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Tuesday, January 16th


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This kid is doing exactly what we said we would do if we were in his position we said we could do it. But I know in my heart it was half half half a spreading the wealth and Lou yeah. It 450 million dollar jackpot man and magic 106 was a good morning David sued. Kids want it now at 20/20. Years old and he's from team. Losing Florida apparently yeah evidently a Celtics and causes Twitter profile picture hasn't the Celtics game the Celtics Jersey. So he won let's just do the math he won 450 million took a pay out the right way pay out of 280 million cash in on the table and what's he gonna do it. Well he says he wants to do good and he said and a lot of interviews that he wants to sort of you know do good things to good deeds have now. What you and I are trying to figure out is whether this is a hoax because now people I felt posting on is it FaceBook or Twitter Twitter was on Twitter goes on Twitter there was a tweet that was re tweeted yeah tweeting me tweeted. That if you wanna eagerness it's on he is a Twitter page this accused when he is building looks like the kid who would mow your lawn I mean he strikes with a high school kid. Hey guys I'm the lottery winner for a form of for two and with this incredible opportunity and giving back 5000 dollars in the first 50000 followers at the tweet and like this post. This is too much money and I love helping people and a little prayer hands analogy math I am literally optical. She I think it might actually be true I don't know waiting here retreat to see how many retreats has yet. There's only get those get 3430000. Followers economic times and retreated and how many how many people in the sixties so we're I know. And guys on stories over and I'm just kidding no I think that's awesome that a kid he's twenty years old has. World view he even said there's a couple of different articles about it wants to cure his family mr. cares community wants to be financially independent but he also wants to leave a legacy of lasting impact that's what he says yes. But on the other side on the flip side he's our you quit his job hunt for the right yeah he's actually he's calling a ring. Hairdresser and I debit. Or years retired to pursue his passion than they have. Ash isn't so much passion they accused yeah I you can pursue anything you want with 280 million dollars IQ can fly a jet to your own private islands and when you try stuff for to see if you like and I. Anyway we'll put a link on the on the FaceBook page seems like a nice kitty yeah. Yeah really I was twenty I don't know that I would have the wherewithal to start thinking about other people. With Mike 280 something billion dollars touch tested out yeah.