The Morning Shade

Thursday, August 9th


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Kept happy news on two of our favorites Demi Lovato and Carrie Underwood both make good morning Chad Campbell has details we are sponsored by care dimensions. Happy Thursday Kendrick who happy Thursday well we're gonna start with some not so happy news for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Apparently Brad Pitt according to Angelina has not paid any meaningful child support since there are drawn out divorce began two years ago. Apparently he hasn't lost she says he has a duty to pay child support. And she filed. In court yesterday she wants to request. Retroactive. Child support order and I'm not really sure what that is and they weren't sure either. But her spokeswoman setting Angelina just wants closure to the marriage they can move toward the next stage of their lives and allow her impractical parent their kids so. I need millions of dollars c'mon man like regular everyday people can she go public with this or she just did it and and well. As she did all of the yeah I think she did it because it was I think it was public record her as her attorney is speaking for herself. I think somebody found out I think there are people maybe she went to the court file something in the sport and they aren't I believe there's more to them. I hope so I mean Brad look for Brad Pitt if it's true but I can't believe the guys. Notice that and is gonna do the right thing. Right and you need both make a lot of money so either way I mean they're not suffering without the money but it's like to Steelers from regular people can do it you can get. And good news I guess for Demi Lovato will learn how can never say his name right to start over Wilmer Valderrama. He says on That '70s Show and he and Demi dated for six years. And and new report is claiming that her overdose has now brought them closer he's been buyer's side from the very beginning. And apparently he wants to marry her so he is thinking about proposing. This is according to a source close to Danny. And so they eat they said they found their way back to each other so something good has come out of this nightmare is what they're saying you. First people to get right in there to be scared yet here after India overdosed on yet and he's been there on and off the whole time I love them together I hope they get married I loved to themselves. The dots for them and Carrie Underwood made two big announcement yesterday the first one she announces her cry pretty 360 towards gonna start next may. Then. She announced that she is pregnant. Yeah she and her husband Mike Fisher are going to be expecting a second child they also have a three year old son Isaiah. She posted a little video in the as the camera sort of pinned up to the balloons they spoke out toward beating. She's that you might be wondering or asking carried wise your to starting in May well. Mike Isiah and I absolutely over the moon and excited to be adding a little fish to our pond so we're excited to have you along for the ride us. That's a good for an answer shape and be in a tour. I felt.