The Living and The Dead...Episode 25: The Walking Dead, Season 8, Episode 103

Tuesday, November 14th

Welcome to MAGIC 106.7’s podcast…The Living and The Dead! Mark Laurence, Morgan Prue and Hish Fayed talk about the new episode (Morgan is upset about Sheva and The Kingdom, Hish is in love with Carol as we all are) but we're all in agreement this was a good episode!


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Dead bodies will continue to be transformed. It into the flesh eating grew. A podcast from magic 106 point seven. Welcome once again to the living and the dead where to seek episode for season eight. I'm mark or tomorrow. Jamie he should Roth here to talk about our favorite TV show is it's still a favorite TV show yes yes. And a yes I heard the ratings were way. The readings are damn damn damn enacted just might have been the lowest one in five years as a at this this episode. Re yulia. I think this sets that would approximate it back but they don't know what's gonna happen in advance so what's happened as the previous episodes have been driving each one day week by week the people are not happy with the way season is going on surprise actually like seasoning itself are we to. Now that's weird. Meet it's just a strange way to but the audience reacting to a last week we were wondering what was going on with the Polaroid's we still haven't really found anything new there were no pole awards this week no they did you have a like them. A theory on matters something there something you were saying about the outer. We're gonna find out what Rick it's up to Q there's something going on Patrick is taking these people it's four and median in the stadium's capacity crawler rights. They reject it really nasty things. But not. Those kind of nasty things that's fine now she only had you always gone there I'm not calling and saying like and bashed it. What is does anybody even remember anything Rick is taking action. He took a picture of me in when he was crawling on the ground. He did in the first episode when you're shooting at. But that's about it at that he took pictures some of the mayhem with saviors yeah I am of the essays ears yeah. So documenting something after he took friend after he shot the baby's. Father I think he took a Polaroid of some remember that you just rumor people dead or something it's a little Boston Cambridge connection. As pro boards were made here they own critic here and he made the cameras here. And that's random. I brought a lot of times pulled it because they're accurate notes although Marcus the king of random facts. Thank you very much knows everything we have won last week about Erica why he stuck around. To market all made up he felt so strongly about his character in the show that on his last episode he wanted to step program. And yet made up so he could be stumbling off in the distance and no one would really whether we timbers stated that he was there that's touching yet please. This week. The king is alive Ezekiel is alive for another pep talk candidly it's probably the last pep talkies but I think that the oh spoilers. I I don't mean to say that last talk the deliberative but the last enthusiastic pep talk I'm smile and time. Kind of thing well there's a. Only three I mean. Him junior you. And Errol are the only ones that survived and I just have to say in a minute trying not to cry and it. I am so upset about Shiva. And I know it's only a CGI tiger but my god did I ever cried with crying for like ten minutes very rarely he and then they went in and hugged my cat Kiki because I was like home like god. Yeah there's the connection did you see after I hit him she sacrificed herself on its chief are you sure she does a girl. Somebody mentioned achieve a it was a girl that they unit that I'd want to check stereotyping and name I actually don't know okay. And our machine she seem like oh are all that would want to defend her Kane she's a former girl. Exactly what you got eaten by those toxic wastes on the nearly ripped apart until. Thought held up so what right does they never actually showed what happened and I think maybe it's like when maybe she's not really did I don't know but she's really did. It's and that was the saddest death of this whole show. And day we will not know why don't our ranks you know I found. Maybe because I'm I'm on the not a cat lover and the little boy gave them on the flowers she put in Thailand they showed her dead and she had that ours is like. We. Don't do that. And I think I didn't message and attachment ninety died because the CGI would spell horrible which she jumped down into the crowd is on these that it was painful to watch. So I hate us they gave it away at nine and one of the previews are. Currently on Tuesday showed Cheever surrounded by Walker's. I was like OK when used to seeing and ask you ready for it yes snow and and it started like piecing it together when they got into the swamp them like yet she's gonna die right now can about a minute. Sell. I had to ZQ yeah in the is eakins can be smiling anymore having the accidents gone and think he's wealth gone gone from. He should okay and I mean he's began looking into a trap. I didn't cars they wouldn't play him he was being tortured so much in this episode that I knew he was going to survive. People who were tortured that much they tend to survive people who have a pretty easy life. You know after that is up after the attacks in the once the Q what about that nerd thing captured them. When he made an anti hero usually Jeffrey Dahmer like he'll. You said I just bashed a movie about Jeffrey Dahmer and that's what made me think right away those glasses a girls' classes classes like that. You should get some warn and we could call you serial Cadillac. Just in time for us to go to the new building yes this is my serial killer music to check out and I didn't like seeing it chopped in half. I was on yeah yeah. I was that was Corey is we didn't know where Jerry was Jerry was alive or dead man cherry. It's scary I love what you would get an early on he said something to do kind of like thanks for being such a penalty kill and that was at night. Well life that's real life. The Terry Hester realized that the kingdom is no more I know but I think should that. You know him playing king like that made things are lighter for a loop you know it's kind of fun game and now it's late excelled in and Rick comes along with the crazy apple and and look what happens and they have like Rick everywhere rig goes it's just insanity takes over in me and takes over. Which is why he's no he's no better than Egan he's horrible. We talk about Carol now I'm I've been holding myself back to actually get to command that care ultraviolet light and allies. Each man he she's gonna be so excite me as art because she is pretty look bad ass and start this thing yet in the. Well in the first part where she's in the pre didn't like she's lost eight years outpost and that's where the guns are in the ceiling in the ceiling and she saw him. I'm like come on and Carol. Connie can not love her Maury can never count her out. And then when she plays deport me actively innocent you know or it can move like it's just me I don't wanna heard anyone. But then she's human sheet leaves attracting goes to CDC queuing area at one point Assange at the door is CP all rosy she deserves to be the queen but it did not seem to turn out that we we thought it would with a preview. We want that she was she was captured yet. Didn't turn out there where. She plays an awfully sick all cam all done on a when issued any line. And then she just turns around and puts the knife you know to the guys snack aisles like off she's my Smart cookie public ethnic RO. ST she's like she's that was a Gannett so far she needed us a great while. It was a good episode for hurt it was a it was a good bad episode for Ezekiel. Again I think he's he's broke and lesbian like the governor a what happened and went his whole town went you know. He just hit. Just can't think ZQ on the freeways the governor mean nominees line nicer but you know he's a leader and Rick destroyed his city and you know and they go home and as you know I'm Purdue which goes to get a cart chase scene. Well I like I like Mike Carroll looking out when I was like key for what is gate for now and then I realized Al was whereas on these were and that's where it king and Gerry work. That she let them get away with the guns but I kind of like the car seen him with Darrel Owens with Darren red lake. Now when you get when his bike got dumped I thought he was badly hurt but the next team received just sort he and iron again and then Greek lake leaves off and there's Darrell right behind Boone. Hamas and I love dad treated like guests. Now I think as those CCI am's side it's like the you know Carroll's plight got shot and it could've sworn as a bullet in the tire. And then afterwards you just comes up from behind in my criticism video game unlike. Ana I don't know so any time that Darrell and reeks seemed to have those chase scenes like they did sweet Jesus along time ago when they first met him. It is kinda cheesy name and that's what they're bound for now. Now I missed something when I was watching this meat you can help me out or maybe not. It's in a hotel so it could re wind and watch that one look at the at the end of the episode they say we got the guns how'd they get the guns. Because there are in the back of the truck. The two dues at that escape that Carol let escape basically that's who they were chasing those two seniors that have been guns they had gone. I loved it when Rick okay it was a little Indiana Jones or whatever when he pumped in the other truck coming yes Somalis like yes. Now they get big bill he just everything you have nine are perfectly Q right. Karo lite and they got away with against mode no hay day actually comes breaking into our all and my husband gets mad at me because it's ridiculous to television channel. But he's a cop and he was everytime he watches his big thing is bullets go through cars. Yeah he's as bullets cars do not stop bullets at every time they fight I'll be containment. Which that it suspend his happy anyway. Rick was like found in the bushes after like rolling the track that you use are likely like we felt we get again yeah. Let me get back on the motorcycle if you read it than that. Yes exactly and as an athletic team in watching all this mean this is all going to go to hell all of it. But district's plans never work out. Any terrible and now like Alec I alien that promo for next week we see me in again and light looks like he's some. And delights in some trouble there. What's the guys name what's the psychics name felony don't want those transit and anger mile yes what's his name like Ken and you can and can't harassment Holland. I Gregory pushed off the ledge in the first so. He's always go to via the Hilltop Simon's so I men like ten meet him like Saturdays panic and yes. He's like he gains Darrel yeah. By the way it looks like he got caught like or someone's like they're like someone needs someone in this room. Is helping wreck and then bailed Katula. Welcome seizing on any connection and a little bit what's is name and other key key genes also there to move position I figured it can and he didn't start him. Eugene spin on vacation with meek and it has been like nothing out of the picture for eating pickles 34 episodes while since the first episode that's about it. I had the feeling that although there were a lot of debts in the end of the kingdom. Things didn't really progress watch this week. They are still they've got our guns they've got the guns that's that's another step in the that part of the war is done so they're gonna regroup now feel you think so look how many how the system. It's taken out about what two or three outpost now altogether. You know say guess I maybe that's just part of you know where it stops. Now they've taken out a couple of outposts they have guns. And now media Encino. Gas they keep real in a trailer could look at and then looks like they're surrounded by zombies yet. Interest had gone that room begins in trouble. No me and many other Gabriel has needs to do some praying he isn't thinking it's gonna kill. I think he's he's he's going to next ago I'm OK with that. I can't meet CEO today knowing that their own idea Linkedin and OK we're losing him he's the heat it I don't trust I don't care. Left him I beat him tracked down after Steve has gone my life is just I don't know how to feel so. I have a feeling next week's going to be good on me to. So if you give an on the show and you haven't watched last couple episodes you're like a lot of people. Watch next week it's probably going to be a good one off stupid Gregory's back next week I'll show and put deacons back. Yeah. And Rick will be more important next week I think. Vietnamese theatrics more porn that means someone's gonna back here. You know I am I'm honestly leading to skewing need to dust Alexandria. Until almost get back for reacted to the sanctuary at that that's what's about to happen extinction Alexander he's gonna get like. Tact full on went sneaking gets out of that trailer which we on the he's gonna get out yeah. Somehow there'll gonna get used to that a character to being killed off so easily. And then you have or parliament shown still back in Alexandria not knowing what they're holding ground four. And they've done a fine job because Alexandria has been destroyed. Not yet exactly and we teach. Are we'll see what happens next week and will be back next week with a another episode of the living and the dead.