Mary Steenburgen Interview

Monday, May 14th


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Last week was a big week for morning reg ex Kendra who are caught up with us starve you out a great movie which opening yet this is going to be a big girls night out kind of film it's called book club it opens this Friday it's got some big stars in it candor caught up with one of a Mary Steenburgen who talked all about the film. I read somewhere and tell me this is true that used Diane Keaton Candice Bergen and Jane Fonda had never worked yet never down never talked I don't know it's. Freaky we couldn't believe it either Diane was cast first and then Jamont did because Diane must cast and they can't just wanted to because those who think that. And then in Iraq. Mostly they offered it to me and I was I didn't even read it and I said yes I was gonna ask yeah nice. Yes you're absolutely I don't care what the party is. You re didn't realize that he actually made at film where the youngest cast member is 65. And that never happens teaches find out that these women that you looked up to your home lies that you admired were as great as you hoped they would be and his profession. I mean we have so much fun together and that friendship has. Continued and we. You know we can and no life is like. Shore and so weird and it and we committed to our friendship and it's pretty cool what was it like behind the scenes we did everybody get along who took the longest to get ready as I was when I know who's like. Get that way and it hasn't let that didn't happen yeah it's crazy it was like everybody. Was there at the same time when it was two I expected. To be waiting on somebody at least right that's what I imagine I have and it was like everybody. Was a product and everybody brought it and everybody had each other's backs and our first team we did together was this scene where we're getting picking Jane happened getting dressed and if we're part off word has to be doing something in my case trips including a rapturous unchained Condit is this figuring out felt like I I don't know I was that you teach your rat threats that I have I keep our tight wait five times throughout that way. But. We see how each other's backs and he could feel it instantly and then. At it every time the director's cut we rented this garage that was her green room in the house that we're shooting and and you could just there rap Twyla everybody tells stories and laughed about all this man that we are being married to you on screen like everybody's favorite to Craig T. Nelson dapper. As. And exempt if which out of your TV movie husbands what is it the best kisser and which ones not the best in person because I have this thing with smelled I don't know what it is I have it I just said to some banks some reason why what is your secret this year marriage denies that. Because Ted Danson and stuff I let I expect out. It yeah yeah yeah. Certainly that's kids there and he's definitely he definitely plans but you know what I've been really Lackey with the guys have gotten to work written movies I'm really blessed what do you think to keep you have a magical phrase or word for anybody who's just starting on the business said to keep it going into it beat the successful I mean you've had an amazing career and who you are is enough and I think sometimes women get in trouble and they feel like I need to be more beautiful term war. You know this way or that way earth and not you know but. Who you are is planning to. It's nice Mary Steenburgen with a more religious scandal of the movie's called book club she is she was okay it was off. I'm in Paris and she was so nice and she talked briefly ten minutes after she spent my one of my favorites at her. I'll remember forever policy that movie hasta.