Matt Light Interview with Morning MAGIC

Wednesday, January 31st


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Well two weeks ago we talked I think it was their neighbors three weeks ago for the divisional game that we were certain men that they were gonna advance. They have advanced. And there's a chance soon we could we could win this thing we could be at the superb. To talk about the life foundation and a chance for you to be at the Super Bowl this weekend. But you got to act fast and you got a one who the help of the light foundation itself like everybody goes and comes with happy from this neck of mornings. But I told good morning yes we are not done yet and that's in relation to the raffles we. We had a great conversation that divisional game we we that rap was great we we called the winners they. They showed up and witnessed the great game there they have C championship game we raise a lot for the foundation in the winner's had a great time and now. We get to call somebody on Friday. And and incentive to the super morbid I feel like Santa Claus. I love the idea that on Friday you make the call and somebody just. Drop what you're doing yeah throw a couple things in the bag and get to the airport well that's a thing no matter what you have gone on for the weekend. What would trump going to the Super Bowl like anything else can wait right. Stated that yes yet. If I'm calling you it is and if we don't know each other it's because I'm sending you to the Super Bowl yeah it's that it's amazing how many times though that I call these folks. And and they read about me you know it's like. Our you know we'll have a. Can joke that's hysterical and you not only get tickets to deceive me boy you get your flight you get your hotel it's a whole package right and ability Q. The thing is we always sick with a number one with these grapples if if if people know that only have like a one and they yelled 60000 chance well. That's actually not that bad compared to all the scratch tickets to people buy it right are getting compared to that. And look. Ten dollars twenty dollars most of the people the winds spent an average of twenty bucks. We've we've had people spend 500 dead people spend 5000 actually and that and that's huge. And that goes directly to our mission because we run this. Raffle we don't have a third party that will pay in the overhead and all that stuff and that's that's the thing that really proud of with our foundation we. We are involved with every single aspect of it all along the way because my biggest. I guess not a complaint and I'm not I'm not saying and I was speak negatively about other nonprofits because. Anybody doing any thing to help out anybody is is a positive things but. Sometimes it people spend a lot to make a lot. And and and I understand that night did it but the one thing that I'm so proud of with our team is that we don't spend a lot. And we make a lot in in their return is usually about 80% and that's really hard to do them on proper worlds so. That does mean it had stopped our team in the work they do it means that the the monies that come in really truly benefit the work that we do with young people studio. Or and have done for so long had I think it's interesting you you when your wife started this while you were still an active player in the NFL you achieved a measure of success but got right to work and giving back which is you're really admirable and kind of rare. Well I'd say it's it's amazing how many guys do and and don't. Don't ever want to move. You know the spotlight and and and and it and it's not what we do it of course and and it's not what anybody does when you give back and you wanna serve. And have that service like mentality. It because you did it's okay to sacrifice you understand. That's sacrifices some of your own time. To do some of or somebody else's such a rewarding thing it does not always easy I mean that nothing easy that's worth doing right let's. Our work is great and and the kids that we server did just this has been an incredible. 1617. Years with the foundation now doing what we do and and CNN grows in the success and these grapples are part of that military. You support this thing in your wind in you will have a great time. And out there at your airfare in the hotel on the and his experience so we're works cited the war somebody. These tickets here on Friday. What's it like for you Matt to watch a game like that you know you're a patriot you you've been dare playing. What's like to be on the sidelines now. Well it's. It's really interesting I mean I'd I didn't grow up watching the game of football and and and that they have I just got such a respect for the game now because. As site when I guess when I got the league it was the first time that I really started thinking about the history of the game and understand that and and after eleven seasons in fully understand it now but look the first NFL game I saw played and I had no idea with a New England Patriots were located. I never cursed franchise in my life I've had those sounds so crazy and almost hate mail like where was this kid you know like what hole did we pull him out of the this is what in my lifestyle also. Aden and that was that was good and bad right admitted it did taught me a lot of things and it opened my eyes up to a lot of things but I also did that have. Or preconceived notions so. For me now just what's in these games it's just. It is different. I don't watch a total football but in a playoff time it's like okay. This is this is when things get real do I wish I was out there and maybe for a few plays but. In the back of my mind always say heck I knew it took for those guys they get their hands on the output neck and a British. I don't know her yeah. It's a lot of work you're fortunate you're good fortune brought in the patriots and of course she enjoyed the measure success with a with the pictures how great that the team still. Is is supportive of your efforts to to raise money for charity and jumps in there to help out when they can't seems like there anyway I don't know the pine seems to ask who goes but it seems like they're very supportive in general the nonprofit stuff to players do. Well listen and since so much great work is done and that's the thing that the other day that the narrative and then the masses that think this should resonate with folks is. You know thinking about the number of kids that are in schools that become homes they have meant I meant Rob Gronkowski and the smiles on their face or. Think about it the guys that start things and then do things within the community and not just here in Foxborough but. In their home towns are in neighboring cities and across new England and and at that that's a great message man and they and it is an awesome thing and it's amazing how much support we get and and what what we've been able to benefit. You know you're the light foundation from a yet them winning on the field translates thus winning. For the programming and us are mentioned. No absolutely one last question LeBron play. Yeah I think did look. Not not an easy situation and if we all know how important it is take care of yourself when it comes to anything because of episode but. I think I think the big men going to be pretty good he's he's had one heck of a C. Sure it's and you'd really get likened likened all right so the rundown again is tickets to the game. Airfare to Minneapolis hotel accommodations for a for two nights. And priceless includes liberty Q vodka which is your be your new endeavor gift baskets signed by Matt Light himself that's pretty cool. Upbeat playoff raffle dot com is that the best website people should use. Yet if these views on and as mobile device some it would make it easy. Two to accept your awesome donation and we really appreciate it means it means a lot to our entire team that have. You know the support that we have here. Yeah well thank you for what you do when your foundation and and all of that week we we applied to that then I'm just a remote notre timing on this act fast still waste a lot of time because it draws the games this week and crisp with the drawings and please take place at 2 PM on Friday that so he'll accept entries right up till two just before that again. Yes yes so we got to get the numbers six and we will we will get to see these guys spears or whatever ritual was you have. Those yeah if you don't win just keep doing whatever the rituals are these do win. You get a report back to us about the fun to have a look forward to make that call credit truly truly appreciate all the support. Nash could stuff playoff raffle dot com to endurance sport like foundation Matt Light. Playoff foes Super Bowl champion and now all around good guy agree to agree to talk we once again continued success go out.