Matt Light Interview with Morning MAGIC

Tuesday, January 16th


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While the patriots so overconfident or go to the Super Bowl before they do they've got a game to win this weekend a chance for you to be act. The AFC championship to a playoff game. In style we're always happy to talk to a former New England Patriots a three time Super Bowl champion an all around good guy Matt Light. Who joins us on David a morning that's great to talk about how you do want hi Matt. Are doing good I'm like currently food freezing to death back here in Ohio but I am looking forward to coming back. On Wednesday and you're not what's going to be a very interesting week as you know. The AFC championship game even though we are kind of views. Remember winning and being in the situation. It's such a big moment for the team right because. As a player. You know like it's the first time in the entire C then put some of these guys. And their entire career. That they have oh would she get shot at going to the Super Bowl it's like. If finally got to settle in like how big of a moment he did it foul first day in Friday and Saturday and so on par with the excitement at the players are gonna you know can I haven't that we go throughout this week. Hopefully to bet there will be some fans are gonna have the same thing because we don't need wrap all that it's hard to get the Gillette it's hard to you know really. You know buy your way into this stadium because the costs of all that stuff. NB grapples are great way to do they not only rated cut in my pro life foundation but. You know I also put you to meet some awesome people there the raffle will support the lifeboat foundation so. Playoff or apple dot com it's it's really simple you can build your mobile device you can no longer are with the computer and you could get as many are able to get you want earlier brought each. And though latest set all the proceeds go to the foundation there report read. Whether it is it was a very different not going to be one major prize that would be one big grand prize winner and in two runners up. But the grand prize winner Matt boy what a package you guys put together you have dinner with you at scorpion bar course seats to the game you'd get. Dunks for a year of Kiel vodka gift fast like this is this is forever well he could pocket I looked at and I was thinking this is a prize. Yeah and you know that at the hotel stay and and everything that goes into it I mean it's it it it's just. It's often hear their stories like I called the winner last week in order be doing that all the way. The Super Bowl hopefully we get that opportunity as well but you know I called the winner last week and they're like yeah all right yeah I'm sure I watch that and guys like. Actually I do recognize your voice that you met so what they have. It up. Nor did he know it. Go to grew up on it's that you are you retired from from football back here a few years ago back in 2000 coverage started the light foundation wait before them. And I don't imagine you're a guy who who who buys dinner very often when you're in this town because you're so beloved. But that to reintroduce us to go to the light foundation that you and your wife Susie started so many years ago. You know if they're just missed this but this really big need to. You know create programs that are geared toward. If opening up kids' eyes glued to the real opportunities throughout they're you know. The kid that we were put the light foundation a lot of times are from single parent homes or from a difficult background didn't. It if it's amazing how you can get stuck in Arabic we ought to get stuck in rough time of itself this year or whatever but when you're young and you get stuck in a lot. It's very difficult to get out of what you have somebody there that don't hold your cowboy unfortunate do things. A little bit outside your comfort zone and and encourage you. You have to really stay after and that's what we do we do if their membership programs and leadership camps and conferences and and we love the work we do a meet my whole family is a part of it my mom and my mother of all cook all the meals for the kids and you know we bring kids from all around the country my dad leads. All of a really cool camp project but one thing the boys could do the other end and that we serve. You know so many kids all of almost 7000 kids came torts 600 acre camp but Ohio. This past year alone so it's grown and and things like this what the raffle is really help. Propelled the foundation. You know. Because the latest so much money we've raised almost. 600000 dollars through the graph or just in the playoffs. Unbelievable. And yet people like you said people can people confer a little as ten backs help out with tests. Yeah you know look if you don't land with. Yeah you definitely have done something great because you support the foundation and and our mission and and that means a lot to meet so. You know there everybody that there's been a part of this news so thank all of them even on the on the field and more victims still part of the game. And and it brought everybody look at the good. That winning does to the entire community by whether it's a nonprofit or a drop for us talking about it now amid a bit and you winning cures everything. In the this is really great you're your fantastic spokesman for an IN. Analysts say that glib because it's it seems like it he'd be easy to be a great spokesman for for doing all this great work for so many people who work who could use use a break. Player raffle dot com to find a more one run and and the drawings gonna take place on Friday 2 o'clock GAAP ten bucks for a ticket come on firm ground for this. And imagine a chance and tell me mad is that if you win. This weekend is it that much sweeter being at Gillette at your home field. Yeah it really is I mean. You know a whole Obama won the hope go bananas over this bad. It's such a big bonus for player could be over there you know keeping their routine and not at the go on the road in the bus. The automated have to be out within the worst thing for me was always the brought strides that we will do everything it'd be really prefer it's still felt. So regret for the guy that they were going to be very relaxed they're gonna be ready to roll and well prepared as always but both fans I mean just just below that AFC championship game the atmosphere so much different and of course. You know if there is trophy becomes what the AFC. And winning it all in the and so it's good to see everybody kind of down the field a bit that presentation and it's just it's also there's a lifetime memory. This is a fewer though we actually celebrated a couple of those and if it's in Pittsburgh as well look. But I think you know I guess I guess those guys that are going to be coming back your part well you hope would be Dudamel the whole what's in Jacksonville. It worked very. A lot of weekend. Well Libya to throw more time it's VIP tickets one winner is gonna attend the Sunday's AFC champ championship game at Gillette. A tickets to sandbox. If you you have a chance to attend the game you have dinner with Matt at scorpion bar patriot place hotel accommodations right there at the Renaissance. Boston a patriot place free dunks for a year and I keel vodka does your new bench of the keel vodka gift basket which is pretty good. The B runner up prizes for two club seats to begin ten dollars for a ticket it's a win win win. And and by the way pretty awesome once again that the that you I'm sure you know the former play your column of hey can I get some tickets of the game can get the team to work with the on this and they say. Sure woody need which is just awesome to. There looked so we've had everybody approves. He doesn't have the beauty of it is that there's no cost the sort of foundation for the prizes so. Everything that we bring in every dollar that's spent you know goes directly back to life by basic that we also. Operate. Of the raffles site as well so it's it's immediate impact them and it's going to be a group they. We give them Foxboro bill. Cap just play half raffle dot com. I'm going there right now. I'm I'm I'm getting my Dick AJ Matt light of the doing the pitch it's great to touch you as always continued success with the the well with the gave the patriots again this weekend. For the raffle this weekend with all you do with the and you what do with a light foundation. Good stuff all around thanks so much for Chad let us. They're great throughout every week until you patriots.