The Morning Shade

Friday, January 12th


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Hi Ellen doesn't she got a she's had a tough week. And as she always does she manages to make us all feel better when she sort of shares is kind of information on her on her TV show she's really really amazing that. She really as. And her mean you have to think you can mudslides out in California that's where she lives just monster seats are is where she lives it's affecting her neighborhood it. And then her dad passed away this week so she's had a rough and yet doesn't get to beaten. It's time for the morning shake magic won a six point seven balance making news this looks more going on those who tell them yeah hello David Allen's dad passed away at the age of 92 sadly she did give him a very moving tribute on her show yesterday she's that he didn't have a judgmental bone in his body. That he was very proud of her. That he loved the industry that she was in. And ironically enough she said ten minutes after he passed a beautiful rainbow appeared above the stage being named for her. That's us so we've got a picture of it and I magic FaceBook page it is beautiful it's a very clear rainbow. Right over in his big picture of her on the stage that they named perhaps and I think over her picture out. The rain about I don't know here I don't know Allen Allen or that all sounds like this is this part I love that her dad. And her mom she's just sort of shared a lot with her with down through the years and ask how much joy and pride. Her parents must take into her successful totally on the show GAAP. And of course the critics' choice awards last night on the CW they were hosted by Libyan my net quick recap. The shape of water that's best picture and best director are. Best actor went to Gary Oldman for darkest hour best actress Frances McDormand for three billboards. Best supporting actress Allison Janney for I tie my time yet here it is again best animated feature was Coca. I got a few movies to see this weekend yeah I'm in Seattle and could Jennifer Garner have a new man. This is making me out kind of excited you know how I am about these kinds of things the actress is now rumor urged. To be dating Josh to now who whispered he's acts on let me just check him out yet he's beautiful he's got from All My Children yet. It is now my children he was I think he was on a show called Vegas maybe okay. She's beautiful like the idea that Jennifer Garner has any trouble I mean it's it's really disqualifying. Candidates to ask me Jennifer should have no trouble. Yes and I guess they just finished filming. A new movie called love Simon in the film comes out and marched out. You must defend. We love on the sat there for them.