Marathon Clothes Left Behind

Tuesday, April 17th


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So you don't wander around the finish line just. The time to do will be in the next couple hours because I mean they're taken down scaffolding and things like that can get back to to normal in the city. If you go all the way back to the starting line in hot content you're liable to see. And clothing and belongings and you know changes of clothing of the runners left behind you start the race. Get your telling me how many like pounds of clothing is left behind in I was astonished 50000 home god twenty to 25 tons of clothing. And as again on Iran are back and on and on two marathons or anything like that big long races like this but I know when you do you come in like. The clothes that you stand around in for the hour or two before the race you take all those off we can run. And so if you got people there with you you given to them. If you don't you put in a pile next year tree and hope it's there when you come backer just say I'm gonna leave it. You know me as a nation I guess for running right so I think runner especially people who do long races all the time we close. I know writers who like during the race they'll peel off something like halfway through the race and I'll put it. You know next to a shrub or something in somebody's yard and I think the thinking is you come back a couple of hours later and it's there yeah the root of the race. You just sort of put it there are people leave it. At. Really like I don't know I could never do that I would have to have somebody with me Billy to leave my stuff I can never just. And now you know and the elite runners they don't care because you're not gonna stop for anything you do an ad you're gonna peel off and throw it can keep solid well. I totally misjudged what to lead and we talked about this yesterday what you Wear and in the rain yeah it really wanna be covered up and did nothing on wow. I know very little on the had teeny tiny shorts to have used. And that was that they were just out this wasn't like there was a lot to peel off that stroke but but I don't think school that does this woman from. Discovered that there was 50000 pounds of clothes at the beginning of the marathons she collects it all changed it to charity yeah. Is that perfect. To allow that is picking and out of trees and bushes and things let you sit nearly ten truck files that. I carried away which is. I can't believe that many people leave their closed behind them and that's astonishing and a great that those people that need it I just simply that many people take their clothes that we just leave it right. And they're it's all the good stuff that's what I mean it's like Bratton your run you tire. Like under armour and I'll actually. Equipped lucky sheriff's. Yeah make sure how close will throw went up on the magic FaceBook page you can you can find a tussle tomorrow we're just sort of basking in the glow. Until. We just hit it good and I ran out of yesterday's marathon and to sort of feels good to have something cool like that happen and well and it was history making that so many reasons I mean it was like the worst weather in thirty years that we had the first US woman to win in over thirty years of there was all of these milestone it was. So yeah yeah world's yes the stuff graduate this is only 613 now magic.