The Living and The Dead...Episode 27: The Walking Dead, Season 8, Episode 106

Tuesday, December 5th

Welcome to MAGIC 106.7’s podcast…The Living and The Dead! Mark Laurence, Morgan Prue, Hish Fayed and Jamie Martel are sad the end of the season is coming, and give their predictions for the mid-season finale next week!


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Dead bodies will continue to be transformed. It into the flesh eating grew. A podcast from magic 106 point seven. Welcome to. This thing and did match point six points of its podcast about the Walking Dead on my clearance along with everybody here today Jamie and mortgage and he should Everett and we're gonna talk about two episodes. Because last week. We kind of took the week. With Thanksgiving we were very busy very busy and them we had to endure. 34 day weekend that was off far. He has a way to shore which wrapped up with another episode of the Walking Dead I'm having a hard time remembering among remiss though. The one that we missed is as just it's scary you. Was Rezko. And I was abandoned. That was bad public if not ask them what they have now got a little bit in the back story GAAP who cares. And I only did he yeah as I missed that city and even is my boyfriend. I remember just like you like naked jade is from this week's festival I like unique and. We'll get to my daughter. By the way I got to go to the dark side. I'll remember is that he cheated on his wife he mentioned that he was quick the abusers yeah I and he didn't putter down has continued in his ways. But so what else happened. Stuff with Gregory. Yep I'm father Gabriel colonel I had to hit the heart to heart conversation with by the Gabriel right. Meet in the meantime. We'd be Kenya brother Gabriel and me in and deacon Eric Wright had. Gregory doesn't know how to have a heart to heart with anyone has and I pray he tried in the Maggie put him in his place. And now and it's gonna end to welfare and well and that was the part to Wear light. You know need and said that was the episode where. He also said you know because they were going all crazy hours and Egan roars and Aegon. And they realize there's a rat in the mist and everything like that but nobody knows who it is and then in comes sneak. Covered inside and I think everybody meals as they appropriately ship. Need given Simon aren't as cool as. I thought they Wear no ruling eating pattern was ripping him before everything started in telling do we wanna go back to the way things used to be and I thought they were like best buddies clearly not a there was a lot of dissension in that room and him and I was wondering what Eugene was even doing there he's just wired hello elevated to that high position of sitting at the big table. He's Smart when he doesn't think doing. He plays well. Now you know what else happened in this episode that I loved well father Gabriel confessed that he has blocked those people out of the church which we assume it was never said. And Woodruff. And father Gabriel by the time but he and like he was in bad shape like it'll get better something. I really go back to him this week they didn't say I figured he got there and that's why he was burning up and sweaty. And it was just you know transitioning and one other thing happened in that episode not this last week's. But the week before. Helicopter that was yeah. That was the oddest thing and then nothing about it. This last week going on. I thought they were gonna resolve that are sure that hint they deal all the rich in Darryl flea district derelict let you browse the and life hey Blake beat the (%expletive) out of reach until I read it germs now and then it just like okay I'm beginning you're item and motorcycle. I'll just walk and hit the CNN. That at all. Color was Darrell schools to go with direct. To know Rick was this to go somewhere else I don't know what global plan yeah anybody know what the planet. Fight just as that was terrible the whole concept that was weird and then of course. That truck happens to blow law went all the dynamic okay this move on like this is dom. Clearly whirring and heard each other that bad when Jamie falling asleep between so she's not really into. That episode and almost knocked me it is the first one from two weeks ago. I could care less about any games back story Aaron with a leading with a Mohawk is apparently she's a general. The windows in the room in the paranormal hockey is now. Simon looked weak and what's his name. The one we don't like that with the face the burned face is pretty quiet I like all right I like to Dwight some ice I like him more than Eugene at the moment we. The terrorist wants to kill delight. Barrels over and I think Terrell Owens to kill you know like I am getting to the Woodrow trust to. I think he'll adjust accordingly Jeanne. But yeah Jesus name Jesus now we're trusting him but I think he's gonna come back and it will love him again now. I'm gonna bring you some pickles how some are not pickle. Don't really want your pickles did thanks for a hooker. Now we're even leave Eugene island this last episode you ease you don't know which way he's gonna go a little move clearly you know as the white had something to do with that he put that together and I easy ankle knee injuries he can. Go back door cold with Dwight and Al pinot. Breck and Rex an idiot when. And doing honey I guess to reliance out. So at least now we know why he took those Polaroid was yeah bring him to jade is in the heat to dry why ever try to work with them and just cam going by himself. Terrible decisions and what we can say about data is being naked. So I'm downstairs. Elf on the shelf. And Ollie again it's just like I would. Low taxed or something because I'm a few minutes Lee on the episode and they let it it's just like it is out it. Oh look like the and yup it. She's wearing like it and dirty brown apron I've it was every man three and haven't naked Garmin print it up Angus. And she gets dressed for the conversation with. Yeah so Mike's old she got dressed for wreck and there was someone else that was negative written technique at the end of the unedited and you'd walk by and it was. Think curry new public it is currently there in the richest why would he go back there I don't know terrible as part of the plan that we don't know about. He's otherwise bright and put the plan B. -- seen those notes and notes that were being passed to ram we didn't throw. They've been notes nobody is looking at the note and eventually gave them the plane takes effect is what Rick said in holidays to plan takes effect and and Rick ends up in a dumpster. How can that help the plane go forward to know he got kotsay he struck prisoner. And he got caught on purpose it seems like such a dumb move it did seem like deer caught on purpose if this is what Myanmar. Think yeah. Yeah I got last episode in the whole time like how we talk about richt makes horrible decisions now why he'd either. But if you really look at it that he's trying to beat light. Karl's out with that. Is it he says eat that night listening to his father. And is Darryl and Tara who are out doing their own thing now shown in receipt to have taken out an air on the thing and Enid is gonna up it aired any concerts. Everywhere it's just running around it's like the bad horror movie cliche but I let's split up and go into the woods right but nobody following right exactly I missed all where Xena and going and missed that are said to finish this I think yeah parent whatever the plan is Carriker Aaron Aaron -- Eric's when that guy in the hands of their own that change so there are going backwards sanctuary which is thirty surrounded by Walker's -- did nothing before we get. Some of the pulled it's I did love the line we're jays looks at those. You talk too much that was great. Yeah Amy's like texting us yup. But now this after this episode I felt kind of bad Eric is shifts leading people who just anymore. Now rising it's at its of that plan like this it's gonna collapse care beacons that something's gonna happen where it's all just pinnacle. To share where everyone from and somehow I feel. It's heating and you Rick Rick's group are gonna somehow lead. All the walkers from the sanctuary backed Alexander. Like Rick's about a losing hand I don't know how it's gonna happen unnecessarily but I feel like they're gonna do something really dumb and all of those walkers or is gonna literally turn around. And go right to Alexandria and centuries ago lousy easing. As any self conflict at least that lady with a truck didn't you know. Get way. But the singing when they've got. Doing receipt and shown that they really lost their heads like me. They were not good with their high speed Israel thing is Ian she fired. A lot of luck there aren't sure yet there must warn that she lost her gun lake and was shown should have been able to be shown you know. Why is severely beaten him. Yeah totally shot look I can't believe you haven't talked about Caro yet I'm way humans little brother. Younger. Like class I mean today. And as such it's some kids cookies she gives him a gun and an excellent first she called him stupid. And it after you know he says I wanna fight from British is that when you don't that's stupid sticks to when he does that and. Hello. Man. And then when she's talking Ezekiel. Speak in his acts but you've got to give this to Henry he's the one person in the kingdom that's got any we'll fight and a point. He's from what she's gonna leeches and end up leading Nat king yes and I think it's playing that Ezekiel. I that is in a week cup after the tock and it OK you know he's down I loved that talk though because attempt she just wanted to be left alone and he kept coming to make sure she was OK in other words. Ezekiel and many keep coming until Euro cages like heated with me and they don't talked about playing always playing apart like they're just playing the part for everybody else. Violent than it was like dad there and I'll letter she likes him yeah and you can see how home or did you get in Jamie Lauren did you cry. No irony aside Z steel holding out the tigers change came over with San. I'm still so upset about Shiva hmm and not toll. You know crap on the show how does he deal to get here how it is easy to look at the changes. You know the chain was obviously on Sheba and charity you know maybe she had a traveling chain and hold a chance next about the change that's changed in this state yeah. Month. A touchy touchy need one. Touches a trained. And I telegraphed tonight I I think he only held there by her. Or she was in a cage. On now it can't pick on Shiva I'll those Carroll looks at like little eleven year old actress to. Gone for a she didn't have a sheet and kids at all but that is when they are in the prison yeah and then I mean she'd taught the little girls and is the ninth now. We have mentioned the scariest zombie. Part of the week with them with Karl on. Holly and tact and I don't know how we got out of I don't know how either of them got out of it is it's like gear you were right there yeah journey is Kenny who don't want topical and he just he reaches for his gun and somehow. Now there is some speculation so on the Internet the hole and you believe everything that I don't but I ordered out for discussion here OK there is speculation Karl actually has been beaten. And they hide and that next week or leader Robert conceive that you actually mean. He took siddiqui of kilt that's a big spoiler alert there would be. I mean not spoiling and because I don't know I have no idea but all terrorists to get angry and mean. Speculation you wouldn't wanna go down and you Rhode you can buy a net about it that anything in the world back. We we dare someone to bring up till. How vicious as Maggie. I don't know she seems Shani Davis I slums I love love their loved it she turned around the whole walls a wolf amongst the sheet they meet with Gregory I love that and that and she term. Blame a lot of those seniors. I didn't realize there were that many and it just tied by a rope Blake and he is watching and I'm glad they put them in Japan. Thank you like eleven months for Anaheim so's you know. Tasks. That CNET babies as students and African. Athletic guy I like it's not gonna have to be as just I don't know what's going on but. I'll say Gregory getting hit in the head it was great when you Nike tried not to go in the jail he broke out and it was embarrassing for. The. And within that rat faced dude I know he's. He can't just with the hair like every analyst out and they tried sneaking now. But the one there is a good savior though the wind and I come into Iraq out of his hand you don't even know home. Need unity Jesus Beacon Hill now call to. Yours before I don't like me and I'm what I didn't dress on Halloween for knee and sneak in for nothing but right now I am. To respect him but you don't have to love and. I think it's beep would be lost without and they were proof they prove that it's okay Simons a terrible it was gonna be Ruble. It's not science terrible horror and in the white anything anymore oh liter I and it was a very creepy and this is backed an episode seat those types of five when he east of Delhi. And unique and how odd for you need. Any Gabriel there like kind of priests in the skies horrible. That was like it as a good thing. Act and act to Gabrielle Gabriel forgave him I honesty and the fact about the and that episode saying he's as. Yet and Eugene has begin to get you to dock two point now which is really from eat a group of that was it I loved I was a currency that's his purpose yeah there to help the doctor escape. Now at the end of this episode the newest episode. Status. Is looking at Rick in the dumpster or and then she draws and and me over the bullet hole is that what that does that mean. You look somewhere in the interim I do not because I don't know. It. Don't know what that means actually I had no I forgot about that yet that's that's weird this rally to rodent far. Alexandria. Could it be maybe they have more community of more than one prisoner aren't we don't know yet and that's an act Alexandria and then there's a Hilltop with each and then there's okay. Yeah how many of those letters and they are you know we have them but they wanted me to wants the story the story alive the three leaders alive. Who minister of wonder and status. Sleep with neat that she's under his town now I actually think Meehan has more class. How you know when you may even Melbourne next week I don't know I didn't really get to see there's only two episodes Franklin to Atlantic well they could stretch it out. To the second half of season a true it stretching everything else out. There's one thing we didn't mention. That it everywhere is he talking dad. A hot topic are the crossover character yes is out what's his name Morgan. With fear. Reid and the way Morgan was speaking I don't think they meant to intensely and actually watched a clip. He was thinking the crew used thinking this staff Mike. I think it has confirmed that Morgan's about a guy yup. We're again from the problem is is the character that's connect transition to fear the walking because spear and they'd like at a similar time laugh you know their takes place in the few in the past I think it's going to be that timeframe when you know. When Rick and Morgan were separated and guessing somehow. Greece and I are again. At pebble creek it's like back in time like crazy mortgage amount hooks up with fear in the walking and and that's all stimulate them is about to kill off Morgan did they say that this was supposed to happen next week that Morgan's crossover was gonna happen no good to see how the next season exceed that for fear and imagining and keep them on bull shoals. Sounds like a toll is confirm he's not a guy. I agree with each time I don't because isn't isn't here like way in the past. Yeah so he if he's on that show he had survived on that show and making. Right no he's not gonna be chilled and fears of elderly Guadalajara. And I think he's it's going to be dealing Morgan back in time when he's on fear yeah it's gonna get period after it you know Rick leaves and he's gonna come back to beat. I think they're gonna kill him off the season and I think I know mine two episodes I mean I finale. Then I watched the trailer for next week. And I forget what was and a it was basically just. All of them lined up outside so the Florida hammer in the track. Rosie asked me to Airpwn hands Tara asked what's finished as a Spanish dance and then. Then there's another scene with just as shown in. Risking ass or something he's like it is very me. Who says that Michelle says that to Darryl Darryl like basically is. Sounds like he'll died and and that's. He wants and then Gerald Eugene into Y eight are talking yeah white says to ham and do nothing to be on the winning side do not thing. And and you Jeanne thank irons at the end edit they cute jeans like contemplating it and I don't like this like academic he's about to switch sides again. But he's an eagle and Shrek. And Rick was in naked and I remember this he was naked and Amdocs. Time orient house I think everybody did not want me coming Darryl Lewis naked. Why can't Rick being open and really why is anybody naked I don't know why it was taped ethnic. This attack well I applaud garbage patch kids. They had two episodes left. I think Alexander is doomed poets I think it's season finale. Before this sees that. This if Alex and Alexander's candlelight get destroyed. Their got it rolling that's a whole list. Alexandria. With as the nicest place election like Alex and they'll largely Cisco way I think to hold up as what's gonna. Mean in the kingdom the kingdom a kingdom that doesn't have anybody in Atlanta populated. For glowing future. What what what will talk more about that future next week when we get into the future the living in the dead will return.