

Welcome to MAGIC 106.7’s podcast…The Living and The Dead! Mark Laurence, Morgan Prue, Hish Fayed and Jamie Martel recorded this episode on Halloween, Morgan and Jamie dressed up in character, a little Cosplay fun! We are loving this season of The Walking Dead.


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Dead bodies will continue to be transformed. It into the flesh eating grew. Podcast for a match or six point seven our season eight episode two. The Walking Dead the living in the dead it's time for our podcasted as we were doing something very special. Happy Halloween and for Halloween well half of us have dressed up. For the occasion. Do you think you ladies and their allies say us I mean them because it's clearly not in care I have. Am not a lady I and me we're all meet again when I'm actually a throw back today. Carl and I aim car Karl worst mice began. But with Chuck Cook putting. Well on the like spaghetti. Like that Carly can hasn't sheriff had on today in little small but you know I think are good and my three world. Yeah Davey says it's apparent that if it looks good week to be in character because this week the war really began the war against beacon began. And was it was it what you would expect it to be. I mean meat is it again you would you got in the show hope I. Yeah put some high and I think you you forty fin de LP out closer tuchman again I don't think you can even talked this week. Now he had to shut it. Down. All along with the priest and father Gabriel. Am very appropriate that. Well I thought it was a warlike episode because when you go to war everybody thinks they're gonna win and then. Big deal and then it turns out usually that nobody wins. But to get into the Fargo Warren things can go either way and it's like big surprise for everybody. Like when the cars drove up who's driving those cars how did they get the cars does anybody know. Magic the cars with a all the armor. There are nothing. Last week time. They drove in with the cars that are good guys. Now this week the bad guys drove him with the cards. No now I don't think so I'll put it what are we talking about it back and watch the show again we don't know what you know they've built the they've built a shields that Hilltop Villa. And when they where you know getting ready for the first attack. And then they just moved around. They moved on to differ now post after the initial sanctuary attack. Okay old line. You've been drinking my Latinos. And drinking early we don't usually do pistol to not usually here before news bureau in the world. Lap before the first scene I got totally wrong I have to admit that that happens sometimes you know. Yeah I think it with the war you know when Utah yep the bottom lack. I think this week really brought home there is not only at experts here and they're all horrible LA yeah all I'll need it. No no I don't nobody's died in a. No I really don't and Rick I'm sire accuse a stone cold killer he's just as bad as needed without apparent he's just as bad as all of them I think they're all terrible and she's just trying to be good I talk to Cheryl US air plan is still nobody's got it. Nobody's good and I analysts say Tom Teixeira has gone into full on like warm mode yes between her. And also crazy out man made least favorite Morgan. They're both iconic crazy killing spree are now more and it has just flipped 180 degrees and mortar is just an unbelievable. Afternoon get shot wakes up. No it at the outpost at that outlets before the attack where they have double of the lockers and everything. Shaking more and said I can't I didn't and then I was like well without Morgan has shot and it was. No Morgan's not. You can market. I think you don't need in this back and take amount. I started to think where he said I don't died that he would be dead by the end of the episode I need to catch her heated that I. No but when he opened up his eyes did you think for a moment that he might have turned and now I'm worried now that. And then how we walked out to shooting ambulance side back from that yeah. Dirty Harry. I will say I wish he shot mr. rat face at the end of the episode. The one that was done on the killing and yes our high Nash song has a killer Morgan to shoot him. He wants he he'll have his moment revenge a dish best served coal. I agree well we get crazy more again again I think is when he heard recognized and he's like we can't believe my eyes to write yet he has raking his head. What was the flashbacks from when they when Rick was given a speech what episode was that. You're in the episode on me I couldn't do it looks like a pat top bank can figure out which episode was from where Rick was like tearing up the troops you know. To going Paulino but that was the initial attack. The initial idea when he was telling Alexandria how they optical when he killed the saviors initially that's what that's front and more than missing Ono its tiny peaceful. NI anymore. And don't like is no longer precious. Yeah. So don't just like and I don't question went last week when Darryl and to light were doing across floating back and forth and Carrollton and sent tomorrow and then to light sentence something back. Where those old yeah I asked myself am good now and he weakened like polite ladies could. Joint light is dead. When. People no question. I think he'll survive this I think kill Lebanese and a lot more people had to kind of died afford to wait. That would be agreed episode. Like it does that they mention just as I was with Tara and not on cheeses with the stated it treat them yep now. You know hard it is to be your pants actually act alone. But he will be when you. And that Jesus is still that path and so Communist fighting he is one of my favorite cal when she doesn't know and I you got into his head no Jesus wants to believe that people are. They are not good we know that they are that none of the rest of the growing now it won't for humanity. Now is father Gabriel was with Gregory. Coroner on the Internet. Not very well so far right if you Jesus has long to live. Yes unfortunately yeah. I'm not sure I like Anglican ams I help sell again I think those blue eyes and mouth long locks YT piece Tina Maggie and terrorist team wreck so I wonder who's gonna win now and we're stressed it's meant. I'm for that matter. Dismantling. Its source Jesus will be telling me girl I know that no I usually Alex on the road and against moving on my only comes activists and it's. Tara and Jesus the what it would apparently make no you know trying to lead things in two totally different directions. You're kind of reminded me of Morey converse is Carol back in the day when more again had the walls internal wanted to kill the wall definitely more you protect them. That's under Matta yes. Yet again not very good time. Now I question about greasy that baby and family now who's been EDS and what's gonna happen because the seniors are on the way to help him. I would saviors. Babies I would think under any women in saviors other investments went up there are a chaplain here it's not let it stir up a hot. No I was glad we cannot cannot remember that. I have a performance. Hit it I saw agrees unit was again nothing after that. Hit it it. I was thinking when I saw greasy are there any BB zombies you see kids humvees BC kids zombies that are 910 you know for sure. But little babies on its acting that will be cool. Laugh and now think that our economy right now we interviewed with the keys that would never happen. That would be taking part and we'll probably would mean think of the visual one you know Rick having to shoot at EB. That's kind of a little harsh and it's too harsh and that is yeah. Like Carl let's like Karl I think we'll never you know. Die in these dual Enid that's as rough but now Earl Eldridge who was pregnant I was right in Carol's daughter. Yak Carol's daughter those cells and I look at the flat area now. Laurie kind of deserve to know if you know those back and I'm sorry I asked him. Not to digress and this. I loved ricks by the same here. When he strangled him to not I I would not like Italy I mean I do I do it kind of mind now one it was a it was old. Tough but else I found that afterwards does that by the BB. Would belong to think do Rick strangled. And then Rick looking at himself in the all bloodied and everything and then. Couple questions about people shot to air act shot which means you are that was sad tighter it was really sad. And France got chat with Francine and oceans. No trained scenes from Alex in India tells me there for a while Israel has likely oceans actually join us by I didn't think she. Arab remembered there was a scene with her and down Abraham. Where she where Abraham protected her against a bunch of zombies way back on the right is in Alexandria and now she's Alexandria okay China machinist. Which you were shot. And then we also had a zombie victim Mira. Mirrored got beaten a neck and I spent about ten minutes trying to figure who Miro wise you know her anywhere she just appears at beginning of the episode eight years and seemed kind of important and then bang should lose. She seemed like she was honestly yes that's Smart talent. She skills. Pardon me and group choose a leader I requires skills. They get the iron on that put them in aiming to avoid the bullets Tobago. Terror and ethnic and I Tammany and brought them in your mind and the entire shell Ezekiel the city in May get on our I was. Not a part or is that at the bash was always come out of character period. Some Oliver at the same with music and put on the back yes you know that was good energized the people just leaving Carroll is like chat on the inside. As he feels the only one left who is really happy warrior he believes they are gonna win and he's leading the troops fees mr. Potts needs to process. And Steve let me tell she liked least. Now. Scare me scared for a minute but she was terrific. He has a literal I still don't understand how achieve a just knows exactly who'd kill and not to kill ranked by at tiger now but you know let that go for now. Medic and I you know and disbelief and Nina I think Caroline Ezequiel will be getting it on sooner than later. They're directly crashing it's gonna happen see he's got pastime it's gonna happen. We need better. When a series again. Darrell in Jesus only at that's we're past that we know that's gonna happen at some point or or what's his name who got shot Eric's husband got shot right. What if he dies and Eric cook supper Jesus there's only one now. Non an attorney at the sand it's terrible. Now. It. Alice around I was strain that was crazy got to figure who were relatives. How they know we are and you go way back to the very first episode I know just by looking at when he was like I wrecked and I saw our space I was like oh my gosh he all the family that laugh yeah I. For the city editor Rick gave them like a gun and bullets and it was like if you change your mind and it's like is that again. It's like to think that because I absolutely my favorite season and Morales was nothing but a good guy act yes and Elaine yeah. Pool a paragon I is this am assuming they're dead and now he feels that you received by the saviors no pun intended. And he's now T unique and yet and it's just total coincidence city and separate tea with directed that outpost and he's gonna tournament and. I red liquid body feels like he laughed like he wanted to see CDC now. And that's and write everything happened to us when they split up yet a family unit yes I tool. But I I was I had to look up I couldn't place it. And that timeline for additional evidently because it's like well I readings only two years since Rick awoke from home. Is hampering the LA that's what I read I mean Karl looks like he's aged about yeah. I spent years is he asks her a little kid remember when he got shot the first time if you stay up a little kid can't be too she wasn't born and now she's two now now and I finally got Carlton. You know Carly needs like a good EE here's Hannah yeah like a little bowling Alley to teenager you know back and Maggie still isn't shelling saying now seen locking and I generated this and and disbelief. Of this episode there was no Maggie no me shown no car no negro. Don't need and you leave now by an alien oh it a shot that sit down again who again and he'll be back next episode or deacons going to be back for Shania. An extreme close up solved through out of the characters like what's that about what. Is that about I think that's leading to something in the future but I don't know why. Think that's leading premium extreme close ups like they showed their faces the just departments shot of their faces the coast for three seconds each and then another one dollar and Arlene I'm sitting here like rom. I saw those morally dramatic effects from activity are gophers or whatever I was account I NC much and and a not yet but I am now that might be something going on there. Don't know who the episode titled the damned anybody have any theories as to why they called the pan. Zero. Maybe because I'm an episode where it is at gunpoint. Waiting for the same age as Sheila so it's pretty damned in that position you know. That's. The instant access. To opt out districts I have exact pathetic out of that he called us as a I got asked. If she just wanted to share. Calming or other ways that has good ways and rev Wright tonight. Nickname receive a preview for next week's episode and it's stuck in Africa reminds me. I around NASCAR member a ton of that and I remember one scene where. Beyond. Ezekiel and his crew narcotic dumb point and get their hands. Sell very they're in trouble next week. The kingdom the army stuck in the woods and there. Arms are dropped guns are down and their complete and saviors it was too easy shot everything that they were having perceived first episode with the saviors like that was too easy new meat and. I don't day I don't think their second victories bringing their third victory as you know. You know Ezekiel said. That'll speech thing needs to go. Peace is just being normal from like c'mon. I'm the anti aging I think is yourselves I think is gonna be some casualties that the kingdom and it's and I can't be held like you know roses. I do like Errol the girl that shoots the ad aaron's tip she's cool and I'll effective there. Should be good next week will be looking forward to and we'll see you next week with the living and the dead.