Wednesday, April 18th


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Well David Mann acing catch up for two of the best condiments known to man that's fat right. But now Heinz has a hybrid of the two sauces available overseas that they are calling may have chalk and fry lovers everywhere seem to be pristine. Happy about it. Mayonnaise in catch may have chapped. Well now it's official mayor chuck is coming to America the result of a seemingly neck and neck Twitter poll art and and Americans want it here but they're not sure about the name. People saying that they don't like the name man chop and Hines says okay we'll give us some suggestions were open to changing it. Right now in the lead we have Tim may out and catch UNAIDS. Like ten radio link at Mayo to rolls off the time you ask oh you're not loving. All of the concept I gotta be honest we really know there's a ratio of ketchup to mayonnaise I don't know that I wanna leave that up to the suits listen to you again. And not tick by condiments everything's good yeah.