The Morning Shade

Thursday, July 12th


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She's twenty years old and she's about to break the record for the youngest billionaire in history. Details are just minutes away this morning magic with chris' new and Kendra. Your morning shade we got a four year. Sued by ex KM foods so what's the deal. All right we have to start here because I can't get over this first story Kylie Jenner is on the cover of another magazine but this time it's actually Forbes magazine. The magazine says twenty year old generous currently worth 900. Million dollars which could soon make her the youngest self made billionaire. In history. Her Kylie cosmetics line has been reportedly raked in 630 million dollars. Mark Zuckerberg by the way holds the record currently at age 23 he became the youngest billionaire but Jenner. Will likely reach the. Milestone at 21 our couple questions I have for you yeah you know I don't follow the Kardashians or any of that family because tight. Smart I ask you I can drive you crazy like. It's just everything about it like I just don't understand. You contribute nothing. Literally nothing to society I don't I I agree on you for years for nothing but. But that aside and genocide. Is this like a high lake what is is a high end cosmetics finally quit lake is assuming I can just go and get it might get. At the drugstore or is it something that I would get it like a fancy department store. I think you can get it online and I think you can get edit some departments there's I don't think you could you kids get it like at. Like Walgreens or snow. All right I think you have to go to the Mahler like a store are here right away probably on the pricey side okay that's the action are packed so I just. I can't get over. That Kylie Jenner is going to be. One of the richest people in the where it's gross because you were just you were hat. You happen to get lucky enough to be born into a fan like her rights and and you use that he used the family name to start. A product line that may or may not be that I've never try to products pregnant. Speak to that but. They expect that she'll be. A billionaire on the beach billionaire. I am I now I'm Sarah nowhere else. She's so I bet that when suit came in the morning hurts her hair was straight and it now they got a curl that conservationists is consistent in his disgusting. Take three Boston athletes were named to Sports Illustrated most fashionable list. You can probably guess who one of them has. Mr. rating yes Tom Brady Celtics guard Kiley Irving an Olympic gymnast Alley rice men date course they watch the crowds in the uniform and when they're off the court in the field they are also very fashionable as well. The trio bust athletes was included in their third annual list of most fashionable. Athletes the much hyped mad about you revival may not to make it to the screen after all this makes me so upset Paul Reiser is saying that the project is and I quote. Kind of stuck in the business and a bit now read between the lines there. Anyway he said his gases that it will not happen grooming me says at. And Emmy nominations are going to be announced today at 11:30 AM eastern time on the Emmys website FaceBook and YouTube pages. The Emmy Awards show airs on September 17 and that was just me. All right.