The Morning Shade

Wednesday, July 11th


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It's morning magic with Chris is still and Chandra and SI for the morning shade of Suez the details on a new game show they can help you pay off your college loan debts and mounting shade is brought to buy canned foods. All right we're gonna start with Justin Timberlake if he's surprised Lundin fans with an exciting announcement yesterday and his instant ram. Before you show two nights the London arena is an open its doors early for the first time ever. And welcome JT fans to watch the England vs Croatia semifinal World Cup match which is kind of cool I have yet nickel and he's he's gonna actually be there watch it with the fans. He said this and I quote we're gonna watch this together. And you know what it's coming home England has only won the World Cup one time was back in 1966. So it's been awhile. Now they're one game away from the finals so. That'll be really fun for those fans take college graduates with mountains of student loan debt. And Kendra and may now have a glimmer of hope. In the form of a game show are I believe it or not there's a new game show it's called paid off. It's a trivia show airing on true TV where contestants in their twenties and thirties can win money. To pay off their student debt how does that work well the answer trivia questions summer educational summer just silly. But whoever whatever money you win it it's goes toward your college debt and they say to huge problem because student loan debt in the US. Affects 70% of college grads who had an average of 37000. Dollars in loans while I yeah I do I have liked. I am not 27000. Laughed sold every 08. Oh my god let there be any fun night twists that make it ecology at night what's the like we have to lake with a B any physical challenges where you know let's all comment or something up until a presented I'd like to say again it's just going to be jeopardy the money you win goes to your college debt by well that's like that playing you know yes I can you imagine it's like I lived on Rama noodles and chunk light tuna. For all my years of college because we couldn't afford that chunk white or they should pair you is another college student that you hate and steals your food but you've got to somehow win the game. Come on people like ethical what does that mean enlightening us through lake otherwise it's just a trivia game show you and I went and money I like your version better aren't they can do is actually in my life right now trying to guide to sign in his god knows she needs it. There are some serious concerns now about the parking problems are on the famous Hollywood sign. Because of tourists who are scrambling to get the perfect self be spot. Come on people. They're parking and all kinds of different places and I guess it's really really dangerous because they wanna get the perfect south he will now Warner Bros. to the rescue. They're trying to solve the issue with an aerial tram to trim would connect assigned to their Burbank lot location and we called the Hollywood sky way. That it will come with a 100 million dollar price tag which guess what the studio says they're willing to pay ul and they're gonna let you on the tram for free. Well they want you on their plot to by the Warner brother merchandise is in zone the.