Maria Stephanos - Journalist, Philanthropist, Mother, Wife

Sunday, November 26th

Sue Tabb welcomes to the show a household name in Boston: Maria Stephanos! Not only is Maria a news anchor at WCVB, she’s also an award-winning journalist, mother, wife, and philanthropist. She’ll take us through the journey of her exciting career and how she balances such a high-demand career with other aspects of her life.


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Good morning and welcome to exceptional women on magic went six point seven I'm sue tab and I couldn't be more pleased to be spending some time with our guest. This morning. She's a friend and colleague and some of that all of you welcome to your home every evening report on the biggest news stories of the day. She's Marie is upon us WCVB news anchor an award winning journalist and we're excited to talk to her about her amazing career welcome area come aboard when you aren't old. All this hour. A household name here in Boston everybody knows various defined you've been here your whole professional career which pretty rare. For somebody who's a journal Fontana you can start like you know Birmingham Alabama on atom. Local girl and I never wanted to move Everett said. You will not make it in this business I went to a recent yeah unless you go to use the middle of the country pay your dues and I and I thought no. I don't ever want to. It's but I didn't even I knew I can do it and I'm gonna knock on this would have been treated here that. Not back yet it it works so he went to Emerson did you always know this is what you wanted to do yes so Elvis died yup and my parents are watching TV and I had parents to. So supportive of my sister and I strict parents but still loving and wonderful so if I Burke State's name. As the east Burke have car. I avoid being Al just died and I saw how transfixed stay work to the television. And that was my moment where I thought that's the power. Of breaking news and an invasion of someone delivering something that was powerful and I was very draw on to the way my parents reacted to that moment. Slots we are a lot Greeks and then we he and politics and we talk politics all the time and my grandmother loved to. Talk radio obsessed with talk radio and that's how I grew up. We talk politics yeah we listen to the news so you were surrounded her diet and understood. How did engage. Committed to accept the fact that it's like Appleby if you talked imminent attack about packet of the big part of who you are you talk about you know your Greek heritage tell us how that trying to initiate to what it was like growing up in your fans so I think that simply that we aren't loud and we are passionate our opinion dated so when I would look to people and I talked to people I'm not afraid to ask. Anybody any thing and that's money that's how I grew up that out I was surrounded all the time. So I ask anybody anything obscene thing it's also my parents always said to me. If someone was cranky TU you'd never know what they're going through and so they always taught me and they said. Never just take people and if there if there mean to you there's no reason why it's not you it comes from that. So that's how I grew up in so like always look at a key wired these people acting this way but when Donald Trump talks I think. He can expect and that comfort from an act that is going why are they are not and I all and I am cannot wait to interview him and I'm too and I highly doubt it I I. I don't out your ballot you always wonder we are people come from and why they aren't my parents and your siblings yes I have I younger sister who. Has been in the business as well and I have them a couple of step Brothers and and yes we we loud and we love each other and eat a lot it look a lot. Add and it's really agree it was a great way to grow up. And you have banned in the business for for many years and I wanna talk a little bit about some of the things that you've seen covered. People you've spoken to because even though it's your job. Am sure a lot of disaffection I mean you have. Witnessed some history making events and you've talked to people who I'm sure have affected you change your life talk a little bit about that because you've covered everything from 9/11 to head presidential elections to some pretty horrible incidents I'm sure. Anything that stands out in your had a something that really. Have acted you. Sure everything's in in my head I had the pleasure of holding a microphone in front of three president's well. But Al Saidi it's not the presidents who leave Lamar economy it's. Sammy Bernstein. Hugh is he fought. For our country in which. And I sat in front of this man and he gave me a history lesson that I would never get in class. I think price on that. And keep passed away. And I'm telling you that right there was my moment in my career because I thought. While one okay privileged kids I don't I cover story. And I don't wanna be done with it right so I always say in front an end in touch with the family after I cults and all the time. And it called him a week before he died and I just I'm just checking Sammy. I think in this business we have an Judy. To not for yet. The people we talked to people we meet yeah local impact sudden so I was trying to interview outline his mother for years and and I was fortunate enough to have you'd get in touch with me you are able to make that connection and I never forgot that little girl right. And you know who put people. Knew about her because of Justin Bieber she's the little girl who died of cancer and insight was obsessive Justin Bieber he took to her and they did a little mock wedding and she was mrs. Bieber and then he also states she had quite an effect on him say what you will about him but he stayed in touch with her eighth and was right very affected yes when she passed right. Very affected so you know there was something special about this little girl and Nike said I've met her mom you've met her mom. She what how she has carried her memory and she has honored her in a way that. IE I can't even wrap my head around that. Thinks you I was able to interview somebody who had her daughter had impact in my life Sydney by just telling the news in positive Bieber stuff and just this little light this girl. So that's the stuff that has its. Meaning for me right it's more the every day people who acting is a neat story her yes to September 11 impact me mclarty's Boston Marathon. But I'm standing at the finish yes all of that has impact but it's. But Carlos -- on though who was standing at the finish line I was sitting with my two children my husband was running a marathon I didn't realize you wouldn't care yes I was. On in this awful I say to the kids right before the bombs went opposite see that guy over there. That's Carlos. Now this is before you see that picture conceding Jeff. Bowman's life I said he lost his and I interviewed Carlos he losses son once son to suicide and he lost one son to war. That's the stuff. That matters yeah I'll never forget Carlos because he wears cowboy hat not because he was at the finish line America bombing and seat summer like but because. I followed his story from the beginning because he was a man who way to drive around a hearse and streets of Boston. And drive to the state house because he wanted someone to hear his story. So I and what are we always try to tell his story because he can't forget people like. Right that's the best part of this job is that I'm able to tell stories about people. Who have incredible stories that sometimes people forget. And may not have the voice to town that's right. For those of you just tuning in your listening to exceptional women on magic when a six point seven and chatting today with WCVB channel five's Maria Stephane asked a very well respected Boston journalist mother and wife. That's kind of a little bit more you know I wanna talk about your personal act a little bit. We talked about you growing up in Greek family now I have a Stanley be around to do two kids two kids what's it like being you look and also having two kids and has been an a personal life and that you have this very sort of public part of your life to be on the air every day. How do you do all of. I don't like to all of that I'd I'd I'd because I don't ticket me is the public purse and just Maria. And to my kids have just mom via Eminem win my kids in this is in its was so are you kidding. To be at night not there for dinner. I know it sounds silly but that's them that's such a huge thing on an affiliate all. It's huge in so what I do is cook like crazy lady on Saturday and Sunday mostly Sunday's. And I'll cook cook cook cook for hours and I'll cook I just did it this weekend I make chicken soup. From my husband the Greek chicken soup and then he eats it all week this week enemy colonies for the kids. Because it's just strange thing but if I can't beat the I want something that I need for them. To at least be part of the dinner table and panic face time at dinner it's free it's good. Are you face. Yes you struggle marked its session I don't you're right I. Yes but it just need to connect some house it's been hard that's hard juggle but it's also been. Wonderful song on the weekends when I'm with my kids I dare. Not in my phone. And FaceBook so you really got a twin that I had a look at face but it's what you'd check me I'm not on really I can't do it I don't wanna do what I want you to my kids that's my family type. You are off the grade you are completely disconnected when you're with your family and that's how you make it work aghast because that back then you can immerse yourself and what's going on in their lives. I don't believe he jackets. Disgusting. People are listening they're not watching but you look perfect on its I don't know I don't. And I just because that is secondary yeah is that wanna be there right itself. And tell us a little bit about. What you like to do when you're not on the air and mean in terms of check the UT hi this is to be interviewed by the way I doubt. I usually know what it anyway every minute T Harris don't let it. Get dot Aaron and on college kids I just. If this is hot and I now see I don't like you're on your great. But I feel like I just wanna know about you wanna I wanna talk you know added that shares returned here. Vernon high Allen had not a great job I'll tell you something that we don't know about something you do in your spare time so I got my day pride that I Carlos. Yeah yes I can't picture that I am a Croatian and this is the classics are my daughter as you know you're gonna have daughters went to college. Which which college before she was a full year before as it. Like it I'm gonna crash. It's done. Now what and it did he edges so why I am it's pathetic yes I cook. All that's love to cook and love to crush day and and on some old fashioned but cooking is key. Eight because I think for you it's what it's really what brings the family together it's you know everybody sits around the table you talk it's right you remember when you're growing up sack the Stanley meals and you know I was the same way my parents like that's when we had our discussion right to talk politics what was on the news and we had dinner every night when I collapsing things yelled yeah every night dad. Long game I mean it that's how why it's yak and my my nonsense as mom your food pusher. Not yet he's not. Out he's lifting wage six US stopped a Mike and I can't help and your Dottie said is that Emerson did she study. Did she run she wanted to do nothing to do with in front of the cameras let's beat him director really all she has no interest in this. And I think she's fascinated by it's it's very natural to her. To be around cameras and cables that lights in all of that because now he's strike in any event. Any charity event I always took my daughter guys and you will come with me. I don't like to do V. Any event it's not associate chair I am not. That's. And you wanna invite me to which he simply because it's T tips that by the sounds terrible but. If you're doing it for charity I'm going in a giant image I mean I've been dragging her to events like that sentenced to juvenile diabetes events to choose a little little girl. And I I would do the walk. In the league we kick off the block and she would be requirements that year after year after year after so now she must be extremely terrible minded tech she better be yeah she's not she's a track ball. You almost nineteen yes yeah and in that matters that matter is an hour. Only tail and we tried you know my husband's very big on you know every birthday they have to give some money to charity not just get gifts sent. You know really making them aware of the need out there because it's hard 'cause they live now fairly intact if all of our kids for the very good life. And it's hard sometimes to them to step outside that and see that you know there's something else out there yes yeah. If you're just joining us and waking happy you are listening to exceptional women on match when a six point seven we've been talking with Debbie CBB channel five news anchor an award winning journalist Maria stuff house about her impressive career. And local insight let's continue on and our conversation here. You could are pretty news for lifetime you just got did you get a lifetime achievement award. It did. That political life and why not. After this and they said yes you are well thank you very much a no seriously. That's a weird thing that you'll lifetime achievement award set OK does that mean I'm done. With Mike career but it was and I I was. It's more about your body of work and that it's so expansive and so impressive and somebody wants to say. You know what we recognize the value in Mac and I think that's cool thing now it so where did you go to get back so it was the alpha amicus society and Mike Dukakis dvd Wharton here's why that's really cool so when I was in high school. IE campaigned in volunteer for his campaign why. Because she was Greek and that's what. Well lets me it was a democratic act you really think if he is he's one about like he's wiped out. So I did not and I would too he did his when he was governor his inaugural ball I'm in my chest as this. He idiots. I'm gray taps being displeased apps ST LA my hair is even big carrot out but you know but it was so nice tool and going to this lovely white and in my hair ball back and happened to me it was love Jones Jerry green out. And you've been doing this for a long time not your channel five you'd been there for how long. I kind of loose track for months I I. I just got very it's a clay he grew up watching channel five I eat so I feel like I've been there for her and some of those iconic people are still fair to him like this. Yeah I bet it's possible. Hiding could not be nicer. Icons and I think. And it's great it's really everybody's like to see a channel by a bit about how news has changed from when you first started working in the industry to nap is now a couple different on game on now with social media. You see all of you are there with here. With your with a laptop right here you're tweeting why your. It seems that failure to tweet what you're doing the news out now I treat while I'm doing yeah ideally it's crazy and I have yeah I embrace it. But it just cannibalize what it is we do kids think about. Do people make appointment television and more allow me to watch the news at 6%. He's all day long getting these alerts on their phones. So here's why I think it will survive this. Is that if people like Q. Funny people who don't like I'm more than aware of that that's definitely part and now old San please read the comments I can't sell. I know it may have struck. The solid right I call people like you and I'm the same way we're big gulps. Eric could be copied. Eric could be cut I don't Elway and they are big golf now that they've got some big I didn't love that and stealing yeah no credit but I like that big. Take or leave it at your big gulp and everybody's cut at big big gulp it doesn't mean here any better yes I don't fit the cups to. But I'm a big gulp Buchanan you've. I come and just know it and you're the same type but anyway so anyway interviewing Avalon is mom. You can get a little alert on your file to conceal little quick snippet on FaceBook. But I'm sorry. You cannot beat sitting down and watching. That two minute 432. Story I'm sorry. That you can't you can't replace that experience. And you takes nothing away from I believe that you get that in second little. Snip yes exactly now you can't there's room for what you did Middle East yeah down. And take time and watch it because you're gonna take something away from. What do you find most challenging about which again what's the hardest part about it. You love everything I got it bad to it and it's really it's so hard. Two seed tragedy. The titans are in just really got to me I eat neck upper chi Chi's debt just think of an 81 year old grandmothers sitting at their kitchen table. And to know that that's how her life and I and the have a hard time that's right I have a really hard time. That's the hard part of it but I also feel honored that I'm able to tell people that they'll trust me enough. To let me tell the story and say this is what happened. So it's a balance. It comes in in two might being in my psyche and it bothers me but they also have to just sort of you know and do good to. Somehow through that that's that's how I have to do now I think I'm kidding is my job this the greatest job in the. And I now but here it must be hard sometimes if you're being honest you are in the public guy and there are a lot of ways that people can access you in terms of comments on social media and you know so do you now look at that like what do you do with it and especially with. Women on TV would take all of your. What's your highest electric hair styling is you've got you know I don't like the color vert graphic. Anything like that years you've you're pretty vulnerable and I and that goes with the job but how do you not. Get affected by that affected by. Huge I really affected by but I. Also Knoll when I know this sounds ridiculous but well look at the way my son looks that mean my daughter looks at me my husband looks at me. That's really there's no it's not someone saying. I'll my god her nose is so big I know it's Greek. I politician have to Wear those boots all the time. I like boats. All that stress was so tight well you're right I eat a lot this. So in I have to look at it like I have to take it would neglected at the beginning I'm telling you about my skin is so. Like in alligators and asked to be the only way. I always say. I'm not an ailing him. Yeah and the good. And where the back you. Senior boisterous crazy shot. Either way there's a place in the middle and outs I'll keep taken that just what did you did stories right people send me. But you've been to you've been in your kids have seen new. As a working mom as somebody who's making a difference as somebody who's very charitable minded. So you must be proud when I was gonna ask you oppressed nominee is but I I'm assuming other than being proud of the family of course there were a part of our family. You must be proud that you can show them. This type of resiliency. And you know the longevity you've had in your career. Just going to be sent to that that your kids are seeing that it's and that you are so headstrong like I'm not moving out of offense. Here's where I'm working here so I'm going to interview right you know to know. I hope it'll sell. I hope that I said to the kids. When I left a place I was so comfortable lack for eighteen years was part of me it was like it was. And that to me was my proudest moment from my children hopefully this is what they took him I said to them. Don't be afraid. To shake it. Don't be afraid to jump off. The cliff with no net and I was comfortable. I had seniority. I love the people I worked with. And it's. I said but you know what. Almond is seeing what else is there I'm gonna take a chance. And I'm gonna do and aim aim it's not gonna be easy number to be at the bottom of the totem pole and I app and I. And that's okay right see how it's OK. Take a leak. And even if there's nobody there awaiting free BK is at least she can say you know what I tried it right and then you have no. Or cracked my kids said the same thing too because I recently got back into radio about a year ago when I got this job it magic. And I have been out of it first few years and done I was auditioning for the job that I now have. And my daughter said to me LaMont what if you do on the scene you don't candidates and I said well. And I know I tried my bass has now picked myself up and I'll dust myself off and I'll be sad but I know that I did everything I could sit. In order to get it if I didn't and I didn't the and I have no regrets and an initiative could you know that's what I was taken don't do what I should cut it just I go in there. And better to fail than not try and Nancy you have to teach them I think. All you lead by example and that was my example right and I hope that they took something from I know they did I know that yeah. Tell me do it in we're running out of time already which I hate it goes by so fast does your family have any trouble sharing you can they can share you with the public. It's funny sometimes. Seem my daughter if someone's. What people to walk up to me and say can I take your picture wart say Maria that's and and generally they do. But it's the people who sort of trying to sneak a picture and I think I'm. Sad to me asking me. But I when people do that I see my daughter physically stand in front. It's a funny thing Nash is iChat on higher. If they're used to it yeah nothing to. It I'm just him. Drives him crazy to pick up your room. And you know picked up close and eat. I think that's alien tonight I want you to come over to my house and I. Would not seem that maybe stress. Act because it didn't bring you any food and I'm not a very good cook so might be Hanley would think that they died in went to have been. If they had homemade anything like love cooking passion pride not filter out don't feel terrible next time we're gonna have you wanna get his party at a time which you can't set it goes back. All right thank you Maria for sharing your story your amazing journalism career your personal and professional milestones and even a little bit about the Maria we don't see on TV. Thank you for being attracted new source and a friend to all of us here in Boston. It's been my pleasure to have WC BB channel five news anchor Maria stuck on how this might gas on exceptional women. Remember that exceptional women are everywhere we featured celebrities and authors and CEOs. But we are also interested in talking to teens and coworkers and neighbors were quietly making a difference. If you know someone like that let us know go to magic when a 67 dot com click on exceptional women. And then doing Tina gala meet every Sunday morning at 730 had a great day everyone.