The Living and The Dead...Episode 24: The Walking Dead, Season 8, Episode 102

Monday, November 6th

Welcome to MAGIC 106.7’s podcast…The Living and The Dead! Mark Laurence, Morgan Prue and Hish Fayed talk about the new episode and some very serious deaths, plus some disagreements between main characters. Spoiler Alerts, and when is Negan coming back!


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Dead bodies will continue to be transformed. It into the flesh eating grew. A podcast from magic 106 point seven. Welcome to the living and did a mark Lawrence Morgan here he is here Jamie is off. Or suffer the mouse. Mickey Mouse were given a way trips on our website anywhere up to episode three of season eight the Walking Dead here to talk about. What happened this will start with what happened last week it was a big attack on the cedar outpost some of the people surrendered and they Morales shows up and starts to confront. Rick which is really interesting development because he was and what the first episode of the first season. Yeah he was way back in the day we're all digging back into the walking did history to see. Would happen to him and then pulled. I can be and spoiler alert he's been a hasn't really dramatic comeback came with lasted media. Three minutes. Four men sit men delta took a one. But he particular kind of a rousing speech start on his way out where he. Accuses Rick of being no greater than him in fact may be and no better than Egan the acts capsule facts. Worse than him and your Europe and on that side too on nick Morales has a very good point in New Orleans and the key said it best you know not work word but he. Said the two were just like each other during your just like me again here trying to do what ever you can to keep moving her you've pretty much stay alive. And that's exactly what Rick is doing. Armed you know needing just a tad more in me a book. Rick is trying to do it every can stay alive like Morales as you know clearly he need insult me in because he feels he can stay alive. Even though he did say that needed did not want Rick kilt which if I was him to stay earth. The what the widow Maggie right lord the king loop we advice thanks. We'd like to think of Rick as being a fundamentally better person the deacons we'd like to think at that and Rick. Every week keeps showing that he's. The baby he's not. And but I think that the future of the show really hangs on Rick being a better person ratings morality yet she doesn't have right now know. Now you know and neither does Darryl. Darryl is crossed over into the dark thoughts and then Morgan are into the dark side even. When Rick when you know Daryl comes up from behind and antiques Morales. And then Rick's cui did you know Rick tries to stop him one point. And music did you know what that was and generals like Yelp. Dear Richard Jennings that error was involved in this week and that was. That was a bad one I thought the leader romo's worst one yet when that guy tells them that the guns. Are to be located they've relocated to somewhere else he's getting up and he's giving up he's spilling the beans he's telling Rick what he wants to know and and Daryl comes along and just shoots. Why my Linda against mean we've probably talked about this before but when did. It's funny Darryl such an interest in character because in the beginning even from back a couple of seasons ago in the first cut down Zander. Darryl is all about saving people and bringing them in June trying to spare people and then the whole meat and thing happened. And you know everything after last season he's now he's just offer event she's. Cold blooded killer doesn't care I'd like to when things are going for Rick or for pero. And this episode we heard that the last several episodes this season all are you trying to say that one of bricks plans is falling apart again. Sure think. Ricky Rick is coming up with a plan that's falling apart maybe that's why everybody wants Maggie in charge. I'm concerned and wonder if that's a good idea can't let those saviors into the health pop. It's personal we're gonna get there and Gregory MI and all but Sheila Gregory isn't. Well she's an idea that was do that is ridiculous that was it she doesn't want the saviors in which you like Gregory in there. So she makes its teaching job once his fingers in the forget Arnold and she did I thought she pushed back against G Jesus where they gonna put them what they're a threat to the power. Oh that's right you like Eagles let them in the trailers look on the stand guard until it's all over I was thinking mission critical and. Like him and can reduce reliance for a second how Boeing Gregory got back to the health top and then it comes out deadly key eat some little kids pancakes. I. And there's no random he's trying to talk a blow when Maggie is calling him up for betraying the Hilltop. And then she's a key went there to picture and yes you know forget that guy's name it so once elect you daring came back and Greg is that's not what happened. And then you know his driver comes out from behind the fountains at what Saab row. I thought yeah they're thinking not eager pancakes I did like watching Gregory standing outside the world begging for his life begging Caribbean. He's such a weasel anyway but to make him. Forced into actually. Pricy that's lady is this more of a pricy than any girl on unchallenged saudis really can't take his past it. Yeah I did machine and did I wish messes it swung at them I will say that unless you get slalom she hit him. We're just don't let me but this obviously on them apart when she was telling him she was like. That's keep real scar where's the whole I don't know what that is also. God that he so much. At him like he he's one. Timmy I think he's one of the worst and it to me similarly Gregory's worse than median and worse than risk. He says he can see so slimy don't know what he's gonna do light now. At least you know where you stand with sneak in a very high this week and he's about nonsense all right episode worth Terry and now. I know where the garbage appeal of the garbage patch kids they're coming up I'm sure they're coming up I'm sure in Yankee Israel are coming Obama. Think a lot of they have to answer a lot of questions from this episode to. But he comeback it didn't they have something to do with the weapons with telling them where the weapons were and now they don't know where the weapons the weapons weren't an none of the outposts in until you know. None of these things have shown the way to the garbage patch people up. Describe to you that's treatise is may be in trouble who DGK Christine just that told trek. Where they where reliever Leo and it. Jesus he would like every detainee comes up with a terrible but I really trusting Jesus moment. Acquire just think anything she says Israel. And I thought about the fight by the way with Morgan into eyes and really wanna talk about their history going back and forth in this episode I wanna go back a little bit to where they're leading the the gang into that towards the that Hilltop yaks and Jesus and Morgan did in to a peak. Battle over. And Jesus is so calm when he fights. He's going he's on the side of the piece of land and genius are effect jesus' perfect except for wanting to save the saviors. Now as a you know karate Taekwondo expert who has the breakdown what did you think of the fight I think Jesus has way more training working just has the stack he's effective with a stick them. Jesus I mean he's backpacks and and you think back to the day when he first met him and they sent him on the cheese and everything like that. Can the guy can fight. And yet such a pacifist he doesn't particularly but he couldn't but the Marco ready you fight because you don't have to you you learn to fight scene never have to. That is the philosophy look behind there. Until some guys in baseball back comes up in eighteen and had dean knocks you out. Yeah I I think that philosophy needs to go away like soon I think Jesus and Jesus is of little too high and mighty I'm a little bet yes you know trying too hard deceive all of these bad guys issued at least can. Killed a dude who killed Benjamin. All little Red Hat yet they should anything else that as that guy with a long here who kept tightening that's the one mentioned wintertime yet exactly I don't know his name he's not worthy of the name. Q now he's I think he's gonna dad what this season's over there's a purity it kind of hit it keys deftly ago. But the yet to Jesus Morgan dynamic and sunny every time I watch it go I go back to the girl Carol. And Morgan dying in a mini five over the wall. And it's just funny how everything changed. Everything that Morgan is totally crossed over and he's just as bad as crazy now for at least perils ahead is on straight Morgan's gone crazy again he's hearing voices and seeing stuff and flashbacks now. Down and he said at one point I can't take this and when you walks off into the woods I'm thinking we'd be eastern go back to become a recluse again because it. Pete could I don't really see that happening put it's possible. Can we talk about the other CNET that he screws that are off touched by look at then his ear all feel. And you know and Eric goes off and you know walker now when you see them play on the tree. And marry me you can't I will each have to do that for Aaron and Aaron left him to go finish the hike is Eric told them to enough when Aaron was gone he. Turned. And and then walked away I do think they. Drag that it's on a little bit much to you that sealed motion and no I. Yeah I felt. Bad for Erin and I thought well first of all I thought that Eric was pretty much did the first time around and as I found out later in the comic book he does direct way. He did it doesn't get drawn out. Erin home that was tactics have back to pick him up in the talking dead after I think the you know they have to build it up so then you know it explains why in dies Aaron is now you know. I'm self that they need it's a big. All because I was wondering what's gonna happen Gracie and then when break brings amount parents like call taker I was in this touching that was touching and there's a whole there's still yeah life following the death sentence there's there's something highlights that I do like I do like Karen I think I'm. I like Alec and I think he's grown I mean he should excuse kind of week. I think this morning you think he's he's gonna stick around and one other interesting thing about the solar cars that I picked up from talking to it. Eric had the opportunity. After the first. Deaths while it's under the tree he had the opportunity to take the rest of the day off for me could be they were gonna use a standard for him with that far away on. The one thinks outplayed keyword into it right. Distant typical walking to fashion Aaron should have stabbed American head. Until the mafia like him all the talk. Like when Darryl had to kill moral food and then when you know Rick killed but that was detriment I mean when am Carlin as mother Carlin his mother and I have to Spanish loved ones seat don't let them walk around the earth like nothing right you know even Andrea with Michelle if you shot herself but still you know they. It was I thought I was expecting the walker to attack Aaron Aaron it's that perhaps this will have consequences then in the future of letting him golf we could see Iraq as a zombie and small damage can be done and buying kill Gracie. How come no holes well like I cash apps. I said they would never happy decently diagnosing and that would have died that would be as it's going to be depressed that rate there's your perfect recipe. Well I also thought it BM like I was like looking at the kingdom gently Carol Carol sent to the planner Carol should be in charge of the whole world all Carol for president. But that whole scene at BM IB I that they were free and it's not like everybody's data and they're all accounted for moon and the CD's just fire upon. You know we start the episode with so watch out optimism from Ezekiel he's the one giving a pep talk candidates O eight over the topic was just way too Gingrich. But no one will die and at the end it almost looks like that. Comes true and he's sort of celebrating the fact that no one is dated and bank shot rings out is anywhere else in Lakewood love Ezekiel to just stop. But this beaches and stop with like you know the whole. I don't know what how he just knowing that the idea that he is I don't mind him being an optimist but he's too much weight too far. I don't think he's going to be an optimist comes the next episode that's where assets. But I mean Arafat wants out of previews I area so just watching they are in for some trouble connect I mean Verity arc is a bunch of them died. A bunch of them jumped on top of Ezekiel to protect him and yen which I actually had to. Watch a second time to notice I didn't see that before a candy at all there's like three of them they jumped on top of them to protect him from the gunshots. And I then Carroll had one inside it. Now here's the thing about Carol too like so next week. You know she and looks like she's in the saviors compound and she has a gun that then another scene looks like they got the guns on her in she's been taken hostage or are up. It looks like she's been taken hostage which that's not always the way it works out sometimes they haven't seen and it looks like something's gonna happen and and it doesn't. But she is in jeopardy for sure not all of them while patients on the first century adamant taken hostage by the saviors. Remember when Aaron MacKey got taken hos yep on the personal she played the game and the two of them you know burns people alive and killed a pregnant lady and step two other ladies and they survived so and perilous pretending you know with the crimes and you know accused pretending to be so PMP. Oh I don't know I think still no doubt that that was a starter for lake mental breakdown. Was like losers like hyperventilating. And holding the crops and all I thought that was enact policy I thought that was to be gaining a first sort of dislike her Carroll's cookies I thought it was. Then I actually now that's the girl in law is Carol scoffed at. And you know going up to the guy that was being his wife with a knife and casserole and seeing you know. Yeah you know can go ahead and attack me I'll kill you when no one will believe you. Like I love you love her all the business was Merck a little smile on her face that makes you think that in mayors are really nice person with. This is behind that. It's a killer. So what we'll see what happens next week we're ready for next week already. The living and the dead thanks for listening.