Methuen Police Capt Randy Hagger

Friday, September 14th


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We categorize such as the north up pretty much all morning long with the situation in the Merrimack Valley in Andover North Andover and Lawrence with Kris talked to him through and police captain Randy Hager who joins us this morning. Thanks so much for taking the time to be with us how well how was your overnight last night and you have you in your your guys been been working all night long to help out. Yeah that's correct item I would actually on duty yesterday. Bob Orr caught when the incident and then. I mean I responded. As well as approximately. Twelve certain. To the situation alarm. Well obviously we were met with total chaos in the Judy. There was. Very surreal scene and it was something out of a movie I've never seen anything like in my 23 of the police don't. And that's what is gonna ask you because everybody who spoke about this all the first responder saying this kind of event was unprecedented. You know and and it was almost as though you didn't know. When it was an end and it was hard to just so. Explain sort of what what the scene wasn't in what that but it felt like when you guys were Iraq went when you're arriving. Yes vote. We were trying to establish an you know as specific. Place where where there that was happening in the important I was. I mean act as a without enrolling it was ten or fifteen different areas where. People need that certain. And try you know our national on line in the ability of lines are getting jammed with people who need the president. People's houses are fired and art department was unable to get to our location that doesn't know that they're the same time you know. Ironically it the same kind of going on I'm getting caught my my personal all of a bit nervous to what might. Being remembered as well actually fully engulfed in North Andover. Loan but they're they're calling. Out and I'm my. You yeah. But in the middle of the situation of large right now so. It was pretty chaotic in the beginning I I really commend all first responders who showed up and deployed. Do it totaled cooperative effort between. Cities in. I don't mean good on CNET immediately who contacted the FB RC bus company we have spurred. Boxes bird out of the inside and you know they were exceptional and everybody shortly with you know early bird and buses. Read about service I was sort of command post immediately and hard over you know movie theaters. And then we just try to pick up from there and did you know about the basics and and everyone. Drew on. The governor had a press conferences during the overnight and made a statement that the worst of it is over and it looks like it is and who. Explosions or fires are all at this point kind of kind of put down are you at this at this point is it a matter of just sort of keeping people on safe. While they determine when they can go back to their homes. Yes so what we've been told at this point is that the gas company. Which teams over news I believe up to upwards of 118. Going doors doors to. Roughly 8000. There services that I went over 8000 wrote. Yeah in what they need to do is. Certainly need to shut everyone yes they need the the leader. An and rechargeable. And the nickel back in minute ago what house by house. Turning back on what services they need to make sure that. Every nation sort of inside you know whether it was so or years is you know list. But they don't leave and then all of a sudden there than it did you know get foreign. You know. So they go out scenes they have. Police thought so it down his own home we actually don't we enter the houses we have watched that. There. What part also so we going we've known as the numbers situation. To a document illegal and we make other houses say the ritual that is don't live. What death from neutral incidents. And and it it electronically but in what one of my relatives of loved you know. You know haven't been brought my hat to her house and her oh vote yes and editor of. So. Unbelievable. Unbelievable group do you expect that people get back into their homes by the end of the day today. I think people feel to get back to their homes whether they have gas. Certain I don't another shirt you know today for you over the next couple days drag there's a few days. Well we're grateful for all your work in and all of your colleagues as well we wish you well and and and how you're safe hope you're on to say yeah and your your friends and family and get some rest well. Sprague yes thank you very much good luck. Thank you captain Randy Hager of them through police department where those guys are working hard can't paint a clock. Yeah you're husband's a police officer I am talking about links you. Yet no idea what's going on you think you go into a fire you also there's another one one in Maryland. 55 can you imagine content it's crazy it is very facing serious thank you for around the brave people that are going and everybody else is happening out all of them yeah.